Chapter 75: Pretending to be drunk

Song Qingshu felt speechless for a while. According to this old eunuch, he might have been alive for hundreds of years. ‘What kind of methods of immortality do those Emperors look for everywhere, shouldn’t it be enough to find this eunuch standing next to him? Hey, do you have to cut the little bird first if you want to live for so long? What kind of emperor would he be if someone did that?’

As expected, Dongfang Bubai didn’t believe it, and snorted coldly, “I will know after I test it.” A silver needle flashed from his fingertips, and an afterimage attacked the old eunuch.

The eunuch looked very old and frail, almost at death’s door, but unexpectedly, his  movement speed was not inferior to that of Dongfang Bubai! 

The rest of the people only saw a ray of red light and a ray of blue light tangling together in the room. Song Qingshu’s expression turned a little ugly, because he couldn’t follow the moves of those two at all!

Jiumozhi was not feeling much better either, and he secretly squeezed out a cold sweat, ‘It seems that Dongfang Bubai had not tried his best in our fight just now.’

Noticing that Wei Xiaobao was flapping his big mouth and jumping up and down like a monkey, Song Qingshu couldn’t resist feeling a little amused. He raised his hand, and suddenly sucked out the silver needle in his throat.

“Holy shi*t!” Wei Xiaobao wiped the cold sweat on his forehead, “Wei Xiaobao almost became Wei Yabao.” (Goblin: Xiaobao means “small treasure”, Yabao means “mute treasure”.)

“Xiao Guizi, are you able to see how they are fighting?” Kangxi asked in shock.

“Except for a blue shadow and a red shadow, I cannot see anything clearly! And there is no sound when they move as well. Are they humans or ghosts?” Wei Xiaobao muttered softly.

Not long after that, the two of them separated quickly and stood in the room, and the old eunuch coughed, “Very good, very good. It is true that the waves behind the Yangtze River push the waves forward, and the younger generations are more capable  than the older generations.”

Song Qingshu and Kumozhi: “Fu*k!” 

“Although you claim to be the creator of the Sunflower Manual, your strength is not much higher than this seat.” Dongfang Bubai said this on the surface, but he understood very well in his heart that the opponent’s martial arts realm was still higher than his own. It was just that the eunuch was too old, causing his movement to be a little bit slower than him. Therefore, they should be evenly matched.

“Whatever you say.” The old eunuch didn’t argue, “Also, about that Dugu Qiubai you mentioned before, this old man had the privilege to encounter him in the past, and with all due respect, the three of you together will not be his opponents. “

“By the way, you don’t have to be so afraid, little Emperor. This old man has lived in the Forbidden City for a long time, and now I am dying and I don’t want to change places. In the past few years, this old man has helped you avoid many calamities, so that should be enough as the lodging fee.” The old eunuch’s voice was getting lower and lower, and his figure slowly turned into nothingness, disappearing into the shadow in the corner.

Song Qingshu suddenly realized that there were no masters in the guards of the Manchu Palace, but he had never heard of anyone entering the palace to assassinate Kangxi. ‘I am afraid that many assassins were dealt with by this old monster as soon as they entered the inner palace.’

Seeing the Sunflower Ancestor gradually disappear, Dongfang Bubai showed no other expression on his face. After a while, he said to Kangxi, “If the Emperor has nothing else for me to do, this Dongfang will take his leave for the time being.”

“I have troubled cult leader Dongfang this time.” Kangxi didn’t mind the other party’s attitude at all. “Hear me, send cult leader Dongfang back to his resting quarters.”

After Dongfang Bubai left, Kangxi ordered Wei Xiaobao to entertain Song Qingshu, and then left with Jiumozhi to have a talk.

“Big Brother Song, don’t take offense, the Emperor didn’t neglect you.” After leaving the palace, Wei Xiaobao remained silent for a few moments before finally speaking.

“Brother Wei is being polite. As the Tubo national teacher, Jiumozhi came here for the purpose of forming an alliance. Naturally, it is a matter of national importance.” Song Qingshu smiled lightly, but felt a little disappointed in his heart. In his previous life, he had only seen provincial and ministerial high-ranking officials. If Kangxi was put in the modern era, he should be at a proper core level. This time he thought that if he was recommended by Wei Xiaobao, he should be able to receive Kangxi’s attention. But, this situation was out of his expectation.

Seeing Wei Xiaobao’s scornful look, Song Qingshu secretly murmured in his heart, ‘I thought this guy would be useful, but he proved to be unreliable in the end.’

“Who cares about him?” Wei Xiaobao came over and put his arms around Song Qingshu’s shoulders, “Big Brother Song, come to my house, you are my brother, I should treat you well on this occasion.”

Thinking of the stirring culture that prevailed in his previous life, Song Qinghu’s lips twitched, and he calmly put Wei Xiaobao’s hand away, and smiled, “You said you would entertain me with the hottest girl in the capital.”

Wei Xiaobao smirked, “Next time, it’s not easy to have those girls at such a short notice.”

“Why?” Song Qingshu was puzzled and suddenly realized, “Is it because he is afraid of his lioness at home?”

“What lioness?” Wei Xiaobao’s face showed his confusion, but he could roughly guess what it meant, and couldn’t help but argue, “I’m not bragging here, but my wife is probably the best woman in the world.”

“Oh?” Song Qingshu raised his eyebrows, and he probably guessed who it was in his heart.

