Chapter 78: Misunderstanding (part 1)

Inside the huge cathedral. 

Thousands of believers could be seen worshiping with their hands clasped together. 

Of course, not everyone was the same. There were also others who were not believers—like me and Shael. 

Thanks to what happened just before, I was currently enjoying the feeling of my cute fiance in my embrace.

“I’m bored.” Shael muttered. 

It was only natural for her to feel that way considering that we have been praying for over half an hour already. And, from my experience with the previous Blessing Meetings, we would probably have to spend a much longer time here. 

Still, we had to persevere. 

Countless believers had gathered in this place and they were engrossed in prayer, so we wouldn’t be able to leave our seats even if we wanted to.

Therefore, I whispered in Shael’s ear, “For now, focus on the prayer.”


Then I closed my eyes and engrossed myself into the prayer. That way, Shael would have no one to talk to, and she would have no choice but to do the same.

After some time passed, I checked on Shael by slightly opening my eyes.


I found Shael staring at me from a very close distance. She wasn’t praying herself, and she was observing the way I was praying.

I was almost startled, but I managed to hold it in. 

It wasn’t long before Shael also put her hands together.

Finally, Shael had made up her mind to join the prayer.

I couldn’t help but laugh at the cute gesture.

However, less than a minute later, Shael’s eyebrows started to quiver.

It was a signal that Shael had reached her limit.

I guess it couldn’t be helped.

And so, in the cathedral where everyone else was praying, I continued to hug Shael.

* * *

Our accommodation provided by the Holy Land.

They called it accommodation, but they were nothing but several high class inn that the organizers had prepared for the occasion.

The two of us were spending time at one such inn.

I did a thorough investigation, and it turned out to be a very secure accommodation.

I wanted to keep Shael safe during the event, so I brought a lot of protective magic tools from the Azbel family. 

Once I was done setting them up, I judged that I could now leave Shael alone. It would be best for us stay together, but…the person I wanted to meet was the Mage Tower Lord. So, it would be better for me to do it alone.

“Shael, I’m going to buy some ingredients for preparing desserts.”

“I want to go too…”

“I will be back as quickly as possible. Aren’t you hungry? It will be quicker if I go alone.”

Still, Shael frowned and looked at me with suspicion.

Fortunately, I had one more excuse to convince Shael.

“The Ring of Mutual Restriction is also active. So the things you are worried about won’t happen.”

“Ah, I see.” Shael nodded her head. 

The Ring of Mutual Restriction, which I thought would only be a disadvantage, was now useful to reassure Shael.

I let out a sigh of relief and left the room. Then, I started running as far as I could.

Soon, I reached the huge cathedral. It was the place where the Blessing Meeting was being held. The place was quite enormous, and it won’t be easy to find the Mage Tower Lord. So, I approached one of the believers and started talking to them.

I began the conversation with simple religious chatter, but soon I was able to lead the conversation towards the whereabouts of the Mage Tower Lord.

“Is the Mage Tower Lord here by any chance?”

“Hmm…the Mage Tower Lord? Perhaps he is in the reception room. It’s that big door over there.”

Fortunately, I was able to find out the whereabouts of the Mage Tower Lord without much suspicion.

‘Is this here?’

I approached the door the believer pointed to with utmost caution.


However, someone suddenly opened the door and came out with an angry expression. 

It was none other than the Mage Tower Lord! 

At the moment, he looked quite angry and the only thing that could make the Mage Tower Lord so angry would have to be something related to Clie.

The Mage Tower Lord stopped to look around and spotted me. Then before I knew it, he rushed straight over to me.

“Eran Baslett.”

“Nice to meet you. Aren Jaygers.”

The Mage Tower Lord was speaking impolitely to the son of a duke, and the son of a duke was speaking politely to the Mage Tower Lord.

It was a funny situation, but at the moment, I didn’t want to aggravate the Mage Tower Lord. So, I didn’t show any discomfort towards his rude behavior.

I thought that the guy would continue to act rude towards me, but the Mage Tower Lord spoke to me in a surprisingly modest manner.

“The Baslett family is a family of famous swordsmen. So, it should be normal for you to have a panacea as an heirloom, right?”

‘A panacea?’

There was nothing of the sort back at the Baslett Estate. In the first place, the Baslett family was quite poor compared to other ducal house.

“We have none. Can you tell me what you’re aiming for?”

Far from getting angry at my question, the Mage Tower Lord made a sad face. So, I felt a little more confident to say, “It must have something to do with that woman I saw you with in the past, right?”

“You…” The Mage Tower Lord frowned in irritation.

“Maybe I can provide some help.” I pushed the conversation forward.


The guy still refused to speak, so I continued, “I don’t have any ulterior motives. I just want to become acquainted with the Lord of the Mage Tower, it will benefit me as a noble in the future.”

I had to show that I was interested in him rather than Clie.

The Mage Tower Lord could do anything when it came to Clie. And, he was in a situation where he is asking for help. So at the moment, I had the initiative.

The Mage Tower Lord frowned, and finally, after a moment of thought, he opened his mouth,

“There is a disease that Clie is suffering from. It is a disease that I can’t cure no matter how hard I try.”

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