Chapter 74: Suspicions (part 2)

“Then what’s the problem?” I looked at her with a questioning gaze.

“The rumors about Shael weren’t good in the first place.”

“That’s true…”

Shael was the villainess. So of course the rumors about her were bad. 

No matter how socially awkward she was, she must have attended a tea party where numerous young ladies gathered at least once. And, considering her original personality, she couldn’t have been well liked by the young noble ladies present at those parties.

It was something I could understand just by thinking about what happened in the banquet hall of the Mage Tower. 

Rayel Tarden remarked, “I did some research before coming to the Azbel family. The movements of various aristocratic families are suspicious.”

Clie, the heroine, had a wide network of people, so she must have something to do with that.

Rayel’s words continued, “It seems that the Mage Tower and the Imperial Family are gradually cutting off communication with the Azbel family.”

It was obvious what that was for. 

I frowned as I listened to her words.

“The Azbel family’s magical power and prestige has become so great that it’s being considered a threat. If that’s the case then…”

We should be safe for now. But that probably wouldn’t last long.

If you make too many powerful enemies, things were bound to turn for the worse. It didn’t matter even if the Azbel family and the Baslett family were powerful ducal families.

In addition, the Mage Tower Lord and the Crown Prince would only become stronger with time, and they were destined to hold mighty power in their hands.

Furthermore, they were, according to Clie herself, both mentally ill.

Clie herself was the heroine of this world. She was quick-witted and made friends with many influential aristocrats.

What’s more, she could’ve seduced many other men besides the Mage Tower Lord and the Crown Prince.

Breaking the bracelet didn’t end the fight. Now, it was the time to deal with Clie’s connections.

After waiting for me to finish my thoughts, Rayel suggested, “So, it would be better not to go to the scheduled Blessing Meeting and the Imperial Festival.”

“No, I have to go.”

It won’t change anything if we avoid it. 

First, I need to meet Clie.

If we don’t go to the Blessing Meeting and the Imperial Festival, I might lose those cheat-like items that could change the flow of the confrontation. That’s why I shouldn’t avoid it.

As if my firm will was conveyed, Rayel Tarden, who had been watching me silently, opened her mouth.

“You’re quite brave…”

She nodded her head in agreement, but then she suddenly shook her head and asked, “But why are you two so shy with each other even when you’ve been engaged for such a long time?”

It seemed that Shael and I, who had just confirmed out feelings, didn’t meet Rayel Tarden’s standards when it came to intimacy.

I personally thought that her standards were way too high.

“Tsk…” Rayel clicked her tongue and pulled out something from her magic pouch.

It was a bottle of some kind of potion.

“Why don’t you take this and use it?”

“What does it do?”

“It’s no fun if I tell you that.”

“Then I won’t accept it.”

The potion looked quite suspicious at first glance, so of course I refused. 

But Rayel used her magic, and the potion appeared in my pocket before I knew it!

As I raised my hand to take out the potion, I heard Rayel’s voice. 

“Wait. Isn’t that the Ring of Mutual Restriction? Why do you have such a precious thing?”

In spite of my refusal, Rayel Tarden approached me.

I didn’t worry that she would take it, since I can’t take off the ring without Shael’s permission anyway. If I hastily tried to remove the ring, Shael might make me unable to talk to women forever.

In fact, it was already like that now…

But sometimes Shael gave me freedom to speak. That’s why I was able to talk to Rayel Tarden just now.

“Let me see.”

Her eyes narrowed, as she began to check the ring I was wearing.

‘She is indeed the blood of the Azbel family.’ 

The words of Duke Jespen come to my mind. 

[My sister has a peculiar personality and she can be quite playful.]

Agreeing with that statement in my mind, I decided to push her away.

However, I heard someone’s voice next to me.

“What are you doing!?”

The voice belonged to Shael. 

And, I felt the atmosphere turn cold. 

What Shael was looking at, was Rayel Tarden holding my hand.

She was definitely misunderstanding something. 

In fact, Rayel Tarden was already married, and considering her age, there was no chance that there’d be something between us, but…

However, Rayel Tarden had played quite a lot of pranks since she had arrived, and Shael, who tended to be dense in such situations, would surely misunderstand.

In my opinion, Shael might also be feeling jealous.

Then I heard Shael say, “…go away old woman!”

Now, that was some inappropriate words to say to your own aunt. 

After that Shael hugged me.


I couldn’t help but sigh.

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