Chapter 76: Dessert II (part 2)

Shael’s expression hardened as if she was slightly surprised. Then she quickly shook her head. 

I was suspicious at first, but after seeing her strong reaction, I became even more convinced.

Shael opened her mouth as if to make an excuse, “I don’t have any belly fat. I’m so slim!”

“Is that so?”

First of all, it was true that Shael was slim. To the point that it made me worry.

Still, having belly fat was another thing. No matter how skinny she was, having a bit of belly fat was normal. 

After all, she was not some kind of skeleton.

However, I didn’t bother to tell that to Shael, and approached her. Then I reached out my hand towards Shael’s stomach, where I was able to feel a very little bit of belly fat.

Shael immediately blushed, but not me. Rather, I wanted to let out a sigh.

No matter how you look at it, Shael’s body was way too thin.

I wanted to make her ear the desserts right away, but…before that, I spoke to Shael in a playful tone.

“What is this cute belly fat?”


Shael face turned even more red, as she tried to make excuses by opening and closing her mouth, but she couldn’t because of the shame. Then she hurriedly rose from her chair, and said. “I…I’ll drink some water.”

In the end, she chose to run away. 

That much was clear, considering that the drinking water was already on the table.

It was a blatant lie no one would believe. However, pretending to fall for Shael’s sloppy lie, I simply nodded my head.


Shael quickly escaped from the room. 

I couldn’t stop myself from laughing at her cute gestures. Then I turned my head towards the dessert Shael had left for me.


Suddenly, something interesting caught my eye. 

It was a piece of paper lying on the chair where Shael was sitting just before.

It was a familiar piece of paper. It was the paper that served as a kind of script, on which Shael wrote down the questions she wanted to ask me.

I wanted to read the paper again, so I lifted the paper carefully so as not to tear it.


What I saw was Shael and my handwriting.

[What is your favorite thing?]

[Shael Azbel.]

It was something that made me feel ashamed no matter how many times I read it. I took a slow breath and looked at another question.

[What kind of food do you like?]

What was my answer to this question? I thought back to the memory in my head.

‘What kind of food do you like?’

‘I like cheesecake.’

That’s what I had answered. When I lowered my head again, I saw Shael’s handwriting clearly indicating that fact.


Unknowingly, a smile appeared at the corner of my mouth. It was as if Shael couldn’t contain her feelings while writing the fact, so she added an exclamation mark at the end. 

‘Was she that happy from knowing about my favorite food?’

As I though about it, I couldn’t lower the corner of my mouth that had previously gone up, and I had no choice but to put the paper down with a smile.


Shael came into the room again, with the same hurried, and quick steps. It was clear that she was worried that I might have seen the paper.

Meanwhile, pretended not to know anything and kept my expression clam, turning my head towards the dessert Shael didn’t eat.

It was hard to understand why Shael was so keen on not eating these desserts, but…it would be a waste to just throw them away, so I decided to finish them myself.



I suddenly noticed something even more interesting.

‘What kind of food do you like?’

‘I like cheesecake.’

And, among the desserts Shael didn’t touch…was a cheesecake.

It was something Shael left for me!

It was only then that I realized why she didn’t eat these desserts.

‘Then, what about other things besides the cheesecake?’

I was able to understand the reason without thinking too deeply. 

Shael was ridiculously shy when it came to expressing her affection. And, if she only left the cheesecake for me on purpose, it would seem too obvious. So, she wanted to hide it.

That was how Shael usually did things.

Anyways, I reached out for the fork and ate some of the cheesecake. 

The cheesecake melted in my mouth, minus the sweetness, which I avoided for Shael’s health. 

So of course, it was tasteless.

“Do you like it?”

It was a cheesecake without any sweetness. Even so, it made me smile.

“It’s delicious.”

The taste of the cheesecake was indeed very delicious.

It was because Shael’s affection felt sweeter than the bland cheesecake.

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