Chapter 65: Swordsmanship

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Warning! This is a steamy chapter!

One of the two came from modern times and knew nothing about poetry, and the other was born in the wulin, and didn’t like poetry at all. In the end, their flirting at the beginning turned into a casual chat.

After a few cups of wine, Song Qingshu’s whole body suddenly became a little hot, and he felt that the woman on the opposite side seemed more and more charming.

Xia Qingqing also felt hot and uncomfortable, and she inadvertently pulled her neckline apart, and her snowy skin was seen, as if the looming moon came out behind the clouds.

“Young Master is gentle and kind. Today’s weather is so hot, and he keeps on persuading Youyou to drink more.” Xia Qingqing’s eyes opened slightly, and her voice seemed to be complaining and acting like a child. At the moment, she completely took over the role of the famous courtesan Youyou of Yangzhou.

It turns out that Spring Beauty Pavilion recently introduced a batch of medicinal liquors from the Western Regions. Unlike previous medicines, this type of liquor didn’t make people unconscious, but only magnified the lust hidden in the subject’s heart by several times, and could make people sink without even realizing. Afterwards, they will think that everything they did was from their volition.

This wine was a very precious thing. But, not many people knew that Wei Xiaobao grew up in Spring Beauty Pavilion. He knew where the best goods were. He quietly took it out to replace the bottle that was going to be sent to the courtesan’s room. Then he wanted to quietly sneak in and enjoy the flower and dew. Who knew that after all his hard work, it was Song Qingshu who benefited by mistake.

“Such a good wine, it is so boring to drink this way.” With the help of the wine, Song Qingshu had gradually relaxed, and gave a naughty look.

“May I know what I should do to make it interesting?” Xia Qingqing looked confused and looked at him with a smile.

“Everyone knows that wine can be enjoyed with two things: money and martial arts. But they often don’t know that the most wonderful way to drink is with a warm fragrant beauty in their arms, and slowly drinking the wine from the beautiful woman’s red lips.” Song Qingshu’s eyes were full of evil charm, and he looked at her with a heated gaze.

“Young Master knows that Youyou does not sell herself~” Xia Qingqing didn’t know why. Although she heard the other party’s blatant teasing, she couldn’t feel a trace of anger. She looked at Song Qingshu with her gentle and moist eyes. She suddenly felt a little silly, and her voice changed, getting more and more flirtatious, a lot more charming.

“You’re saying that because you didn’t meet that destined person.” Song Qingshu got up and came to Xia Qingqing’s side, gently touched her smooth chin, and smiled slightly, “I would like to be that person, and stay together until our hair turns white.”

Xia Qingqing let him touch her chin, a trace of shyness flashed across her face, and her heart thumped like a deer. She felt like she had forgotten something important, and subconsciously felt this was wrong, but now was feeling lazy, without a trace of strength, and there was really no extra energy to think about anything else.

Xia Qingqing turned around and bit her teeth. Her swaying skirt left Song Qingshu dazzled. She stretched out her slender hand, gently pressed Song Qingshu on the nearby stool, and took a drink with her right hand. She softly fell into Song Qingshu’s arms, as if her body was without bones, and hooked her arms around his neck. She pasted her soft red lips on his, while Song Qingshu was in a daze.

Song Qingshu felt that his teeth had been pried open by a flexible and soft object, and then he tasted the sweet wine that was delivered into his mouth from her sultry lips.

After a long time, Xia Qingqing rested her hands on Song Qingshu’s shoulders, her cheeks were flushed, and she looked at him with her heart in her eyes, “Is it this way?”

Feeling her energetic and elastic figure sitting on his lap, Song Qingshu suddenly felt the heat three inches below his navel, and he couldn’t resist bending over and kissed her.

With a soft “Ah!”, Xia Qingqing slowly closed her eyes, letting him continue his frivolous acts.

“There are assassins!” [Goblin: (-_-)…don’t worry such interruptions almost doesn’t happen in the future.]

