Chapter 74: Suspicions (part 1)

I was pretty sure this woman was Rayel Tarden. She was exactly as Duke Jespen had described.

She had a lively tone for a middle-aged woman.

Shael must have noticed that she was Rayel Tarden as well, but she still spoke with an aggressive expression on her face.

“Who are you, why are you here?”

“Who am I? I am your aunt, my dear cute niece.”

“I don’t remember having an aunt.” Shael answered with a frown on her face. 

I tried to stop Shael in case a fight would break out, but I couldn’t, because Shael stopped me by shoving a cookie into my mouth.

Fortunately, Rayel Tarden didn’t lose her smile despite Shael’s aggressive behavior, and said, “You say that you never had an aunt. But as far as I remember, you used to follow me around as a baby?”

It was true. Duke Jespen had already told us about that.

He said that when Shael was young, she and Rayel used to stay together all the time.

But Shael said as if she wasn’t convinced. “I don’t remember.”

“I feel sad. I also changed your diapers…”

Shael looked at me and hurriedly shook her head.

Even if she didn’t, I knew that the statement was false.

It was because Shael belonged to a family mages which had developed various kinds of magic, including the cleaning magic. So there was no way the Azbel family would use diapers.

Also, there was no way Rayel Tarden, who wasn’t even a maid, would change diapers for her niece.

Rayel Tarden, who seemed to have finished speaking, suddenly reached out her hand, and grabbed a cupcake I made for Shael.

“Looks delicious.”


Of course, Shael would react aggressively. Because she was someone who loved my dessert to death.

In particular, the cupcakes Rayel was holding were also the type of dessert that Shael particularly liked a lot.

Despite Shael’s reaction, Rayel Tarden took a bite of the cupcake.


Then she looked at the cupcakes disapprovingly. 

The reason was quite obvious.

For Shael’s health, I didn’t add any sweet ingredients to those are desserts at all. So even a five-year-old would know that dessert without sugar wouldn’t be delicious.

“What kind of cupcake tastes like this? There is no sugar at all.”

“Yes. It doesn’t taste good.”

Shael continued to eat the dessert even after saying that to Rayel Tarden. 

Of course, that was a lie.

‘If it’s tasteless, then don’t eat it.’ Shael’s lie had such a hidden meaning. 

It was a cute lie.

Seeing Shael enjoying my dessert, Rayel Tarden opened her mouth.

“Well, it suddenly looks delicious as well.”


At the same time, she picked up and ate the cookie that Shael had reached her hand to eat.

Then she frowned at the tasteless cookie, and said, “It’s indeed delicious, so I should eat it all.”

I had already heard from Duke Jespen that Rayel Tarden could be quite playful.

Looking at it now, it was indeed a correct assessment. 

Facing such a situation I let out an involuntary sigh.

Shael’s body trembled and she opened her mouth to say, “They’re mine!”

After that, she did something that made me sigh even more.


Shael put all the cookies into her mouth with an amazing speed.

I wonder just how she managed to do such a thing!



Rayel made an absurd expression as she looked at Shael, who was absorbed in eating all the dessert.

“No, how could you eat those tasteless things…”

“Nomn, day armn thasti.” [Translation: No, they are tasty.]

Shael, who had a whole cookie in her mouth, spoke with a strange pronunciation.

It must have been quite painful to shove in that many cookies all at once, but Shael’s expression looked quite happy.

As Shael acted like that, Rayel Tarden asked in a cold sweat, “Did you have breakfast yet?”

“I just finished eating.”

“So you were not starving…”

After muttering that, Rayel looked at the dessert placed in front of Shael.

Then Rayel moved the desserts to the corner of the table using her magic.

It meant that the time for dessert was over. It was now time to talk.

“For now, we’ll talk about the rumors floating around in the Empire later…”


“I am very curious about your relationship. Have you two kissed yet?”

Shael frowned at the question, but stayed silent. However, her expression was enough to answer Rayel’s question. Because Shael’s face was red, signifying that— ‘We haven’t kissed yet…’

Rayel Tarden understood Shael’s meaning right away.

“So you haven’t tried it yet.”


After that, Rayel Tarden began a barrage of questions.

And, Shael’s face stayed red the whole time.

* * *

While I was talking to Rayel Tarden, I suddenly heard a soft breathing sound from Shael.

It seemed that at some point, Shael had fallen asleep.

She did look particularly tired today, but… I didn’t know why. 

She should have slept enough. 

‘Could it be that she secretly did something all night?’

Anyway, it was a good opportunity. 

It was a good chance to hear all the rumors about Shael that were circulating beyond the Empire. 

If I had asked Duke Jespen, he would be worried about Shael and me, and he would’ve hidden the rumors and tried to solve them alone.

When I asked her about the rumors, Rayel Tarden opened her mouth, “There are several bad rumors going around about Shael.”

“I was roughly expecting that.”

“Yeah, but the rumors aren’t the problem.”

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