Chapter 78: Misunderstanding (part 2)

The Mage Tower Lord seemed devastated, as if he was the one suffering from the illness, and continued,

“She was taking medicine and increasing the amount bit by bit. But…”


“Recently, she seems to have been neglecting her medications.”

As expected, after obtaining the Bracelet of Holy Power, Clie was slowly decreasing the amount of medicine she was taking. What’s more, she was also getting the medicine through me as well.

“In addition, recently she was bitten and injured by a vile beast. So the symptoms of the disease got worse and worse.”

Now, that was unexpected…Clie’s illness seems to have gotten worse than I had expected. 

Anyways, for now, I shook off my thoughts and focused on the Mage Tower Lord.

“If I let it continue like that, she will suffer from a high fever sooner or later.” The Mage Tower Lord was just absentmindedly muttered to himself.

High fever, the last symptom of blood clotting disease. In that case, even after the upcoming Imperial Festival was over, Clie should be able to hold on for a few more days.

It meant that I couldn’t relax just yet.

Such was the nature of a dramatic romance fantasy novel.

It wouldn’t be strange at all if another cure suddenly appeared other than the earrings. And of course, Clie would know the information about it one way or another

Anyway, I was able to get a lot of information.

“Clie suffers from a blood clotting disease. By any chance, if the Barslett family have any information about the disease, pass it on.”

“Okay. If I find anything that can help, I will send someone to inform you.”

I nodded and replied to the Mage Tower Lord, whose words seemed more like an order than a request. 

Now then, it was about time I went back to Shael.

* * *

[Shael’s POV]

As Shael entered their accommodation with Eran, she was still unable to shake off her thoughts from a while ago.

After some time, Eran suddenly said, “Shael, I’m going to buy some ingredients for preparing desserts.”

Of course, Shael suggested that they should go out together.

However, Eran made all kinds of excuses and left the room by himself.

‘It looks suspicious.’ Shael thought in her head.

Eran was wearing the Ring of Mutual Restriction, so he wouldn’t be able to talk to someone from the opposite gender.

Even so, Shael couldn’t erase her anxiety. 

Eran’s actions seemed quite hurried. So it was obvious that Shael would choose to follow him.

Shael kept her eyes on Eran, who suddenly started to run. His speed was too fast for someone who just wanted to go buy some ingredients for dessert.

‘I was right to follow him…’ Shael was became sure of her choice.

However, Eran sped up to the point where Shael couldn’t even keep up, and eventually, she lost him.

‘Wait, don’t I have that tracking magic?’

In the past, in the Pleorin Territory’s fireworks festival, she had enchanted Eran’s necklace with a tracking spell.

Thanks to that, she was able to keep following Eran.

And, once she found him, Eran was having a conversation with Aren Jaygers, the Mage Tower Lord.

Somehow raising her senses using magic, Shael began to eavesdrop on their conversation.

First, she heard Eran’s words, “It must have something to do with that woman I saw you with in the past, right?”

‘A woman? If it’s a woman who stays with the Mage Tower Lord, then…’

Sheal knew her as well. It could only be that woman named Clie.

Next, Shael focused on the words of the Mage Tower Lord.

“There is a disease that Clie is suffering from. It is a disease that I can’t cure no matter how hard I try.”

At the same time, Eran’s serious face caught Shael’s eyes. At the words of the Mage Tower Lord, Eran frowned even more. It looked as if he was in deep worry. It seemed that he cared about the well-being of that woman named Clie.


‘Come to think of it, before Eran came to the Blessing Meeting, he tried his best to remove the Ring of Mutual Restriction, something that would prevent him from conversing with the opposite gender…’

A feeling of uneasiness surrounded Shael’s heart.

But recently, Eran and Shael’s relationship had gotten a fresh start. They were living a happy life each and every day.

Even so…Eran had kept a strange distance from Shael. He had been like that ever since he woke up from the coma.

Even when Shael gave him a huge chance, Eran refused to kiss her. 

In fact, Eran just wanted to cherish his relationship with Shael, but there was no way that Shael, who was ignorant of such matters, would understand that.

Above all, Eran has always had many secrets. 

From being secretly in contact with that woman, to the time that woman was following them…Eran never gave Shael an accurate explanation.

Yes, Eran did draw his sword against the woman. 

But Shael knew it well, that it was probably something he did to fool her.

“No, probably not.”

Unbeknownst to Shael herself, she was talking to herself like an idiot.

Then she bit her lips and listened closely to the conversation so as not to miss anything.

“Clie suffers from a blood clotting disease.”


It was the sound of the cross Shael had bought at the souvenir shop in the Holy Land falling out of her pocket.

It was something that was supposed to make a wish come true, and Shael had made a wish to spend her time with Eran forever.

However, when the clear sound of the cross resounded, a certain memory popped into Shael’s mind.

It was a memory about a medicine Eran had kept in his magic pouch. 

Because of that, she even misunderstood that Eran was terminally ill. Fortunately, Eran didn’t contract that disease.


At the time, Shael was overjoyed at the fact that Eran would continue to live and didn’t ask why he had been carrying that medicine. 

Now that she thought about it again, it was indeed quite suspicious…considering that it was the medicine for the same blood clotting disease!

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