“Protect Lord Wei!”

At this time, a stern cry was heard from outside. Xia Qingqing seemed to have been awakened from a deep dream. She was shocked to find that she was in a really dangerous situation. As her thoughts cleared up, she was shocked and pushed Song Qingshu away. Along with a loud slap.

“Miss Youyou, you…” Song Qingshu touched his burning cheek, and he didn’t expect that the woman who was still so affectionate a moment before suddenly changed her attitude and didn’t recognize him anymore.

As the scenes before now came back to her mind, Xia Qingqing wailed in her heart, ‘What is going on!’

She was awakened by all the screams from outside just now. She came down with a cold sweat, and the medicinal properties of the wine in her body had already been detoxified by more than half. She felt that her whole body was soft, and picked up the bottle on the table and smelled it. And, Xia Qingqing’s face turned pale.

She saw that Yuan Chengzhi was attacking a young man with braids from the gap in the window. It didn’t take her very long to know that she had trapped the wrong person. She turned around, gritted her teeth and looked at Song Qingshu, “You’re not Wei Xiaobao, who are you?”

“Uh, this humble one is Song Qingshu.” Just what is it that went wrong, Song Qingshu still hadn’t fully woken up from his daze, and subconsciously replied.

Feeling cold on her chest, Xia Qingqing looked down and found that her dress was messy, and her nose turned sour. She was thinking out of a playful mentality, and despite her husband’s objections, she volunteered to act as this famous courtesan. But, now…

Xia Qingqing couldn’t help but shudder at the thought of letting her Big Brother Yuan see what she looked like at this moment, and she didn’t care about finding Song Qingshu to settle the account. She clutched her neckline tightly, jumped out in the opposite direction, and disappeared into the night sky.

Seeing her extremely brilliant movement technique, Song finally woke up. What kind of weak brothel courtesan was she? She was clearly a high level female martial artist!

“Brother Song, help!” At this time Wei Xiaobao’s stern cry came from outside.

It turned out that after Yuan Chengzhi and other masters quietly dealt with the defense line that Duo Long deployed on the periphery, they led their men to rush in, and were preparing to catch turtles in the urn.

Jiumozhi was worthy of being the highest level martial artist in the scene. The moment he perceived a trace of murderous intent, he pushed Wei Xiaobao a few meters away. With some sparks and flints, Wei Xiaobao avoided Yuan Chengzhi’s one-hit-killing move that fell from the sky.

The Blood Saber Elder and Shangjie seemed to have been waiting for this chance for a long time ago, and reached out their hands to grab Wei Xiaobao from both sides.

Jiumozhi’s plan was to reinvigorate Tubo, so he urgently needed to rely on Wei Xiaobao. How could he let him die here, so he hurriedly performed two flame blades and slashed them at the two assailants.

The Blood Saber Elder and Shangje were shocked. If they continued to reach out to grab Wei Xiaobao, they wouldn’t be able to avoid their arms being chopped off, so they had to choose defense.

The Blood Saber Elder grabbed his Blood Saber, and slashed at the sword energy that was aiming at him. After a sound that seemed like a collision between fire and iron, the blood saber elder looked at the blood saber in his hand in a daze. That energy from the opponent that struck him a few feet away resulted in a tie!

On the other side, Shangjie performed several big palm strikes in succession before blasting away the sword energy that struck him, but there was no more power left in them to counter attack the opponent. He was astonished in his heart. Although he was the number one master of the Shingon sect, Jiumozhi has been travelling the whole world for many years. He thought he was the number one person among the sects of Tantric Buddhism. But in this fight, he realized that his opponent’s martial arts was much higher than his own.

At the same time, Duo Long had already reacted, and quickly drew out his saber to guard in front of Wei Xiaobao. He blocked the Heavenly Dragon Sect leader Hong Antong who was waiting for an opportunity to attack.

