Chapter 66: Imminent catastrophe

Jiumozhi was also secretly frightened. His opponent’s weapon was a snake-like long sword, with fierce and treacherous swordsmanship, as well as profound internal skills. In the blink of an eye, the two exchanged a dozen blows, and they didn’t see a clear outcome.

‘Why are there so many young martial arts masters in the central plains wulin?’ Jiumozhi was surprised in his heart. That young master from the Murong clan was fine. Although his martial arts was good, it was actually a far cry from his reputation spread in the world. When Jiumozhi met Song Qingshu before, he dared not underestimate the young heroes of the wulin. He didn’t expect to meet another one again today. The martial arts of this young man was not inferior to him.

“The Golden Serpent King, Yuan Chengzhi?” As his opponent’s weapon was too distinctive, Jiumozhi’s thoughts flashed, and finally remembered who his opponent was.

“May I know who your excellency is?” Yuan Chengzhi was a little embarrassed. In the past few years, he had made great progress in his martial arts.

“The national master of the Tibetan Empire, Maha Cakra Vajra Jiumozhi greets the Golden Serpent King.” Jiumozhi folded his palms together and secretly prepared the Ningma Temple’s unique Flame Blade.

Yuan Chengzhi was master in the art of sword, and the Golden Serpent Sword made a slight dragon-like sound, waiting for the opportunity to find the flaws exposed by his opponent.

“This monk is too powerful. I will hold him back. You two join hands and make it a quick fight. It will be bad if the officers and soldiers of the Qing court react.” Yuan Chengzhi said in a deep voice, but he did not dare to look at them. He kept his eyes on Jiumozhi.

Seeing that he opened his mouth to talk, Jiumozhi thought that his opponent’s attention was divided, so his eyes lit up, and he took this opportunity to deceive him and launch an attack.

Yuan Chengzhi was weary of his unpredictable Flame Blade, and Jiumozhi was also a little spooked by his weird swordsmanship. Therefore, although Yuan Chengzhi missed the first opportunity, he was still able to secure the upper hand.

Jiumozhi was feeling anxious in his heart, and he was dragged into the flow of his opponent. If he wanted to reach a clear victory or defeat, he probably had to fight for hundreds or more moves. The three on the other side were all martial arts masters. Under their combined attack, Song Qingshu might not be able to last that long.

Seeing that the situation was not good, Duo Long on the side slipped out from the door and summoned the soldiers of the Qing Camp.

The blood saber elder and Shangjie slowly walked around Song Qingshu, and together with Hong Antong, the three of them firmly surrounded Song Qingshu.

“The three of you all have a lot of background in the martial arts. You all together are more than ten times older than our Young Master. And here you are attacking him together, don’t you feel any shame!” Shui Sheng was about to run away in the chaos, but when she saw Song Qingshu being surrounded by three people, she couldn’t help but sneer.

“This little lady is so pretty, she seems really appetizing to this elder.” The Bood Saber Elder had destroyed the purity of countless ladies, and there was no way he wouldn’t realize that this was a woman disguised as a man. He glanced at Shui Sheng, his eyes full of greed.

Shangjie just touched his nose in embarrassment, and felt indignant. Noticing that the two of them didn’t want to make the first move, he decided to save some face in front of the other two. He performed gestures as if he was holding a ball in the middle of both palms. It was his most powerful palm technique, the Great Luminous Palm.

Facing this attack at such a close distance, Song Qingshu felt that the air around him seemed to turn cold and his face changed. He quickly pointed his sword above and stabbed a few imaginary points in the air.

Shangjie was horrified. This young man was so young, but his martial art attainment was like an old master. The few points he stabbed just now happened to be on the weak nodes of the aura he created, and they were the biggest weakness of his palm technique. His technique created a force field of a few meters in advance to create an advantage. The stronger the force field, the more it will affect the opponent’s judgement and the ability to counterattack.

Who knew that before the formation of the Great Luminous Palm could be completed, the force field was suddenly scattered by the opponent’s fierce sword aura! 

Sang Jie snorted, with a trace of blood showing at the corner of his mouth. It was clear that he had suffered serious internal injuries.

Song Qingshu was also not unscathed. Although he broke his opponents’ major palm attack with little effort, but Shangjie was after all a master from one of the four major sects of Tibetan Empire.

