Chapter 68: The Kingdom Project IV (part 1)

Kingdom of Hangury.

It has been one of the ancient powerhouses with a reputation on the continent, having firmly blocked the offensive of the Dragona Empire, which has been growing at a terrifying pace for the past few decades.

However…that ended after the death of the competent former king.

As the royal authority weakened and the power of the nobles increased, the strong Kingdom of Hangury was slowly losing its former glory and was in decline. In the process, its territory was slowly being eroded by the

Dragona Empire over the past few years.

The previous peace treaty was also achieved with difficulty by ceding part of the territory in the border area to the Dragona Empire.

In such a situation, the current King, Mohichi, was suffering from the pressure of the Sakiel Knights, who were forcing him to form an alliance and wage a helpless war.

“Your Majesty. We really don’t have time! The Emperess of the Dragona Empire has already finished preparing for war!”

“The peace that could not be kept forever anyway. Fight bravely! Our Sakiel Knights will help with all out might!”

“Um… ”

Due to the pressure of the Sakiel Knight’s elders and the nobles who were instigated by them, King Mohichi was unable to do anything about it.

Kingdom of Hangury’s entire national power was virtually divided by the nobility. Under the current circumstances, an all-out war with the Dragona Empire was like an act of su1cide, so the King had made a peace treaty even if he had to cede a part his territory.

He knew very well that the Sakiel Knights, who were promising to help him, were far from being trustworthy. He knew that the war would soon be the beginning of disaster for the Kingdom of Hangury.

However, no matter how hard the King tried to maintain the peace agreement, there was a limit to it.

The Sakiel Knights large army has already gathered near Budipet, the capital of the Kingdom of Hangury. Although they were silent for now, if the King refused to cooperate to the end, their blades would most likely be directed at the fragile Hangury even before the Dragona Empire.

In that case, the Dragona Empire would naturally benefit the most, and there was a possibility that their forces would break the agreement and advance by taking advantage of the weakened gap.

‘Is there any way? A way to prevent this conflict and not give any reason to the Dragona Empire…’

King Mohichi couldn’t let the kingdom he had inherited from his ancestors be trampled into the hands of enemies like this. So, he tried to come up with a good method by any means, but unfortunately, no suitable plan came to mind in his mind.


“Haahh… ”

King Mohichi was currently walking down the aisle after leaving the palace with a tired expression on his face.

His face was filled with signs of anguish and distress due to the reality that no solution was available.

‘What should I do… what should I do to keep this peace…’

More than 10 years had passed since he ascended the throne, but despite his efforts, the nation’s power only declined. But…it wasn’t his fault, so it couldn’t be helped at all.

As a cousin of the previous king who had no heirs, he was forced to ascend the throne by the will of the nobles. Due to the weakness of having been forcibly made king by the nobles, his power was greatly weakened from the moment he ascended the throne, and he had no way to use his power against the increasingly powerful forces of the Dragona Empire.

At the very least, he somehow succeeded in calming the situation through diplomacy with other countries and comforting the aristocrats, but now even that was in jeopardy due to the intervention of Sakiel Knights.

In such a frustrating reality, King Mohichi arrived at the main palace.




A young woman with a bright smile appeared in front of him.

The woman had just entered her 20s, but had a really young appearance that made her look like a child. She had light blonde hair, as well as a pair of silvery white eyes, which gave off a sense of purity.

Leira Matani, the daughter of King Mohichi, embraced her father with an innocent smile on her face.

“So, what are you doing here at this hour?”

“I found pretty flowers in the garden. So I brought them to decorate Father’s room.”

With those words, Leila pointed to the flower placed on the desk.

There lay the buds of red roses that had not yet fully bloomed, but were just as pretty to look at.

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