Chapter 67: Saved from certain death

“Puff!” Song Qingshu spit out a mouthful of blood, if it weren’t for his potent internal energy protecting his body, ordinary people would have had their heart crushed if they were hit by Hong Antong’s sturdy palm.

Shangjie and the blood saber elder also attacked, and Song Qingshu resisted them with a few clever methods, but the blood saber elder’s saber still managed to aim at his neck.

“My life is over!” A chill ran through Song Qingshu’s heart, and a scene of his head flying high flashed in his mind.

At that moment, with a “Ding!” a hidden weapon hit the Blood Saber Elder’s saber, and the three in the scene were shocked, not because of how brilliant the shot was, but the hidden weapon was a golden serpent dart!

When they looked back in suspicion, they saw that Yuan Chengzhi and Murong Fu were besieging Jiumozhi, and there was no gap to launch this hidden weapon.

“Don’t look at him, I threw the Golden Serpent Dart.” It was Xia Qingqing who walked out into the scene. At this moment, she didn’t radiate that charm of an enchantress. She had a very dignified expression.

Shangjie tapped Song Qingshu’s major acupoints with his fingers and restrained him. Then he raised his head and wondered, “Why didn’t Madam Yuan let me kill him?”

“This Madame still has important things to ask him, thank you all for helping me catch him.” Xia Qingqing put her hands on her right waist, bowed a little by bending her knees, and was really polite.

Shangjie and Hong Antong were not that affected. The former is a monk, and had not been close to any member of the opposite sex for many years. The latter had a sweet wife at home and didn’t have any spare time to irrigate foreign fields. Therefore, although the two admired her beauty, they didn’t have any other thoughts.

The Blood Saber Elder, however, was different. Looking at Xia Qingqing’s slim willow waist, he couldn’t resist stepping forward to help her up. There was a fleeting greed in his eyes . But when he thought of the martial arts level of her husband, he secretly sighed, ‘This little lady is quite the beauty, and that girl who pretended to be a man just now was also not bad.’

Song Qingshu bitterly smiled. He didn’t expect that she saved his life in the end. Thinking of the tenderness between the two in that room, he couldn’t help but feel his heart sway.

Noting his gaze, Xia Qingqing knew what he was thinking, and her pretty face couldn’t help but flush red. She pretended to turn her head to observe the situation on the other side, and stopped looking at him.

Although Jiumozhi was at a disadvantage, he still managed to parry, but when he noticed that Song Qingshu was badly wounded and captured from the corner of his eye, he couldn’t help but feel chills in his heart. Thinking that he would really go to see the Buddha if he stayed here to fight any longer.

He quickly performed a Flame Blade to force Yuan Chengzhi and Murong Fu away, and jumped towards Song Qingshu, “Master Song, this poor monk is here to save you!”

Shangjie and Hong Antong were shocked, and both preprader themselves to receive Jiumozhi’s attack in the air. However, this in fact was originally an act from Jiumozhi. His palm strike looked terrifying, but in fact, he used no more than half of his strength. When his attack connected with Shangjie and Hong Antong, with the help of the repelling force, his body smashed through the side window of the pavilion like lightning, disappearing in the night sky. No one thought of this kind of development, Yuan Chengzhi and others feared his martial arts, and no one wanted to continue chasing him.

“Lord Wei, Master Song, this poor monk will go ahead to invite more masters. I will come back to rescue you.” Jiumozhi’s voice floated far away.

“Your companion is really loyal.” Xia Qingqing stood beside Song Qingshu with a sneer.

“Unexpectedly, traveling with him together on the road for many days is not as good as a moments friendship with the Miss.” Song Qingshu sighed, “Lady Qingqing cares about me in her heart, what a kind woman. I should have thought about this a long time ago.”

When Wei Xiaobao saw that the situation was not good, he quickly changed his face, “Master Hong, we are good friends! We shall enjoy eternal good fortune, and longevity under the heavens!”

“Blood Saber Elder is virtuous, with a kind heart!”

“Great Monk, you have the heart of Buddha, your kindness towards all living things is as great as the ocean!”

