Chapter 71: Furious leader of the Mystic Dragon Cult

“Naturally, I will take him to Mongolia with the Elder, and meet the Seventh Prince using this opportunity.” Hong Antong faintly smiled.

Noting the somewhat moved look from the Blood Saber Elder, Wei Xiaobao became anxious, and hurriedly shouted, “Elder, don’t believe him, I have fu*ked this old turtle’s wife, so this old turtle has always wanted to skin me alive!”

Wei Xiaobao didn’t dare to say that Hong Antong was coveting the Sutra of Forty-two Chapters in his possession, and it was not that difficult to see that the Blood Saber Elder would also be greedy if he knew about it. In desperation, he quickly fabricated a lie to convince the Blood Saber Elder that the hatred between Hong Antong and him was as deep as the sea, and he couldn’t wait to kill him with a thousand cuts.

There was nothing bigger than the hatred of killing his master, the hatred of stealing his wife, or murdering his family. Considering the age difference between Hong Antong and Wei Xiaobao, it would be quite difficult to fool the Blood Saber Elder; therefore, he had to use the hatred of stealing his wife.

Hong Antong was trembling with anger, “As*hole, can a rascal like you get three feet close to my wife?”

“Old tortoise, maybe you should look in the mirror yourself. You are so old with white hair, and you have married such a coquettish young wife. Are you still able to satisfy her? She couldn’t eat at home, so of course she went outside. And, I’m always willing to give away free food for charity. All of your subordinates may be afraid of you, but I am not!” Wei Xiaobao’s taunt hit Hong Antong’s heart with the greatest pain, and he was so angry that his hair stood up, and his fists creaked.

Wei Xiaobao knew that if he was not able to completely convince the Blood Saber Elder that the two of them would not share the same sky. He was afraid that all his previous efforts would be wasted. He looked at Hong Antong’s furious appearance, gritted his teeth and continued to add fuel to the fire, “I am not only very familiar with the exterior of Madame Hong’s body, but also all the available interior assets.” While talking, he moved his waist in a perverted manner, and licked his lips, “Tsk tsk tsk…Madame Hong’s body is really white and smooth, and her cave is so slippery. Ah~”

“I’m going to you, little beast!” Hong Antong couldn’t bear it anymore and blasted over with a punch.

Remembering Madame Hong’s coquettish appearance, Wei Xiaobao became more and more vigorous when he cursed, and he became excited. How could he know that Hong Antong would close the distance of several meters in a blink? As he looked at the big fist in front of him, Wei Xiaobao was so frightened that he couldn’t move a muscle.

The Blood Saber Elder still needed to rely on Wei Xiaobao in order to realize his dream of becoming a minister, so how could he watch him die? He blocked the fist with his Blood Saber, and Hong Antong had to retreat a few feet away when he saw the light of the saber flash and sparks flew.

“The Blood Saber Elder, this little beast insulted me too much, do you really want to help him?” Hong Antong viciously waited for the Blood Saber Elder’s reply.

“Why is Lord Hong so angry? The clouds in the sky fear no dirty water.” The Blood Saber Elder thought in his heart, ‘I have long heard about Madame Hong’s famous name. This Hong Antong is so old. Can he really satisfy Madame Hong? Maybe she just couldn’t bear the loneliness. Hey, this kid Wei Xiaobao is a bit rich in the belly, not unlike this elder. Maybe I will also go to Mystic Dragon Island for a visit someday to offer Madame Hong some food.’

Noting the Blood Saber Elder’s wretched look, and thinking of his reputation for insulting women, Hong Antong was furious, “Since your Excellency wants to give shelter to this little beast, don’t blame this old man for being rude.”

“Hey, Lord Hong, don’t forget, this kid was wanted by the Seventh Prince. If you killed him and the Seventh Prince knew. Do you realize what the consequences would be?” The Blood Saber Elder sneered.

“Huh, if this old man killed you both together, wouldn’t no one know?” Hong Antong was very angry at this moment and he already had the heart to kill.

