Chapter 75: Dessert I (part 2)

I remember that we were supposed to attend the Blessing Meeting in the past as well. It was before I turned the table on Shael, and she still had a bad personality.

Unsurprisingly, the Shael at that time had ignored the event. So this time, she probably wouldn’t want to go as well.

“So, I will be attending the Blessing Meeting by myself.”

If I did that, then maybe I would be able to meet Clie. 

Although I didn’t know if I would be able to meet the Mage Tower Lord and the Crown Prince.

Anyways, it wasn’t just them. I might even be able to meet people who were friends with Clie, whom I don’t even know. Because Clie, who was a conniving little bit*h, would’ve made friends with many people.

Moreover, it was an event that Shael hated quite openly. So the members of the Blessing Society must be quite dissatisfied with her as well, and they might join hands with Cile to conspire against us. 

They would do it knowing full well that we were the descendants the two dukes. 

It was because they were a group mentally abnormal people. It would be more appropriate to call them fanatics rather than believers. In addition, Clie herself had an insane amount of holy power due to the bracelet of holy power. So she must have made friends with many of their believers.

I didn’t know what those believers could do. Even if they didn’t have much power, I needed to be careful.

They might be able to harm us from a blindspot.

Therefore, I had to prepare.

First of all, I had to meet Clie before the situation escalated even further.

If, by any chance, a battle breaks out, I’d be able to protect myself at the very least.

However, it would be another matter if Shael went with me. It was natural for Shael, who had recently learned magic, to be overconfident, and do something careless. So, I would have to be extra careful.

I waited for Shael’s response while pondering on that fact. 

She swallowed the cookie with an annoyed expression and opened her mouth, “It doesn’t matter.”

“Didn’t you hate the Blessing Meeting? So you don’t have to go.”

“Then you can’t go either.” Shael said while eating another dessert. 

And I immediately answered, “I have something to do there, so I have to go.”

“What is it?”

I couldn’t give a reply. No matter how much I thought about it, there was no valid excuse I could give her.

While the silence continued, Shael suddenly spoke up, “Then I will go too.”

She raised her eyes as if expressing her firm intention. Even her mouth, which was busy eating dessert, had stopped. 

I nodded my head, and reluctantly agreed, “I understand.”

It was because I could see her firm will to go to the Blessing Meeting, which I wouldn’t be able to change no matter what I said or did.

And so, I decided to stop worrying for now, and let her comfortably eat the desserts.

I could continue the conversation once she finished eating the desserts.

But then something even more ridiculous happened.

“I ate it all.”

“Did you say you ate everything?”

I gave her the desserts not too long ago, but…now she’s saying that she ate it all!

‘That’s virtually impossible!’

I quickly looked at the table to check if that really was the case, and…


Deserts were still there. She hadn’t even eaten all of the cupcakes that she loved so much.

Even though she ate a little, it was far from being finished. Most of the desserts had remained untouched.

Also, Shael would never leave so much desserts for my share.

‘Is she really full right now?’

I didn’t think so. Rather, I bet she was still hungry. 

In the first place, she would have eaten all of the dessert even if she was full. 

I wondered if I had heard it wrong, so I asked Shael, “There are still many desserts left.”

“Yes, what about that?”

“There are also desserts that you haven’t touched.”

Shael nodded her head. 

So she intentionally didn’t eat them!


Actually, it wasn’t a big deal for a noble lady to leave dessert. However, it would be a whole another matter if that noble lady was Shael. 

Because Shael really liked my dessert.

“Are you angry?”

‘Is she protesting?’ 

Did she refuse to eat the desserts because I said that I would attend the Blessing Meeting alone?

Maybe it was because of what happened with Rayel Tarden?

‘That’s probably not the case.’

There was no way Shael would refuse to eat the desserts just because of that. She even agreed to go to the Blessing Meeting with me.

Shael answered my question, “I’m not angry.”


I carefully looked at Shael’s face. 

She did have an awkward expression, even so, she didn’t look angry.

It wasn’t that the desserts were tasteless either.

The person in question was none other than Shael, who was devouring the desserts until just a moment ago. 

Furthermore, it seemed like she wanted to want to eat the desserts even now.

‘Then what is it?’

I began to worry.

It’s not that she’s angry, and she’s still hungry, also she didn’t dislike the desserts as well.

I was unable to understand Shael’s inner thoughts. 

It was the first time I had come across such a difficult situation.

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