“Xiaobao!” Before entering the Lord’s Mansion, a petite girl rushed over and suddenly rushed into Wei Xiaobao’s arms. “I heard them say that you were captured by the assassins and was planning to leave the capital to find you. Woooo~”

“My good wife!” Wei Xiaobao also embraced the girl affectionately. After a while, he thought of Song Qingshu on the side and quickly said , “Okay, I have a guest here. This is Brother Song. During this trip, he was the one who saved your husband’s life.”

Only then did Shuang’er noticed Song Qingshu standing on the side, and quickly jumped out of Wei Xiaobao’s arms, looked at Song Qingshu with a blushing face, and bowed courteously, “I have seen Big Brother Song.”

Song Qingshu looked up, and saw her small eyebrows and lips. She looked very mild and beautiful. At this time, her pretty eyes full of tears looked even more pitiful.

As he kept staring at her, the roots of Shuang’er’s snowy neck slowly turned red with a blush. So, Song Qingshu quickly replied, “I have seen my younger brothers wife.”   

Wei Xiaobao on the side looked rather uncomfortable, and thought, ‘This Brother Song is good at everything, but the only pity is that he has the same hobbies as this Xiaobao. His face is ten times more handsome than mine, his martial arts is a hundred times better than mine, and staying beside him all the time, I, Wei Xiaobao, will seem like inferior goods.’

When the group entered the house, Song Qingshu quietly pulled Wei Xiaobao over and asked, “I heard that Brother Wei has seven beautiful and pretty wives. I don’t see where the other little sisters are?”

“Seven?” Wei Xiaobao wondered in his mind. ‘I only have two more. Fang Yi counts as one, and the little princess counts as two. So, doesn’t that make it only three?’

“Hey, I only have three wives. Except for Shuang’er, I don’t know where the other two are now,” Wei Xiaobao said excitedly, “But since Brother Song said that I have seven, it seems to be a good sign. I will definitely find four more in the future, wow hahaha~”

“You, fortunately Miss Fang and the little princess are not here, otherwise they would be sad to hear these words.” Shuang’er gave him an angry look.

“Isn’t my Shuang’er sad?” Wei Xiaobao leaned toward Shuang’er with a drooling face.

“Oh, there are still people here, I won’t bother to care about you.” After a glance at Song Qingshu, Shuang’er ran all the way into the inner hall.

“I heard Duo Long and Zhang Kangnian mentioning how virtuous your wife was. When I saw her today, Brother Wei’s blessing is really enviable.” Song Qingshu reluctantly glanced at the back of Shuang’er and smiled at Wei Xiaobao.

“No, no…” Wei Xiaobao smiled and waved his hand, but he wondered in his heart, ‘Does this little pretty boy want to woo my girls? But my Shuang’er will definitely not hook up with anyone behind my back.’

During the banquet, Wei Xiaobao and Shuang’er frequently toasted to Song Qingshu. Seeing the two couples’ affectionate appearance, Song Qingshu was in a daze, thinking that he had been in this world for so long, and he was still all alone. He was feeling so desolate and lonely.

After a glass of wine after another, Song Qingshu finally got drunk while wallowing in his sorrowing through the wine. Wei Xiaobao, who was beside him, was not much better. He had already collapsed on the chair and started talking nonsense.

“Big beauty, come and kiss one…”

“Fang Yi, you stinky lady, you hurt me again…”

“My Shuang’er is still the best…”

Shuang’er listened to his rambling from the side with anger and amusement. Then she glanced at Song Qingshu lying face down on the table. Shuang’er quickly helped Wei Xiaobao back to the bedroom. She practiced martial arts, and it didn’t take her much effort to lift a grown man.

“Shuang’er, don’t go.” Just after being put on the bed, Wei Xiaobao woke up suddenly and pulled her sleeves.

“Xiaobao, be good, Brother Song is still drunk in the hall, I have to go and tend to him.” Shuang’er put Wei Xiaobao’s hand back into the quilt, and when she saw his mouth mumble a few times, she turned around and whispered. “He’s so cute when he’s asleep” And she couldn’t help but smile.

Back in the hall, seeing Song Qingshu still lying motionless on the table, Shuang’er quickly ordered the maids beside him, “Tao Hong, Liu Lu, please help Song Brother to rest in his room.”

“Yes, Mistress!” The two little maids with hair bun bowed and ran to Song Qingshu, trying to help him up together.

But after a long time of trying, the faces of the two little maids became flushed, and they still couldn’t move Song Qingshu.

“Young mistress~”

Seeing the expressions of the two pitifully crying little girls, Shuang’er rushed over to help, “You are still young and lack energy, so there is no need to be sad.”

“Young mistress is obviously only two or three years older than us.” Tao Hong muttered with a small voice.

Shuang’er took Song Qingshu’s arm, helped him up all at once, and said triumphantly, “But I have practiced martial arts.”

Seeing the admiration in the eyes of the two girls, Shuang’er smiled and said, “You should clean up the table first, I can send Big Brother Song back to the room alone.”

“But he…” Liu Lu hesitated to speak.

Shuang’er quickly realized what she was worried about, and angrily said, “Who makes you two little girls useless? Don’t worry, he is already drunk. Besides, my martial arts is good.”

Shuang’er helped Song Qingshu to walk towards the guest  room step by step, but she didn’t know that the corner of the man’s mouth behind her head showed a faint smile.

Of course Song Qingshu did it deliberately, otherwise Tao Hong and Liu Lu would be able to move him even if they were too weak. Seeing that Shuang’er came to help him, Song Qingshu immediately put all his body weight on her shoulders.

Smelling the faint fragrance from her hair bun, and feeling the petite and exquisite body wrapped under her thin dress, Song Qingshu felt his mouth suddenly become a little dry.

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