“Young Master Song, be careful!” Wang Yuyan subconsciously exclaimed.

Duan Yu gave her a complicated look and sourly said, “Miss Wang, let’s take advantage of this chaos, otherwise we won’t be able to leave anytime soon, no matter which side wins.”

“But Young Master Song was so kind to me, how can I leave him at such a critical moment?” Wang Yuyan replied with a frown. She watched the several people fighting fiercely in the field, and simulated a few tactics in her mind. ‘What should I do to help Song Qingshu?’

“What kind of kindness did he show to Miss Wang,” Duan  Yu murmured, “Didn’t you see that he, Wei Xiaobao and Jiumozhi were acting like brothers?”

“Young Master Duan’s words are quite true.” With a loud voice, a handsome young man walked in.

Looking at the incoming person, Duan Yu spoke in a nonchalant manner, “Good to see you Master Murong.”

“Cousin!” Wang Yuyan turned her head in surprise and saw her cousin who had come to rescue her. She couldn’t help but feel sore in her nose and almost cried.

It turned out that after knowing that Wang Yuyan had been captured by Jiumozhi, Murong Fu hurriedly followed him with his family forces, and they finally caught up today.

Wang Yuyan’s affectionate way of calling her “Cousin” really stung Duan Yu’s heart, but he was helpless, so he picked up the wine glass on the table and poured himself a glass of wine.

“Cousin, Young Master Duan was captured by the monk Jiumozhi in order to save me, and now his acupoints have been sealed.” Wang Yuyan woke up from her bliss and quickly said.

“Thank you Young Master Duan for your help.” Murong Fu slightly smiled, and he unsealed Jiumozhi’s restrictions with a few gestures of his hand.

“Young Master Duan, why don’t we catch that evil monk Jiumozhi together and demand some justice for my cousin?” Murong Fu looked around the scene, and the situation was immediately clear in his heart.

“I dare not decline your offer!” Duan Yu was tortured by Jiumozhi along the way. But he had to suppress his resentment. Seeing that Kumazhi was fighting a young man with a serpent sword in his hand, he didn’t even think twice about it. He just directly jumped into the fray.

Jiumozhi now had the upper hand in the fight. And he had long been paying attention to the surrounding movements. So, when he noticed Duan Yu’s Six Meridians Divine Sword, he quickly dodged.

However, because of this, the advantage that had been established with great difficulty just now was lost. Yuan Chengzhi finally had the chance to show his skills, and suddenly sent a fierce offensive. With this the offensive and defensive situation between the two immediately reversed.

“This humble one is Murong Fu of Gusu. I’m here to help your Excellency.” Murong Fu knew that he definitely was not Kumazhi’s opponent in a one on one match. So, how could he miss such a good opportunity? He jumped ahead and immediately drew his sword to launch an attack.

Of course, if he fought Jiumozhi alone, Murong Fu didn’t have any chance to win, but at this moment he had the help of two young martial arts masters. Yuan Chengzhi’s swordsmanship was strange and weird. Murong Fu’s swordsmanship, on the other hand, combined the strengths of several experts and was also incomparably exquisite and dangerous.

Shui Sheng glanced at the scene with a complicated expression, her eyes kept wandering, and her heart became irritated when she thought that Song Qingshu and that courtesan had done some unspeakable deeds in that room just now.

Hearing Wang Yuyan’s “cousin” again, she couldn’t help but think of her childhood sweetheart. It was the cousin she was infatuated with for so long. So, Shui Sheng fiercely stomped, turned around and ran away.

Now let’s talk about the other side of the hall. Song Qingshu felt his right hand go numb, and at that moment the blood saber elder launched an attack. Originally, Song Qingshu had a way to escape alone, but when he remembered that Wei Xiaobao, who had no resistance was behind him. That guy would meet a gruesome end if he was caught. Many of his future plans were dependent on him, and he couldn’t let it all go to waste.

He pulled Wei Xiaobao by his shoulders, and jumped to the second floor. He was planning to jump out of the three-person encirclement and then deal with them separately.

What he didn’t know was that Hong Antong had been gathering momentum for a long time, and it was at this moment that he rushed out like lightning, hitting on Song Qingshu back with a palm strike.

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