Chapter 76: Dominating the wulin

Along the way, Song Qingshu deliberately or unintentionally rubbed her body with his body. In order to avoid being discovered by the other party he acted like it was all the actions of a drunkard. Every time his body touched her, the feeling made Song Qingshu feel that he seemed to have returned to the scene of his first love in his previous life.

A woman’s sensitivity quickly made Shuang’er aware, but smelling the strong scent of wine coming from his body, she thought that it was all subconscious action after being drunk, so her small face blushed red and she started to walk faster and faster.

Finally arrived at the guest room, Shuang’er just put Song Qingshu flat on the bed, but the other party suddenly stretched out his hands to hold her tightly in his arms.

Shuang’er became furious, and was about to attack, only to hear Song Qingshu mutter to himself, “Miss Youyou, your Little Song have been very good, don’t go, stay with me…”

“It turns out that he regarded me as the woman who accompanied him while drinking wine in the brothel…” As her thoughts wandered, she suddenly blushed, and felt his hand actually started to wander around her body.

“Puff puff puff!” Shuang’er stretched out her fingers and tapped a few major acupuncture points on his chest, then she took the opportunity to jump off the bed, bitterly looked back at Song Qingshu on the bed, and bit her teeth, “A man is easily broken when he drinks.” After speaking, she blushed and quickly ran out of the room.

Feeling that the other party’s presence was far away, Song Qingshu on the bed opened his eyes, put his hand on the tip of his nose, took a deep breath, and noticed the fragrance of a woman.  Song Qingshu, who had always regarded the characters in this world as intelligent NPCs, felt at a loss. With such a real feel, and that unique womanly fragrance, was this world really a game? But it felt too real.


The next day, the imperial decree came from the imperial palace, and it announced that Wei Xiaobao and Song Qingshu would have to enter the palace for an audience. 

Before leaving, when Shuang’er helped Wei Xiaobao organize his official uniform, she couldn’t help but secretly glance at Song Qingshu with some alertness. But, seeing his expression was calm as usual, she was secretly relieved, thinking that last night was indeed a misunderstanding.

Song Qingshu was of course very aware of this little action from Shuang’er, and with a wry smile, he thought in his heart, ‘Although there were some evil intentions behind my actions last night, a large part of the reason was that I was indeed feeling a little melancholic in recent days. It doesn’t matter if a virgin can hold back for more than twenty years, but for a man who has drunk blood and eaten meat, enduring for even twenty days will be a bit difficult. When I think about the last time I met Zhou Zhiruo, it seems that a long time has passed…’

“Emperor, do you want to clean up the wulin under the domain of the Qing Dynasty?” Wei Xiaobao’s startled cry suddenly pulled Song Qingshu back to reality.

“Exactly!” Kangxi said with a stern face, “Nowadays, there are still many martial arts factions in the wulin, who are openly and secretly opposed to my Qing Court. For example, the reason why all the battles against Yuan Chengzhi’s Golden Serpent Camp has repeatedly ended in failure is because the entire people Shandong wulin are their eyes and ears; and Xiaobao, you were chased and attacked brazenly by a group of people on your mission this time as well, it is really outrageous!”

“Yes, this group of people from wulin will fight and kill all day long. They refuse to accept the imperial edicts. It is indeed time to rectify.” Wei Xiaobao remembered the embarrassment when he had been chased and attacked before. If they wanted to clear the weed, they would have to get rid of its roots first.

“But it will be harder to stop people from talking. Such suppression by use of force will probably cause a strong backlash.” Song Qingshu wondered how could Kangxi make such a crude move? So he decided to give a little advice and see if he could leave a good impression in Kangxi’s heart, which might be of great help to his future plots.

“Master Song’s words are not unreasonable, but we have decided that we will not discuss this matter anymore.” He realized that his tone may have been a bit blunt, and continued, “Yes, we think that the way we handled yesterday’s matter was too rushed. You saved my Qing envoy, and indirectly thwarted the conspiracy of Mongolia and Shandong rebels. This achievement is not small. We would like to know what reward you want?”

Song Qingshu was speechless for a while, ‘Why does every person with high status love to ask this kind of question? What if I want this whole country, do you dare to give it?’ He had no choice but to act modest and said, “The matter of saving Brother Wei was purely a coincidence, and I can’t take any rewards for it.”

“Emperor, brother Song…Master Song has saved the life of this official from the assailants several times, and his martial arts is really strong…” Wei Xiaobao was grateful to Song Qingshu for his life-saving grace, and spared no effort to say nice things to help him.

Yesterday, he also saw the fight between him and Dongfang Bubai. Although… his performance was a little embarrassing, Kangxi could also feel that Song Qingshu’s martial arts was indeed very high. With a change of heart, he already had an idea, “Song Qingshu, hear me!”

Song Qingshu knew that he should kneel to take orders in this situation, but as a modern person, he was very unaccustomed to kneeling to others. Noticing that Wei Xiaobao kept winking at him, he couldn’t help but show a look of embarrassment.

Kangxi felt a little displeased, but thinking of these chaotic times and the people competing for power, any wise monarch will have to recruit all kinds of talents at all costs. Anyway, a little etiquette was not a big deal. So he smiled and said, “Xiaobao, you don’t have to be so concerned. Master Song is used to living free in the wulin, and it’s okay of him to be not used to the rules of the palace, so let him stand.”

Song Qingshu glanced at Kangxi in amazement, thinking that he was indeed an Emperor worthy of being famous throughout the ages. He had achieved such a mindset at a young age.

“Song Qingshu is strong in martial arts, loyal to his monarch and the country… I specially designate Song Qingshu as a First-class Imperial Guard, and he doesn’t need to kneel to any officials…”


Even after he walked out of the Forbidden City, Song Qingshu was still in a trance.

As if he knew what he was thinking, Wei Xiaobao came over with a smile and explained, “Big Brother Song, don’t underestimate this position of First-class Guard, this is an official title of the third rank! You suddenly became a third-rank official from a civilian, you can’t imagine how many people would be jealous. If it weren’t for the chaotic state of the present world, I’m afraid the emperor would not grant such a great gift.”

“What kind of guards is Zhang Kangnian?” Song Qingshu asked curiously, wishing for his rank to be better than those two flatterers. Otherwise, this First-class Guard position would be nothing but garbage.

Wei Xiaobao smiled, “Big Brother Song, I know what you are thinking, don’t worry, they are just the lowest Third-class guards among the Imperial Guards. With their skills, they don’t even have the possibility of becoming second-class guards in this life.”

“Haha~” The two looked at each other and smiled, showing a knowing smile…


“Xiaobao, this time your mission is so dangerous, I will also go with you.” Shuang’er demanded to come along while looking at Wei Xiaobao.

“Shuang’er, my good wife, this time I will not only be accompanied by three thousand Cavalry Soldiers, but also the imperial guards led by Duo Long, as well as masters like Brother Song and Maha Cakra Vajra. How can there be any danger.” Wei Xiaobao was quite serious about this. You must know that it was strictly forbidden to take female family members in the army camp, and it would also hinder certain matters of men.

“Since the Lady Shuang’er cares about Lord Wei so much, why not let her pretend to be a soldier at your side?” Zhang Kangnian on the side didn’t understand his thoughts, and Duo Long and others echoed in agreement.

Song Qingshu on the side smiled silently, but in his heart he wondered, ‘This time I have to go south to clean up the martial arts factions of wulin. I am afraid it will give me quite a bad reputation. Fortunately, Kangxi appointed me only as Wei Xiaobao’s deputy.’

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