Chapter 70: A clever tongue

“Do you want me to take refuge in your Manchu Qing Dynasty?” The Blood Saber Elder coldly smiled. “The Great Mongolia is now the most powerful country in the world. There are several countries that are stubbornly resisting, but they are almost out of steam. Do you think I will be foolish enough to go to Manchu with you?”

“Elder, you are a wise man, if I wanted persuade you to seek refuge in the Manchu Dynasty, wouldn’t it be an insult to your IQ,” Wei Xiaobao waved his hand hastily, “What I wanted to say is to let you be appointed as a high level minister in Mongolia.”

“Hey, you really are not afraid to lose your tongue when you speak such big words.” The Blood Saber Elder sneered.

“The Emperor is of course more capable than me, it’s just that…” Wei Xiaobao paused on purpose.

The Blood Saber Elder asked curiously, “It’s just what?”

“It’s just that there are things that the Emperor can’t do…” Wei Xiaobao pointed at himself, “But I have no such worries.”

“What can you do?” The Blood Saber Elder gave him a puzzled look.

“For example… betraying the interests of the Qing Empire.” Wei Xiaobao smiled inexplicably.

The Blood Saber Elder’s heart jumped in chest, he thought that there might be a merit to this, and hurriedly shouted: “Be specific!”

“As far as I know, your Mongol Khan Temujin divided the entire Mongolian power into four parts. Among them, the most elite troops were led by him and the sixth grandson prince Xuliewu to expedition to the western countries, and then he sent the fourth grandson prince Kublai to attack the Kingdom of Jin and Kingdom of Song. His nephew Prince Ruyang was sent to attack the Western Regions, and finally your master, the seventh grandson prince Ali Ge stayed on the Mongolian steppe, plotting to conquer the Qing Dynasty. If I remember correctly, among the other three princes, he is in the most embarrassing position.” Wei Xiaobao said with a smile, secretly rejoicing in his heart that he used to be around Xiao Xuanzi. After listening to him a lot, he actually knew the situation in that part of the world.

“Our prince is Ali Bu Ge!” The Blood Saber Elder glared at him angrily.

“I said Ali correctly, didn’t I? What’s the problem if I skipped a few words before Ge? It doesn’t matter, I didn’t call him Alibaba.” Seeing the Blood Saber Elder was about to attack, Wei Xiaobao quickly said, “Was my analysis correct?”

“Hmph, your Qing Dynasty’s national strength is not weak, Kangxi has many capable ministers and generals, together with Prince Sheng Jingbao and Wu Sangui of Shanhai Pass. Although our prince suffered a momentary loss, it is nothing.” The Blood Saber Elder said with confidence. But in his heart he knew that the Seven Princes could be said to have no achievements after so many years.

Ali Bu Ge looked at the battle reports from the other three princes every day, and his temper was getting bad to worse. The achievements of Prince Ruyang were not of great concern to him. He was destined to gain nothing and lose everything but his fourth and fifth brothers had achieved such great results. They were nothing short of brilliant, but here he was, stuck in an embarrassing situation. And his road to becoming the next Khan in the future was getting more and more unfavorable.

As one of Ali Bu Ge’s subordinates, the Blood Saber Elder was well aware of the troubles of his master.

“If I have a way to make your prince reverse the situation, how do you think your prince will reward you?” Wei Xiaobao asked with slanted eyes.

The Blood Saber Elder’s heart moved. If the Seventh Prince could achieve a glorious record against the Manchu, and he became the favorite grandson of the current Khan, the position of the next generation Khan would probably be assured. As long as the prince ascended to the throne, it was really not difficult for him to be a minister.

“What you are telling me, if this elder feels to be reasonable, maybe I will really let you go. If I see that you little rabbit is playing tricks with this elder, hehe, this elder’s Blood Saber is capable of cutting iron like mud. I will cut you into pieces and hang you on a stick.” The Blood Saber Elder made a few threatening gestures towards Wei Xiaobao with his shining saber.