Seeing his string of incoherent flattery, everyone just sneered, which caused Wei Xiaobao to sigh, “Shi*t, this grandpa is done for. If you spare my life today, I promise to visit temples and listen to scriptures. I will be a good person after 16 years!”

“Didn’t you people from the Central Plains say, ‘I will be a good person after 18 years!?” Shangjie thought he had remembered it wrong, and looked at his companion suspiciously.

“This grandpa thinks that eighteen years is too long. I want to come out two years early.” Wei Xiaobao glared, he realized that there was no way to escape today, so he didn’t sugarcoat his words.

“Everyone, the officers and soldiers outside the city will arrive in a moment. It’s better for us to leave early.” Yuan Chengzhi walked over and reminded them.

“Since I have rescued my cousin, I won’t bother you anymore. Let’s part our ways here.” Murong Fu clasped his fists in his hands, but thought differently in his heart. ‘The Golden Serpent King, Great Monk Shangjie and the sect masters of the Heavenly Dragon Sect and Blood Saber Sest were all influential and powerful. They might have been helpful to our plan. It’s a pity that they attacked and detained Wei Xiaobao, the most favored official of the Emperor of the Qing Dynasty. I am afraid that they will usher in a tragic revenge. I still don’t want to swim in this muddy water. It is unwise to offend the Qing Dynasty.’

“The reputation of Master Murong is indeed well-deserved. This Yuan is honored to fight side by side with Master Murong.” Just now the two teamed up to deal with Jiumozhi. Yuan Chengzhi really admired the profoundness and subtleness of his martial arts .

“Cousin, Young Master Song…” Wang Yuyan pulled Murong Fu’s sleeves and looked at Song Qingshu, who looked languid, with worry in her eyes.

“Thank you Miss Wang for your concern. This Song won’t die for a while. You don’t have to care about me. I believe that since the Heavens got me into this world, it won’t let me die so easily, hahaha…” Song Qingshu spit out some blood, and his laughter was full of desolation.

Song Qingshu knew Murong Fu’s true nature of favouring advantages and avoidance of disadvantages. With so many masters on the scene, it was impossible for him to rescue him. He reckoned that Murong Fu would come up with a large set of high-sounding reasons and tactfully refuse him.

‘Why should I listen to some hypocritical words and be disgusted when I’m about to die?’

“We haven’t met for so long, Young Master Song is still so open-minded. Cousin, this is not a place to stay for a long time, let’s go.” Murong Fu took Wang Yuyan and disappeared at the entrance of the pavilion.

“Miss Wang, wait for me.” Duan Yu hurried to catch up.

After Song Qingshu and Wei Xiaobao were tied up, they were thrown into a carriage, and their group of people hurried out of the city.

When Duo Long finally led the soldiers to the Spring Beauty Pavilion and looked at the guards lying on the ground, Wei Xiaobao had disappeared, and his face went pale. He gave an urgent order, “Quickly go out of the city to chase them!”

Yuan Chengzhi and his party were well prepared. They were in disguise, their escape route was very tricky, and the chasing troops were quickly thrown away.

When stopping to rest at noon one day, the Blood Saber Elder gave Wei Xiaobao a fierce look, then turned his head and said to Yuan Chengzhi, “Golden Serpent King, why didn’t you kill this kid with a single slash, and take him with us to escape?”

The Blood Saber Elder and Shangjie would have to leave Yangzhou, and they were afraid that Wei Xiaobao will be rescued again, causing the mission to fail. So they followed Yuan Chengzhi and his party all the way. But they have been very impatient about the situation in Tibet these days and the blood saber elder finally asked out loud.

“This Yuan intends to bring this dog official back to the Golden SerpentCamp and invite the leaders of the rebel army in Shandong to come and kill him as a sacrifice to the flag together. So as to strengthen the momentum of the rebel army in Shandong.” Yuan Chengzhi thought of the situation of the rebel army since the Kangxi Emperor came to power. His heart felt sad, the morale of the rebels in recent years has been somewhat low, and they have long lost the spirit they had in the beginning. He hoped that by killing the Emperor’s dear friend and beloved official, he could cheer up the hearts of the people.