“Good! My Blood Saber was pretty hungry.” The Blood Saber Elder smiled dryly, and lightly scratched his bald head with the Blood Saber. It was the Blood Saber Sciptures’s starting style, both offensive and defensive.

Hong Antong stopped speaking, and stretched out his palms to attack him left and right like two soft snakes.

“Cotton Bone Palm!” The Blood Saber Elder was secretly vigilant, and waved his saber to meet the attack.

After dozens of exchanges, the two separated again. The Blood Saber Elder moved his numb wrist, he knew that his opponent’s internal strength and martial arts attainments were higher than him, but he was not afraid at all. ‘If life and death battles were so simple, then everyone would directly win based on the level of their internal strength. I will fight and I will win.’  Thinking of this, the Blood Saber Elder’s fighting spirit grew stronger and stronger.

Hong Antong was also very surprised. The last time they fought was in the Golden Serpent Camp in Shandong, he thought that his opponents martial arts would be slightly worse than him. At that time, he thought that if Shangjie had not stopped him, Blood Saber Elder would definitely not be his opponent if he continued to fight. With so many moves with varied sword strikes, his opponent was really not easy to beat!

Hong Antong was, in the end, a leader of a cult. His angry emotions gradually calmed down. Moreover, in the original book, he was a talented person who could not only teach Wei Xiaobao but also could modify the “Three Heroic Strikes” for him according to his aptitude. His realm of martial arts had long surpassed ordinary masters.

When he got used to the Blood Saber Elder’s chaotic fighting style, he slowly began to gain the upper hand. After dozens of moves, he was already confident that he could take his opponent’s life, but he was worried that he would have to pay a high price, so he kept dragging on.

“Shi*t, I didn’t expect this old ghost to be so powerful, I’m afraid I’ll be killed if I continue to fight.” The Blood Saber Elder knew when to quit, so he began to think about countermeasures.

“Huh! If I can’t get this kid, don’t even think about catching him.” The Blood Saber Elder sneered coldly, and jumped out of the fight to stab Wei Xiaobao.

Hong Antong couldn’t wait to skin Wei Xiaobao alive, and wanted to take him back to Mystic Dragon Island to let the Colorful Dragon slowly torture him to death. How else could he relieve his hatred? How could he let him die so easily?

He hurriedly attacked the chest of the Blood Saber Elder, aiming to save Wei Xiaobao. But his decades of combat experience made him realize that there could be a faint, so he secretly reserved a bit of strength to guard against the Blood Saber Elder’s sudden counterattack.

He didn’t know that, what the Blood Saber Elder was waiting for was exactly this. He calculated that Hong Antong would not let him hack Wei Xiaobao to death. He also knew that the other party would definitely defend himself. Therefore, after seeing him reserve strength, his blade turned and hit the ground. He accelerated with the help of the force from the counter-shock and fled to the distance.

Hong Antong didn’t know that the other party was trying to escape with all his strength. He could only helplessly watch as the Blood Saber Elder disappeared into the wilderness. Hong Antong frowned, thinking that by letting that guy run away he would surely offend the Seventh Prince of Mongolia. Things might get a bit tricky in the future.

But then he thought of another nasty person, Hong Antong turned around and looked at Wei Xiaobao without a smile, “Little rabbit, aren’t very good at talking, now let’s talk about how I will deal with you!”

“Master Hong is a personage of utmost martial virtue, divine blessings, longevity and heavenly might. You are a person of such high stature, just treat me as a random fa*rt and let me go.” Wei Xiaobao did not expect the Blood Saber Elder to be so useless. As Hong Antong came closer, he trembled with fear, and couldn’t help backing away.

“Shaaa!” A sharp sound of something ripping through the air was heard. Hong Antong didn’t dare to delay, and hurriedly dodged on the side, hiding from the attack. But, before he could even catch his breath, his expression suddenly changed, he kicked the ground with his feet, and jumped.