As the head of the Imperial Guard, Duo Long’s martial arts was naturally not weak, but his martial arts was more suited for the battlefield. He was at a big disadvantage at this kind of one to one fighting. After a few moves, Hong Antong’s palm strike drew blood. And Dou Long was sent falling down between tables and chairs on the side.

Fortunately, his act of struggle managed to buy enough time. And, Wei Xiaobao finally reacted and ran to the side quickly, crying and howling, “Brother Song, help!”

Hong Antong grinned, then he jumped ahead like an eagle catching its prey. He was about to grab Wei Xiaobao’s neck.

At that moment, Hong Antong heard a sharp sound ripping through the air. That lightning-like momentum caused Hong Antong’s expression to change drastically. With the help of his waist strength, he quickly turned over and avoided it, but it was a pity that although he used old tricks, he still was not enough to dodge it completely.

Touching the newly punctured hole in his arm, Hong Antong looked back with a gloomy face and saw a wooden sword inserted in a pillar not far away, and the hilt of the sword was still trembling.

“As an old master of martial arts, you actually attacked someone who doesn’t know martial arts at all.” Song Qingshu fluttered down from the second floor with a little movement of the tiptoe and stood in front of Wei Xiaobao.

“Big Brother Song, he is the sect leader Hong of the Mystic Dragon Cult. He is a powerful martial artist. You have to be careful.” Wei Xiaobao hid behind Song Qingshu and finally felt relieved.

“So you are the young man the blood saber elder talked so much about, and you really have some ability.” As soon as his voice fell, Hong Antong disappeared from the place, attempting to smash Song Qingshu’s face with a palm strike.

When there were still a few feet to reach Song Qingshu, the expression on Hong Antong’s face drastically changed, and he hurriedly withdrew his palm and jumped to the side. Unfortunately, it was still a little late, and his shoulder was wounded by a sword strike.

Looking at the empty pillar, and then at the wooden sword that had returned to Song Qingshu’s hand, Hong Antong said in shock, “Dragon Capturing Hand!” (Goblin: Imagine a Jedi master retrieving his lightsaber from a distance. Yes, our protagonist was also secretly a Jedi master. We’ll be seeing a lot of this one.)

Song Qingshu remained expressionless, but he was secretly proud of this move, this was actually just the “The Twin Dragons Fetch Water” from the Eighteen Dragon-Subduing Palms. He improved it a bit, but it could achieve the same effect as the Dragon Capturing Hand. It was inspired by a kind of swordsmanship that he saw in fantasy movies in his previous life. Of course it was impossible to perform it to a fantastical extent, but it was very possible within a hundred meters.

Hong Antong was very angry. Now he was injured twice by the opponent’s wooden sword. The first sword strike was just fine, it was just a little skin trauma, but the second one injured his shoulder and left sword energy in his bones. He was afraid that he could now only perform at most seventy percent of his original martial arts.

It wasn’t that Hong Antong’s martial arts was too low. The first sword attack happened suddenly, and Song Qingshu’s time to release the sword was too clever. It happened when Hong Antong rose to the highest point and used his strength to gain momentum.

As for the second sword strike, in Hong Antong’s decades-long time as a martial artist he had never seen a long sword which after being shot a few meters away could fly back automatically. Without any precautions, it caused a flaw to open on his back. And he was wounded by the wooden sword that Song Qingshu had sucked back.

Although Jiumozhi was busy fighting, he always paid attention to the scene on the field, and his expression improved when he saw this happen.

Yuan Chengzhi, who was fighting against him, secretly complained. Today’s matter was simply going through a set of twists and turns. First of all, Xia Qingqing mistook the wrong person and invited Song Qingshu into the room, causing everyone to be unable to capture Wei Xiaobao in secret.

Later, when he thought about it again. It was not too bad that she took away Song Qingshu, the one with the highest level of martial arts. So they  took this opportunity and wanted to quickly deal with Wei Xiaobao. They thought it would be foolproof, but there was another monk with higher martial arts!

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