Chapter 75: Dessert I (part 1)

Rayel Tarden turned her head to Shael’s voice.

“What did you call me just now?”

“Old woma…”

Before Shael could finish her words, I hurriedly approached her, grabbed a cookie and shoved it in her mouth.

And Shael continued to munch on the cookie as she stopped talking.

It was quite an embarrassing situation.

Duke Jespen had already talked about Rayel Tarden’s eccentric personality in detail.

And during this encounter, I also got a good idea about her personality. So I shouldn’t let Shael fight with her.

As they belonged to the Azbel bloodline, both Shael and Rayel Tarden had an excessively eccentric personality. It I let thing continue like that, Rayel may not necessarily come to hate Shael, but she may end up playing a lot of pranks on her.

So I wanted to prevent their conflict.

Unaware of the seriousness of the situation, Shael spoke with a strange pronunciation while chewing on the cookie, “Hmmnn…mdelmnishious…” (Translation: Hmmm…delicious!)


She seemed to have forgotten about her earlier anger thanks to the cookie.

Then, I turned my head and talk to Rayel Tarden.


And, I couldn’t speak!

I immediately figured out the reason why.

Ring of Mutual Restriction was humming and trembling each time I attempted to speak.

It was Shael’s doing. She made it impossible for me to talk to another woman using the Ring of Mutual Restriction.

“What is it?”

It only allowed me to speak with Shael. 

And, she spoke to me with a smile, “What is it? It’s a punishment.”

“Whatever you are thinking, it’s all a misunderstanding.”

It was Rayel Tarden who wanted to see the Ring of Mutual Restriction. 

So, I turned to Rayel Tarden to confirm that fact…and I sighed.


Because she had already disappeared. She left me to deal with the situation alone.

Clearing my thoughts about Rayel Tarden, I spoke to Shael, “But isn’t this too much?”

I couldn’t even have a single conversation with someone of the opposite sex. It’s not like I really wanted to, but I definitely needed to talk to the opposite sex for many other important matters.

The Blessing Meeting would be held soon, and Clie would be present at that place.

She was one of the reasons I wanted to go to the Blessing Meeting. Once there, I had to have a serious talk with Clie. If I left her as it was, I wouldn’t know how things would go.

Therefore, this situation was very inconvenient for me. So I earnestly asked Shael, “Let’s take off the Ring of Mutual Restriction for now, please.”

“I hate it.”

Of course she would hate it. Because in Shael’s eyes, I now looked like a playboy. 

So, I needed a conciliatory plan to convince Shael. I had to use the thing she loved to death!

“I’ll get you some desserts.”

Now, she would definitely agree to my request.


My expectations were wrong…as Shael resolutely shook her head, and glared at me. 

‘It seems that I am more important than the desserts.’

Although that fact was good…but it didn’t make the situation any better.

The Blessing Meeting would be held soon, and I couldn’t go to the Blessing Meeting in my current state.

Somehow, I had to take off the Ring of Mutual Restriction

This time, I decided to threaten Shael.

“Then I will use the Ring of Mutual Restriction as well.”

And, it would prevent Shael from talking to other men.

However, it was useless.

“Sure, go ahead.”


From the start, Shael didn’t talk to men other than her father.

I was amazed at Shael’s limited human relationship once again.

“Let’s go to the room for now.”

“I understand.”

For now, I followed Shael. 

For the rest of the time, I would have to somehow find a way to get the Ring of Mutual Restriction off.

* * *

Shael’s room. 

We sat facing each other. 

And, there were many desserts on the table.

It was just like any other day—I would talk with Shael, and she would eat the desserts I made.

However, the pressure I felt from Shael was different from usual.

“Please eat.”

I said while handing a cookie to Shael. 

Today, I made quite a lot of desserts.

Even Shael, who usually devoured all of my desserts, should be surprised at the amount.

Because today, I needed to ease her mood.

I had to take off the Ring of Mutual Restriction in order to address the issues at the Blessing Meeting.

With that in mind, I said to Shael who was eating the cookie, “Do you know that the Blessing Meeting will be held soon?”

“Yes, what about that?”

“I remember that you were very reluctant to attend the Blessing Meeting.” I continued.

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  1. Don’t know why he keeps trying to talk to Clie. It won’t change anything. Wish he’d stop trying to reason with her despite all the wrong she has done. Handle things on his own initiative, who cares what she’s doing when she’s clearly an enemy. So foolish.

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