Chapter 66: Fight and fall in love (part 2)

I was sure that the villainess Shael had changed.

That cruel villainess had become a girl complaining about love before she knew it.

So a good girl needed a reward. 

Therefore, I spoke to Shael while recalling the conversation I had with her before.

“Sometimes you do really cute things.”

[Sometimes she’s really cute when she speaks a lot of nonsense.]

Shael suddenly looked down. Her face turned red in embarrassment. No matter how ignorant she was, my words should have reminded her of our conversation from a while ago.

Of course, I had no intention of waiting for her to panic. So I said right away.

“You have always been by my side.”

[She is also the girl who is always by my side.]

Shael was always in my mind. In order to rehabilitate the troublesome villainess, I put in an immense amount of effort. And that effort didn’t end in vain. As a result of my sincere efforts, the villainess had now changed.

Thinking of that, I opened my mouth to add, “I plan to be by your side in the future as well.”


Shael sighed.

After giving her some time to calm down, I said, “Do you understand now? The girl I love is…”

A girl who liked my dessert and had a bad temper. A girl who was sometimes cute and always by my side.

“Not a female knight from the Baslett family.”


“She’s not even the Baslett family’s maid.”

Then who could it be? There was only one.

The girl that captivated me from the time I first read the novel. So I said it clearly, as if reciting her name.

“She is Shael from the Azbel family.”


My fate after I came to this world… no, my fate from the distant past was finally bearing fruit.

The journey wasn’t a pleasant one. I went through many unfortunate things, and I made Shael feel sad.

I also went through a lot of hardships. 

From the training that went on every single day, to the bullying of the villainess. 

But I didn’t give in. 

Rather, I just kept doing my best. Even though the process was never smooth.

So, obviously, the ending would be perfect. I was sure of that.


My heart pounded when I heard Shael’s words. Then I looked up at Shael, holding my breath, unable to calm down. Seeing Shael’s cute face made me laugh like an idiot.

Shael’s face had turned bright red in contrast to her light blue hair. 

Her face was representing her feelings. Shael felt the same way as me!

I was relieved by that fact and asked while glancing at the rope that was still tying me, “Could you please release me?”

“Do… don…”

Shael muttered incoherently. Of course, she knew that my words were the truth, without any lies.

“Don’t lie…”

Nevertheless, she claimed that my words were lies. It was probably because she was feeling shy.

I had already expected such a situation. But what Shael said after that was something I had never expected.


Shael took a deep breath, as she was preparing herself for something important.

“I think I love you too.”

She thought that she loved me.

She was far from being direct, but it was very much a Shael-like confession. 

Of course, I was satisfied with Shael’s confession.

I never thought that Shael would express her feelings so quickly.


Shael looked at me. She wasn’t glaring at me like she usually did.

I also turned my gaze to Shael, and Shael turned her head away.

I though back to the old memories. It the time when I first met Shael after coming to this world.

[I don’t want to see you, so please stare at the wall today..]


The villainess had turned her head away saying she didn’t want to see me.

But it was different now. 

She didn’t turn head away because she didn’t want to see me.

It was because she wanted to hide her blushing face.

I could tell by looking at Shael, who was looking sideways at me. 

Her face was definitely red.

Looking at Shael, I again though about our past.

[Shut up bit*ch!]

There was a time when I cursed at her, and called her a bit*ch. I even threatened to sew up her mouth with my sword.

It was the worst beginning for a relationship between lovers.

I mean, what kind of lovers would have started from a relationship where they cursed at each other?

But there was a saying, and it suited us quite well.

“There is a saying that you become attached after fighting.”

Shael’s eyes widened, then she smiled, and replied as if she sympathized with my words.

“We fought quite a lot.”

That’s right. Because the fights with the villainess were quite terrifying.

But thanks to that, Shael and I were able to build a strong bond. 

And from now on, it was time to explore our accumulated affection.

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