Chapter 77: Thoughts (part 2)

“Shael.” I spoke up.


Fortunately, Shael nodded in response and stopped talking. 

It wasn’t perfect, but I successfully passed the first crisis of the day.

As I followed the man in silence, we saw a tower built with white bricks. 

The man pointed at the tower and said, “This is the Tower of Good Deeds. It will show your faith towards the benevolent god.”

It was something that I hadn’t seen before at the Blessing Meeting. Well, it was probably due to the fact that I didn’t really get to come this far in the past.

The man gestured.

Understanding the meaning, I put my hand on the tower and it began to hum and tremble. After that, there was no other change. 

The man was surprised and remarked, “I didn’t know you had such a strong faith!”

Unlike before, he was using a polite tone.

As expected of a fanatic, faith was everything to them.

This time, Shael stretched out her hand toward the tower.



The pure white tower was suddenly stained dark! 

Well, it was only natural, considering that Shael didn’t believe in god at all.

After the color of the tower changed, I felt the attention of the other believers concentrate on us.

Among them, I saw a few even frowning.

They were openly showing their disapproval towards Shael.

In the Empire, a high status could be used a strong shield.

Not in the Holy Land.

I judged that it would be better for us to leave this place. So I grabbed Shael’s hand and prepared to leave.

However, someone hurried up to the man who was guiding us.

“Jack! A commotion is happening in front of the cathedral.”

“What did you say?”

“Someone is making a fuss while claiming that he is the lord of the Mage Tower of the Empire.”

Now that was surprising news!

‘The Mage Tower Lord. He’s at the entrance of the cathedral?’

If so, I couldn’t rule out the possibility that Clie and the Crown Prince were also present at the Blessing Meeting.

I calmed my breath while closing the distance with Shael even more. I had to prepare myself for anything.

The man, who had been conversing for a while, turned to us and said.

“I’m sorry. It seems that I have to take care of something urgent. I will make sure that another believer can guide you.”

“It’s alright, we are not in a hurry, so you can just take your time to deal with the urgent matter.”

I replied, as I also needed some time to discuss some matters with Shael. 

Ever since Shael dyed the tower dark, the eyes of many believers were fixed on her.

And, their eyes were filled with a look of disgust.

Although Shael didn’t care that much about the opinions of others, it must be bothering her…she must be hurting.

So I wanted to console Shael in order to make her feel better.

As soon as the believers left us alone, I asked her, “Are you okay?”

“Eh…what is it?” Shael tilted her head. 

I didn’t know what Shael was thinking, but still, one thing was certain—I felt sorrow for Shael.

The only thing she did was refuse to participate in the previous Blessing Meetings, but she never really caused any harm the believers. She hadn’t done anything wrong enough to deserve all the cold gazes.

I glared at the believers so that they would no longer send hateful glances at Shael, and then I hugged her.

This hug served a completely different purpose than the usual, as I only wanted to protect her.

“Wha…there are people around us!”

“So what? We are already engaged.”


Shael only grumbled in response, so I asked once again, “Are you really okay?”

Just before, when that believer was acting discourteous towards me, Shael seemed more offended than me, and she even confronted them for it. But this time she was calmly accepting all the rude behavior aimed towards herself.

I mean, contrary to how she usually acted, Shael was quite soft-hearted, so she might be hurting inside, while hiding her pain.


“I really don’t mind.”

Before I could say anything in response, Shael spoke up again, “Just…”

Her face, which had turned red in shame, became even more red.

Yet her words were the exact opposite.

“…just hug me more.”

It was something that was completely out of my expectations.

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