Recovering the wooden sword that was shot out, Song Qingshu said with a long laugh, “Master Hong has a good memory, he remembered that this wooden sword will return to its master.”

“Oh, my dear big brother!” When Wei Xiaobao saw Song Qingshu appear, he felt like crying, and hurriedly ran behind him. He thought that his little life was finally saved.

“Weren’t you tied up in the camp?” Hong Antong’s expression was uncertain. Just now he fought against theBlood Saber Elder and consumed a lot of true qi. The martial arts techniques of the guy opposite were unpredictable and he was really difficult to deal with.

“You betrayed and injured Yuan Chengzhi pretty badly. So he let me chase you down in anger.” Song Qingshu casually said some nonsense, and thought that Yuan Chengzhi could use more enemies. It was a shame that he couldn’t kill him just now.

“Your Excellency was hit by Shangjie and this old man’s attack in the fight before. I am afraid that your recovery will be limited, in just one or two days.” Hong Antong was confident in his fists. Even if it was Wudang Sect’s Zhang Sanfeng, who was considered to be a half man and half immortal, would not fare well after being hit by his full strength. He would be half dead, if not dead. As for the other party’s light and breezy look, he was sure that Song Qingshu was probably pretending to be strong.

“Master Hong is welcome to come and try.” Song Qingshu didn’t care, and reached out his hand to make a gesture of invitation.

Hong Antong narrowed his eyes and stabbed his toes. A stone shot at Wei Xiaobao like a sharp arrow. His figure flashed without hesitation, and he attacked Song Qingshu with his palm.

Song Qingshu was startled, and secretly admired his opponent who had gone through all kinds of battles and could fight so well. He stretched out his wooden sword and performed the Taiji Swordplay. He swung his sword in a big circle and easily changed the trajectory of the pebbles, reflecting them back towards Hong Antong who was flying at extreme speed.

Hong Antong didn’t know that his opponent still had this hidden card in hand. The arrow had been shot and there was no time to escape now.

With a puff, he was hit by the small pebble on his left chest, and Hong Antong quickly flew back, raised his hand and threw a poisonous snake, taking the opportunity to flee towards the distance.

Song Qingshu pushed both palms forward and used “A Sudden Advent” from the Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palms, and destroyed the poisonous snake in the air.

“Big Brother Song, that old turtle has escaped, why don’t you chase him?” Wei Xiaobao anxiously looked into the distance. He scolded Hong Antong so harshly today. The situation was serious enough that if Hong Antong didn’t die soon he really would have trouble sleeping and eating.

“Hong Antong’s martial arts is so powerful, it’s not so easy to take his life.” Song Qingshu shook his head, but thought in his heart, ‘I am not wholeheartedly seeking refuge in the Qing court. If Hong Antong died, the Mystic Dragon Sect would definitely fall apart. Wouldn’t that be doing a free job for Kangxi?’ Song Qingshu never did this kind of hard work that would profit others.

Leaving aside Hong Antong’s affairs, Song Qingshu began to recall theTaiji Swordplay he had just performed. Song Qingshu was the chief disciple of the Wudang Sect. He had seen his uncles practicing Taiji Swordplay before. Just now, there was a flash of insight in his mind, and he accidentally performed a little bit of the Taiji Swordplay. It’s a pity that Song Qingshu remembered too little, so now he could only get a glimpse of the Taiji Swordplay.

“Big Brother Song, this time I was able to escape with my life thanks to you.  After returning to the capital, I will invite you to drink wine for three days and three nights, and invite all the most popular girls in the city to accompany you…” If you say that before Wei Xiaobao was slanderous towards Song Qingshu, now he was grateful to Song Qingshu from the bottom of his heart.

“I hope that the famous courtesans in the capital are as pretty as Miss Youyou.”

“Of course!”


The two talked happily and rushed all the way north.

“Great Monk?” After the two contacted Duo Long’s army, they saw the bald headed monk, and they couldn’t help but exclaim.

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