Chapter 77: Thoughts (part 1)

The day of the Blessing Meeting. 

I was walking through the so called “Holy Land” with Shael. It was the place where the Blessing Meeting was being held.

While I was in anguish about what awaited me at the Blessing Meeting, I heard Shael’s voice, “What are you walking so slow?”

“Oh, I had something on my mind for a moment.”

“Don’t think of anything else.”

Come to think of it, I could feel the subtle changes in my relationship with Shael even while having a walk.

Originally, Shael used to just ignore me and walked ahead. 

But not anymore. Now, Shael and I were walking together.

If I slowed down even by a little bit, Shael slowed down as well. If I walked fast, Shael also matched my pace.

That alone made me feel good and laugh out loud.

“Why are you laughing like that? Are you stupid?”

“We should look around the souvenir shop of the Holy Land.” I diverted her attention to another thing before her word got more rude. 

My diversion was successful, as Shael really moved towards the souvenir shop. 

I also followed her into the souvenir shop.

Inside, various kinds of items were on display.

After looking at the items for a while, Shael pointed to one of the books.

“That book looks quite interesting.”

It was a book with a title that made me doubt my eyes. 

‘What the…is it really okay for them to sell things like this in a place like the Holy Land?’

“I want to buy it.”

I couldn’t stop Shael from directly buying the book.

“Why are you buying something like that?”

“It’s a secret~”

Shael was clearly teasing me. And, that gave me goosebumps. Because I felt there was a high possibility that the contents of the book would be applied on me in the future.

After that, Shael continued to look at other things.

“Oh…a button equipped with magic to detect lies.”

“It may not be that accurate.”

There really was a kind of magic that could detect lies. Still, like all cheat-like magic, it required a lot of mana. So, there was no way you could perfectly emulate such a powerful magic with a button. 

But Shael didn’t listen to me and still bought the button.


Then she turned her head to look at more strange things. 

“Oh look! If you make a wish every night, it is said that the cross will make your wish come true.”

I tried to recommend a normal thing to Shael.

“Hmmm, I should buy it.” Shael smiled as if she was satisfied. 

Finally, I left the souvenir shop with Shael.

“Come on, hurry up.”


Now it was time to go to the cathedral where the Blessing Meeting would be held.


After walking for a while, we reached our destination.

It was a massive building with a grand atmosphere. 

It was so huge that I couldn’t even see the entirely of it at a glance!

It was the cathedral where the Blessing Meeting of the Holy Land was being held.

Overwhelmed by the atmosphere, Shael and I entered the cathedral.

“We must stay together.” I said to Shael once again. 

The Blessing Meeting of the Holy Land was a sacred ceremony, and the qualifications for attending it were quite peculiar.

You couldn’t just attend it because you were rich, powerful, or an aristocrat of the Empire. 

You could participate only if you were invited to the event, and the standard for that invitation was young age. So that’s why only Shael and I were able to come to the Blessing Meeting.

Shael opened her mouth in reply, “Of course.”

Then she gently grabbed my arm. 

It was really cute and it helped me relax my tense nerves, however, someone suddenly approached us and started talking to me. 

“Are you Eran Baslett from the Baslett family?”

The man was a believer belonging to the Holy Land, and judging by his clothes, he had a fairly high status in the Holy Land.

I could feel the obvious lack of respect in his tone, as well as the coldness in his gaze.

Anyways, I nodded, and the man gestured with his chin, again without a shred of politeness. 

It meant that he wanted me to follow him.

It seemed as if he didn’t care about the aristocratic status of the Empire, and he expressed his views very openly, and arrogantly.

For now, I decided to agree, since I didn’t want to cause a scene from the very beginning.

Also, Shael had ignored all the previous invitations for the Blessing Meeting in the past, so I had already expected that something like this would happen.

However, Shael didn’t think the same.

“Did all the believers in the Holy Land have lack of manners?”


Perhaps the man didn’t expect some to say such a thing so blatantly, the expression on his face hardened.

And, it wasn’t just him. 

From the moment we entered the cathedral, many people’s eyes were set on us.

Anyways, I had to quickly stop Shael.

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