Chapter 67: The Kingdom Project III (part 2)

‘Why did I do that… I’m sure…he hated it a lot…’

She didn’t want to admit it. However, she had already accepted that fact. 

The fact that the woman named Isolda Evergarden had already lost her heart to the man named Bahamut.

It started with being a simple pleasure s1ave, and then she was at awe of the man’s overwhelming ability.

As a man who could satisfy both her body and mind, Isolda recognized Bahamut’s superiority and worked hard to secure a place as a partner who could stand alongside him rather than simply be his s1ave.

However, at some point, Isolda, who had been working with such a logical conviction, became emotionally attached to him. 

Watching his dazzling performances, and…all the sessions full of pleasure made her genuinely fall in love.

‘This is so… stupid. How did I end up like this? How did this happen to me…’

Isolda trembled in agony as she regretted the past that brought about such a terrible result.


There was a term called the Merchant of Death.

It referred to a merchant who traded human lives. However, that didn’t mean they directly conducted business with human lives.

It actually referred to the merchants who bought and sold weapons—the arms dealers.

Usually, most weapons were made for the purpose of hunting by the blacksmiths in rather small quantities. But the weapons used in war were often produced in large quantities by a certain territory or a country. It had an entirely different scale.

However, weapons produced in large quantities were often left as useless stock when the war ended, and naturally, additional costs were incurred to store or maintain them.

Some of the remaining weapons were melted down and used to make agricultural tools.

However, there was another very common way to deal with such a situation. 

It was to sell them at a reasonable price through the aforementioned arms dealers, the Merchants of Death.

In such cases, due to the nature of the product, the seller would incur a little loss in production costs, but they would be able to save money in storage and maintenance costs. At the same time, the benefit would be much greater than the loss in that they would be able to receive the money immediately.

And, the weapons purchased in such way would then be transported to the place where a war was taking place and sold at high prices; which would, in turn, have tremendous impact on the war.

Due to the nature of war, supplies were always in demand, and among them, weapons were the most essential resource along with food.

It wasn’t uncommon for a war to be won or lost depending on which side the weapons were being supplied. Obviously, that the ones holding a sharpened sword would have an overwhelming advantage over the ones holding a dull sword.

Because of that fact, the warring lords inevitably had to inject huge amounts of money into the pockets of the arms dealers. As a result, when the war was over, the lords who fought the hardest would often go broke and the pockets of the arms dealers would be filled to the brim with money.

And now, a great incident was about to happen on the continent which made the arms dealers’ senses tingle.

In the meantime, various rumors were running rampant in the Dragona Empire.

Not long ago, a sudden peace agreement had poured cold water on the atmosphere that was about to flare up, but now the situation was completely different.

The Dragona Empire had clearly declared war while annihilating a platoon of Sakiel Knights in Benessa.

In response, the Sakiel Knights were already assembling troops in Hangury, and at the same time urging the King of Hangury to join the war.

Although, the King of Hangury had yet to make a decision, most people already know that a war was inevitable.

And with a war and money would follow.

Therefore, all the arms dealers on the continent were flocking to Hangury with the weapons they had stored or

produced themselves.

Among them…was the Beden Merchant Company, which had recently been attracting attention of all the forces on the continent.

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