Wei Xiaobao felt a chill in his heart when he listened to him, and thought, ‘Fu*k! This little shit looks loyal and honest, how can he be so cruel? If I go back with him, I will be beheaded. On the contrary, this fierce looking blood saber elder…’

With a sharp look in his eyes, he immediately made up his mind and shouted, “Oh, I want to urinate.”

The Blood Saber Elder just walked up to him and said impatiently, “Just pee where you are!”

Wei Xiaobao showed a flattering smile, “Of course it doesn’t matter to me. It’s just that the urine underneath will have a fishy and nasty smell, which inevitably affects this elder’s appetite in eating.”

“How unlucky!” The Blood Saber Elder threw the biscuits aside, lifted him to a place ten meters away, and untied the rope on his body, “Hey, hurry up, if you dare to run, this elder will break your legs.”

“Hey, how dare I! In fact, Xiaobao just wants to talk to you, elder.” Wei Xiaobao smiled and looked at him, he didn’t have the appearance of urgency from before.

“Why should I listen to you?” The Blood Saber Elder disdainfully turned his head.

“Elder, do you think that your task will be completed even if I die?” Wei Xiaobao asked instead, disregarding his show of disdain.

“Naturally, so you should hurry up and die.” The Blood Saber Elder glared at him fiercely.

“It’s ridiculous, how ridiculous!” Wei Xiaobao shook his head while laughing and looked at him with pity.

The Blood Saber Elder stared straight at him and couldn’t help asking, “What are you laughing at.”

“I laughed at you because you are a silly monk and good for nothing. You are so stupit that you don’t even realize the situation you are in.” Wei Xiaobao glanced at him contemptuously.

“Kid, you don’t have to provoke discord.” the Blood Saber Elder smiled, “This elder has eaten more salt than a kid like you.”

“That Yuan Chengzhi is very cunning. He will kill me to get the support of the Shandong Rebels and increase his prestige. What kind of benefits will you get if I die?” Wei Xiaobao asked with a sneer.

“How could it not be beneficial for us?” said the blood saber elder. “The Seventh Prince wanted you dead. We have the same purpose as Yuan Chengzhi, and we will get what we need.”

“It’s good as long as you get what you need, is it?” Wei Xiaobao sneered. “What is the purpose of your prince behind wanting me dead? Now, tell me, what is our current location?”

“Naturally, he wants to get rid of Kangxi’s right hand man, hey!…No!” The Blood Saber Elder was shocked, and realized that the Seventh Prince was actually mainly wanted to destroy the alliance between the Manchus and the Song Dynasty. In order to achieve that he had to kill Wei Xiaobao inside the domain of the Song Dynasty. That condition was a must! 

If the envoys all die in the host’s domain, then the alliance will naturally be impossible to talk about. Then due to the anger of Kangxi, there may even be a war with the Song Court in the name of justice.

But now Wei Xiaobao has already left the Song domain and he is in the Manchu Qing Dynasty!

“Hmph, it is still enough to break Kangxi’s arm.” The Blood Saber Elder still insisted on his decision.

“Hey, although it is a bit embarrassing to say, I still have to confess. I, Wei Xiaobao, besides combing his beard and horses, and embezzling and accepting bribes, what else can I actually do? How can I be regarded as the right arm of the Emperor?” Wei Xiaobao said with a bitter face, “If you really let me die, you won’t have a chance to join the forces of the Seventh Prince in the future.”

The Blood Saber Elder huffed, “How is that possible!”

“Think about it, in the eyes of the Seventh Prince, you failed to kill me in Song Kingdom. This is nothing but incompetence. Later, you managed to catch me, but didn’t bring me back to Mongolia and use the opportunity to threaten our Emperor. You even let other people kill me, this is stupidity! Such an incompetent and brainless person, how can the Seventh Prince rest assured to use you again?” Wei Xiaobao’s smile became more and more treacherous.

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