When the cold blade touched his skin it crawled with goose bumps. Wei Xiaobao hurriedly gently pushed his saber away, and said with a flattering smile, “If I lie to the Elder, wouldn’t it mean that I am tired of living?”

“Your prince’s troops are well-provisioned, and the reason why the situation is delayed is that the Emperor has joined hands with Wu Sangui of Shanhai Pass and Sheng Jingbao to form a horn-cutting wall, so that you will be attacked from every direction, isn’t it?” Wei Xiaobao asked for his opinion.

“Yes.” The Blood Saber Elder admitted that every time the Seventh Prince sent troops, they had to spend a lot of troops to guard the other two fronts, and there was always a feeling of dread while facing the Qing Dynasty’s solid defense line.

“Then what if I have a way to let Kangxi destroy that Great Wall?” Wei Xiaobao silently added in his heart, ‘Dear Emperor, this is a critical moment, don’t blame me for offending you.’

The Blood Saber Elder’s heart was beating wildly. If the Manchu Kingdom died by itself, wouldn’t it be a great opportunity for the Seven Princes? So he hurriedly asked, “How will you destroy it?”

Seeing his opponent falling in his trap, Wei Xiaobao breathed a sigh of relief and quickly explained, “Wu Sangui has long since wanted to be the Emperor, and Prince Bao has always been thinking about the throne in the Forbidden City. Kangxi has long wanted to get rid of the two, but It’s a pity that your Seventh Princes came over to attack at this time, and the three parties had to put aside their personal grievances and unite.”

“You mean that if our Seventh Prince retreats, they will kill each other?” The Blood Saber Elder was overjoyed.

“It’s not that easy.” Wei Xiaobao gave him a look. “But, as long as you let me return to Kangxi, under my instigation, Kangxi will inevitably act on them. When the civil strife is at its peak, your Seventh Prince will launch an attack. Wouldn’t it be like killing the snake without breaking the stick?”

“What benefit is in it for you?” The Blood Saber Elder did not fully believe his plan, and looked at Wei Xiaobao suspiciously.

“I, Wei Xiaobao, have no big ambitions. I just want to be a high official. I just want to have money to gamble and beauty to play with. It doesn’t matter who is the Emperor.” Wei Xiaobao smiled, “What do you think, Elder? Mongolia will rule over all, that is the trend of the times. I’m just trying to find a good way out for myself as soon as possible. When the Elder returns, I hope he will say a few favorable words to the Seventh Prince. This Xiaobao’s future prosperity and wealth will depend on Elder from now on.”

“Hahaha, that’s for sure.” The Blood Saber Elder  patted Wei Xiaobao’s shoulder, the two looked at each other and laughed loudly.

“May I know what the two find so funny, can you tell this Hong?” A cold voice came from not far away, the two looked back in shock and found that Hong Antong was already about thirty feet away from their position.

The  Blood Saber Elder secretly screamed in his heart, but he pretended to be ignorant, and laughed loudly with his arms around Wei Xiaobao. He was holding the Blood Saber in his right hand. If his opponent wanted to attack from behind, he was ready to deal a fatal blow.

“It turned out to be Lord Hong, may I know what the situation is in the camp?” The  Blood Saber Elder held the hilt of the Saber and looked at him with caution.

“Yuan Chengzhi was seriously injured, and Shangjie has a hole in his arm. If it hadn’t been for Chen Jinnan, this old man would have already taken Yuan Chengzhi’s life.” Hong Antong snorted coldly.

“Master came to save me…” Wei Xiaobao’s heart couldn’t help but warm up.

Hearing what Wei Xiaobao said just now, the Blood Saber Elder’s heart had already moved and he intended to take the credit alone, so he greeted Hong Antong and said,  “I am going to take this kid to Mongolia now. May I know what Master Hong wants to do?”

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  1. Having the Jin and the Qing existing side-by-side is so confusing. They’re essentially the same people. Qung’s predecessor state even called itself “later Jin”.

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