Chapter 69: The Heaven and Earth Society

“Yes, Xiaobao is my disciple. He has been undercover in the Qing court and has made a lot of contributions to the Heaven and Earth Society. If it weren’t for this critical situation, I wouldn’t want to reveal his identity. I hope that Master Yuan will keep this a secret.” This middle-aged schooler was none other than the leader of the  Heaven and Earth Society who is described as, “if you don’t know Chen Jinnan, then you are not a man of wulin.”

It turned out that the Heaven and Earth Society followers were scattered across the world and discovered that Shandong Wulin was plotting to assassinate Wei Xiaobao. Chen Jinnan was shocked when he received the news, and spent day and night mobilizing all connections to investigate the news, and finally caught up with Yuan Chengzhi and others today.

“Master Chen, your Heaven and Earth Society aims to oppose the Qing Dynasty and restore the Ming Dynasty, and I am also against the Qing Dynasty, but the former Ming Emperor and I have some enmity, you and I are not on the same side.” Yuan Chengzhi’s words made Chen Jinnan’s heart turn cold. But, before Chen Jinnan could speak he continued, “But this Yuan has always admired Chen’s master’s demeanor, and doesn’t want to be mortal enemies with each other. I can let Wei Xiaobao go, but I will need something in return. I need to give an explanation to my brothers.”

Chen Jinnan also understood his difficulties. After planning for so long, if they saw that it was all a useless effort in the end, anyone would feel resentful in their heart. So, he smiled slightly, “Chen is willing to go to Shandong with Brother Yuan to discuss the matter of forming an alliance. In the future, the forces in Shandong and the Heaven and Earth Society will be working together. We are looking forward to working with the Golden Serpent Camp.”

Yuan Chengzhi was overjoyed. Chen Jinnan has great prestige in the wulin. He personally went to Shandong to form an alliance with the Golden Serpent Camp. This news would definitely boost the morale of the volunteers, not to mention the future activities of the Golden Serpent Camp in Shandong. In the face of such great support, a single Wei Xiaobao was irrelevant.

“In this case, this Yuan will arrange someone to rescue Wei Xiaobao secretly so as not to expose his identity.” Yuan Chengzhi suddenly thought of something, and frowned, “It’s just that there is some difficulty now.”

“What’s the difficulty?” Chen Jinnan was startled, and asked in a hurry.

“There are three great foreign sect leaders who are acting with me this time, the sect leader of the Mystic Dragon Sect, the Blood Saber Elder, and the number one master of Shingon Sect, Shangjie. If they find out, and join forces, this Yuan alone may not be their opponent.” Yuan Chengzhi secretly thought, ‘Fortunately, both of them are injured now, so I think I can barely win.’

“Although this Chen is not talented, I have some accomplishments in martial arts. I have long heard that the leader of Mystic Dragon Sect, Hong Antong is an extremely talented martial artist, and I have always wanted to exchange some pointers. If necessary, this Chen can at least deal with Hong Antong, and everything else depends on the Golden Serpent King.” Chen Jinnan had recently practiced the Divine Blood Clotting Claws to kill people while undetected, so even if he couldn’t win against his opponent, he won’t lose that easily.

“Master Chen is being polite…” Before Yuan Chengzhi finished speaking, he suddenly heard a scream from outside. He quickly moved and rushed out of the tent like a light smoke. Chen Jinnan looked at it with endless admiration. He also realized that this young man’s martial arts might be much better than him.

Yuan Chengzhi rushed out of the tent and found that the Blood Saber Elder was carrying Wei Xiaobao, he had already killed two Golden Serpent Camp disciples who were blocking the road, and was about to flee down the mountain. Yuan Chengzi raised his hand, and three Golden Serpent Darts flew out from his cuffs, sealing the escape path of the Blood Saber Elder. Then he jumped and arrived a few feets behind the Blood Saber Elder.

“Blood Saber Elder, what are you doing!” Yuan Chengzhi looked at him in shock and anger.

