Chapter 79: Wonderful wife (part 1)

After talking with the Mage Tower Lord, I quickly went back to Shael. 

On the way, I also bought the ingredients for the desserts in order to avoid any suspicions.

As soon as I entered the room, I was greeted by Shael’s voice.

“You’re late. Did you really go out to buy ingredients?”

It seemed like she had been waiting for me for a long time, as she gave me a sharp stare, with eyes full of suspicion. 

I didn’t know why, but her words gave me goosebumps!

“I stopped to have some talk with the Mage Tower Lord.”

That’s why, I told the truth. Even though I couldn’t tell her the contents of my conversation with the Mage Tower Lord, I didn’t really want to lie to her about anything.

“…is that so.” Shael nodded her head in response.

‘She’s not asking what happened?’

It was quite unexpected. If it was the usual Shael, it wouldn’t have been strange for her to ask questions about what happened with the Mage Tower Lord. 

Anyways, I halted my thoughts for now. Because Shael had suddenly held out her hand.

“Please come here.”

More accurately, her hand was reaching out for the bag full of ingredients for the desserts. 

I handed the bag to Shael, thinking that she just wanted to see what I had bought, but she didn’t even look at what was inside.

“…what is it?”

“Follow me.”

Unexpectedly, Shael headed to the kitchen attached to the room. As a duke’s daughter, she must have never had to put on an apron, but she put on the apron with the air of an expert.

However, contrary to her skillful actions, the apron was turned inside out. She even adjusted her hair, which was tied in two pigtails, to one ponytail.

Then she spoke to me with a serious expression, “Cut the vegetables.”

“Are we not making the desserts?”

Shael nodded her head. 

An unexpected answer, but I also felt the firmness in Shael’s expression. So I took grabbed some vegetables, and began to cut them without any further questions.

Now that I think about it…aren’t the roles reversed?

Originally, I should’ve been the one to cook, and Shael would have just “helped”. It was the norm, because Shael was not good at cooking at all.

Of course, this “attempt” from Shael was quite admirable, so I didn’t bother pointing that out.

Trying to cook would be a good experience for Shael as well.

I swiftly pealed and diced the vegetables and handed them over to Shael, who then plopped them all into the stew she was apparently “cooking”.

Soon, I was able to feel the spicy scent wafting over from the stew. 

They were all from the various spices that were placed all around Shael.

‘I don’t think she put the spices in proper amount.’

As I was thinking about it, Shael, who had been glancing at me from time to time, handed me a bowl of “stew” she had “cooked” along with a spoon.

“Try it.”

Usually, Shael would’ve felt embarrassed to do such a thing.

And currently, she was blushing as well. Nevertheless, it was quite unexpected that she was offering me to have a tasting without feeling embarrassed.


Shael made a cute sound as if she was telling me to open my mouth. 

And, I unconsciously took the spoonful of “stew” in my mouth and ate it.

“How is it”

“I think you added a bit too much spice.”

I thought that Shael would immediately proclaim that her cooking was the best and would ignore my opinion.

However, Shael immediately added water to her stew.

And, I couldn’t help but stare at Shael’s changed behavior with wide open eyes. 

After that, Shael asked me for my opinion a few more times.

A few questions and a few answers later, Shael’s cooking gradually came to an end.

It wasn’t long before the mysterious “stew” was completed.

To be honest, it didn’t look that appetizing, and it was the same for the taste.

“Try it.”

“I understand.”

I ate a spoonful of the spicy-looking stew. It was obvious that it would be tasteless, so I was going to swallow it as soon as I put it in my mouth.

But I didn’t…because the stew tasted a lot better than I thought!

After taking another spoonful of the stew, I looked at Shael.


Shael was frozen and silent. 

At the moment, she seemed quite anxious, as if was worried about the result.

She wanted to ask if the food was good, but then she looked down at the stew as if she wasn’t confident. It wasn’t how Shael would usually act at all. 

It was hard for me to watch her suffer like that, so I said, “It’s very tasty.”


I immediately nodded to assure her. It was for the sake of lifting Shael’s mood, but also because the food  really was delicious.

“To the extent that I want to eat it for the rest of my life.”

Usually, such a compliment would’ve been enough to make Shael blush. 

But this time, she didn’t.

She just looked at me as if she was lost in thought.

‘What’s wrong?’

I didn’t know. I even complimented her for how delicious the food was.

I tried to think differently, ‘Is my praise the problem?’

That could be true as well, because Shael had a unique way of thinking.

“I’m speechless.”

So I remarked without much thought, and after that, I added in a hurry.

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