Chapter 76: Dessert II (part 1)

It was a situation that couldn’t be easily figured out. 

I looked at the dessert Shael hadn’t devoured yet and asked, “By any chance, have I done something wrong?”

“…?” Shael tilted her head. 

In other words, I didn’t do anything wrong.

Still, I had no choice but to ask her again. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to find out the reason why Shael wasn’t eating my dessert.

“Is it because I asked you to remove the Ring of Mutual Restriction?”

Shael just slightly frowned upon hearing about the Ring of Mutual Restriction, but that was all she did.

So the matter with the Ring of Mutual Restriction wasn’t the cause either. 

However, Shael suddenly asked back, “Why are you asking me to remove the Ring of Mutual Restriction?”

“Wouldn’t it be inconvenient in certain situations?”

I couldn’t just tell her the truth, so I made an excuse. It also meat that I wanted to talk to people of the opposite gender.

However, that excuse didn’t work for Shael. In my opinion, it wasn’t even a very good excuse in the first place.

“You want to…flirt.” Shael said with a cold expression. Her face flushed red, as if she thought of me as some kind of playboy.

I quickly spoke up before Shael’s face turned red enough to explode, “No!”

“Don’t lie!” Shael continued to glare at me. 

It was a cold gaze I hadn’t seen in a long time. So I needed a way to cool her anger.

Before Shael could interrogate me further, I picked up a cookie, which was her second favorite dessert after cupcakes. Then I reached out to Shael, intending to feed her the cookie.

“I won’t eat it.”

“Your dear fiance’s arm is starting to hurt.”

Shael looked at the cookie. It was the same old cookie that she didn’t eat. But that wasn’t important, the important thing was that I was the one feeding it to her.

Shael sighed as if she couldn’t help it and came closer to me. As usual, Shael bit the cookie I gave her and ate it. After she was finished, Shael calmly,  paused as if she was waiting for something.

“What are you doing?”


Shael looked at me with an annoyed expression, then she patted her own chest with her hand.

It meant that she wanted me to hug her.

I understood the meaning right away, but I pretended to be confused and asked, “I don’t know what you mean.”

“…hug me.”

It was the first time I heard Shael’s straightforward remarks. 

Therefore, I gently hugged her, just as Shael asked.

She did something very brave, and it was my own way of complimenting her.

Shael buried her face in my arms. At the same time, I heard her faint voice, “You will always be mine.”

It was a sudden and earnest expression of her feelings. Her voice, was nothing like a woman who was once called a villainess.

I think I had conveyed my won feelings several times before, but it always turned out like this. 

I couldn’t stop Shael from worrying.

Of course, I also understood that Shael’s worry was because of her love for me.

If Shael was feeling insecure in her heart, then it was my responsibility to erase her anxiety. Thinking about that, I said to her, “Of course I will. Except for Shael Azbel, I have never hugged anyone.”

And, I will continue to do so.

I hugged Shael even more tightly, to express my feelings through my action.

“Of course. It should be like that.” Shael’s grumbled with a bright red face.

It was something incredibly cute!

After a while, Shael returned to her seat.

I originally wanted to continue the matter about the Blessing Meeting, and wanted to convince her to remove the Ring of Mutual Restriction, but…I was sure to be scolded by Shael if I spoke about that again.

Anyways, I would worry about that later. First of all, I wanted to find out about Shael’s condition.

I already confirmed that Shael wasn’t fed up with my cookies.

So I had a question—why wasn’t she eating them?

I was worried that Shael might be suffering from some health issues.

“Are you sick?”

“I don’t feel sick.”

Shael answered as if it were natural, but I didn’t believe her words. Because Shael didn’t care whether her body was sick or not.

Therefore, I approached Shael. This time, I didn’t hug her, instead I carefully observed her body. Then I backed away and remarked, “…is it because you’ve gained weight?”


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    1. This. He’s being secretive for no reason at all. Even his need to communicate with Clie makes no sense when she’s clearly the enemy.

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