“Hey, is there anything wrong if this elder wants to capture this little rabbit? You want to kill him anyway. So, Golden Serpent King, why don’t you push the boat along the river and let me take this trash off your hands and use it for something productive?” The Blood Saber Elder grinned, holding the Blood Saber in his right hand. His internal energy covered his whole body, secretly guarding against any sudden attacks.

‘You old shi*t, you are a trash, and your whole family is trash!’ Wei Xiaobao was being carried on his shoulders, his eyes rolled, and he was screaming in his heart.

“This Yuan brought Wei Xiaobao to Shandong for his own use, and didn’t bother to discuss it with the Elder. But, Your Excellency killed my brothers, and now  if you want to leave, it would be too whimsical.” A golden light flashed, and the Golden Serpent Sword was already in his hands.

Seeing that the atmosphere was tense and a fight was on the verge of breaking out, Shangjie hurried over to persuade him, “Why are two fighting? The Qing army is still chasing us. If you fight each other here wouldn’t it only benefit our enemies, and Blood Saber Elder, you said yourself that the Seventh Prince asked us to assassinate Wei Xiaobao, what use is there if you catch him now…”

Shangjie spoke as he walked over. At the very moment he was closer to Yuan Chengzhi’s side, his eyes flashed, and he performed a palm strike. In addition to the Tantric Deity Yoga, he performed the powerful Heavenly Secret Mudra from the Major Mudras and landed a palm strike on Yuan Chengzhi’s ribs.

Yuan Chengzhi had just learned a shocking huge secret from Chen Jinnan, and discovered that the Blood Saber Elder had suddenly abandoned the alliance. His heart was unstable at the moment, and he was firmly hit by Shangjie’s sneak attack, and blood spurted wildly from his mouth.

After landing a hit, Shangjie hurriedly backed away, but he was not fast enough. He only saw a flash of golden light, and let out a scream. He retreated several feet, cold sweat poured down from his shivering back and his arm was severed by that Golden Serpent Sword on the ground. He felt very regretful in his heart, ‘If only I could practice to the second realm of the Yoga Tantra, the Great Yoga Tantra, or even to a higher incomparable realm of Yoga Tantra. Then that palm strike just now would have been enough to kill Yuan Chengzhi, and he would not have had to have his arms almost cut off by his counterattack.’

At this stage of the confrontation, Hong Antong also decided to launch an attack. Among the three masters, he had the highest internal strength. If he was slapped by his palm strike, Yuan Chengzhi would lose his life on the spot.

At that moment, a person jumped out and stood in front of Hong Antong.

“Divine Blood Clotting Claw!” Feeling a few strands of dark energy cascading up along the meridians of his arm, Hong Antong’s heart tightened, and he immediately used his internal energy to force it out of his body.

The three of them wanted to quietly take Wei Xiaobao away, but they were afraid of Yuan Chengzhi’s high martial arts, and feared that they would be chased down, so they simply decided to attack first.

The Blood Saber Elder realized that this man who suddenly appeared was not weaker in martial arts than them, and knew that the situation was not good, so he hurriedly carried Wei Xiaobao and ran away.

“It turned out to be Master Chen of the Heaven and Earth Society. Today I have some important matters to attend to, and I shall continue our discussion on a later day.” Looking at the seriously injured Yuan Chengzhi, Hong Antong thought that his goal had been achieved, so he no longer wanted to fight, and he turned and left.

Shangjie sealed the big hole in his arm, and staggered away to the other side. He was seriously injured, and feared that he would be attacked by the other two old foxes, so he dared not follow them in the same direction.

When Chen Jinnan saw the injured Yuan Chengzhi, he didn’t go to stop him, and quickly came to Yuan Chengzhi’s side to help him heal his injuries.

“Thank you, Master Chen, now I have no serious problems. I can take care of it within a few days, but it is a pity that Wei Xiaobao was taken away by them.” Yuan Chengzhi was really frightened this time around. If it weren’t for Chen Jinnan blocking the attack by Hong Antong, he would’ve been sent to the underworld. The qi from the Major Mudra didn’t weaken, and it was really not possible to force it out on the spot. Those savage sect leaders believe in the strong, and their internal strengths were fierce. Each of them firmly stood on the top of their respective sects. Their vision and ability to grasp opportunities to attack were really not to be underestimated.

“Brother Yuan was conspired by those villains because he was worrying about the life of my apprentice. How could this Chen watch you get into a dangerous situation?” Chen Jinnan restrained his anger, stood up and said, “Since Brother Yuan is okay, Chen wants to save him. I will go to Shandong afterwards.”


In the distance, Song Qingshu watched the fierce battle between the two sides, and turned his head to smile at a soldier of the Golden Serpent Camp who was passing by him, “Little brother, I can see that you are very talented and was surprised by the quality of your bones. You are definitely a martial arts genius who is seen only once in a century. Come, come. I have a great fortune for you!” (Goblin: Song Qingshu is a troll. This is my all time favorite line from any movie, right next to “I am your father!”.)

The soldier was about to turn his head and scold him, but when he met Song Qingshu’s eyes, he felt dizzy in his mind. He only felt that the opponent’s eyes seemed to be an endless black hole, and he involuntarily walked over to him.

“Little brother, stretch out your finger, tap this spot on my shoulder.” Song Qingshu’s words were full of magnetism.

The truth was that, although he circulated his true qi to continuously hit the acupuncture points according to the method of Nine Yin Scriptures, because his acupoints were sealed by several masters at the same time, he couldn’t simply force it open even after trying for a long time. When he saw that the two sides were fighting not far away and didn’t have any time to pay attention here. He knew that this opportunity could not be lost, and he hurriedly performed the ‘Bewitching Technique’ and unsealed all the acupuncture points all over his body with the help of this soldier’s external force.

As soon as his acupoints were unsealed, Song Qingshu got back his strength, and the rope that tied to his body turned to shreds. He rose up into the sky with a long scream, “The gift I received a few days ago should have been repaid in double, but considering the face of Miss Youyou, I won’t kick a man when he is down and will let the little shit surnamed Yuan go.”

Song Qingshu laughed like a maniac for a while, and disappeared in the depths of the woods with a flash.

Chen Jinnan’s expression changed drastically and looked at the direction Song Qingshu disappeared, “This young man’s internal strength is really rare in the world.”

Yuan Chengzhi was also terrified, thinking that guy was besieged by the three old monsters a few days ago and suffered such a serious injury. He did not expect him to recover so quickly. The man didn’t seem to be injured at all. If he was in Song Qingshu’s place, he would have required at least two months of rest.

It turns out that both the Nine Yin Scripture and Divine Brilliance Scripture were the best healing techniques in the world. The Nine Yin Scripture healed internal injuries, and the Divine Brilliance Scripture continued to repair his bones and the meridians. They really cooperated seamlessly, and resulted in Song Qingshu’s amazing recovery ability.


On the other side, the Blood Saber Elder carried Wei Xiaobao all the way, and when he felt that he was out of danger, he quickly put him down, panting heavily and decided to rest.

“Elder, are you awake?” Looking at the other party sitting cross-legged on the ground to meditate, Wei Xiaobao poked him with his finger.

“If you have a fa*rt, let it out.” The Blood Saber Elder did not open his eyes, but concentrated on circulating the Blood Saber Scripture.

“Shi*t, I wanted to give you a lot of wealth, since you are not interested, then forget it.” Wei Xiaobao turned around, muttering something in his mouth, and it happened to be heard by the Blood Saber Elder.

“What kind of wealth?” The Blood Saber Elder opened his eyes as expected, and said with a smile, “Do you want to redeem your freedom?”

“Bah! I’m not a girl from the Spring Beauty Pavilion, so why would I want to redeem myself,” Wei Xiaobao glanced at him contemptuously, “I just want to tell you, if you take me back to Mongolia to that Seventh Prince, you will still remain a slave. If you kill me to please him, you won’t get any benefits, at most he’ll make you some random general or something.”

“Huh! Is there anything wrong with being a general?” The Blood Saber Elder gave him a cold look.

“Hey, what I’m talking about is a rich and honorable position in the court, such as a minister.” Wei Xiaobao’s eyes were full of sly intentions.

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