Chapter 79: Wonderful wife (part 2)

“It was so delicious that I was speechless.”

I had to put extra emphasis of on the word ‘delicious’, since Shael was shrinking up as if she were a cute little animal.


“Really delicious!” I remarked again.

It was only then did she stop that devastatingly cute gesture. I felt like an idiot for not noticing it earlier.

And so, I continued to eat in silence.


Suddenly, Shael took a deep breath, it seemed as if she wanted to say something, but couldn’t. She seemed to be struggling with her emotions, her gaze fixed on me.

“What is it?” I asked, encouraging her to speak.

Shael’s voice slightly trembled, and she cryptically spoke up,, “You’re eating well…”.


After that, she nodded to herself as if she had accomplished something difficult.

‘You’re eating well? Is that some kind of compliment?’

I didn’t quite understand what she meant, but looking at Shael’s blushing face, I became convinced. 

You’re eating well—it was the only compliment that Shael could give me despite feeling ashamed.

Anyways, it seemed that Shael has been acting strange since a while ago. So I looked at Shael with a questioning gaze.

Shael looked back at me as well, and the corners of her mouth raised up unnaturally.

It was a familiar situation—similar to the time when Shael gave me some cookies.

At that time, Shael had also looked at me and raised the corner of her mouth in the same way

The only difference was that, back then, she was glaring at me, and now she must be trying to smile.

Indeed, things were quite different now.

I shifted my gaze away, avoiding eye contact with Shael. The situation felt awkward, and Shael’s sudden change in demeanor left me perplexed.

And, I didn’t even have time to think about the reason, because Shael suddenly handed me something without any warning

“What is it? I’m eating…”

“It’s for you…” Shael said, giving me a considerable sum of money, enough to cover my expenses for several months. The amount reflected the wealth of her family, the Azbels.

I needed time to comprehend the situation, but Shael didn’t give me a chance to process it. 

“I can even provide you with pocket money…” She said, her tone determined.

She’ll provide me the money. Did that mean that I should receive pocket money and use it?

“If I practice cooking some more, I can make it even more delicious.” Shael earnestly explained as if she persuading me.

I listened in silence, trying to grasp Shael’s intentions. It was evident that something was bothering her, and we needed to have a conversation once she had calmed down.

The food Shael had prepared disappeared quickly. 

She pointed at the empty bowl and asked, “Was it enough?”

“It was enough…” I responded.

Suddenly, her lack of confidence vanished, as Shael proudly stood up, her posture impeccable, and said, 

“Then, wouldn’t I make a great wife?”

‘Where did that come from?’ I was taken aback by her unexpected words, chuckling in response. Then  I noticed her apron, which was still inside out, and decided to tease her.

“Hmm, then you should start with the apron…” I said while looking at the apron.


Shael hurriedly fixed her upside-down apron. 

Well, she was done cooking, so shouldn’t she be taking it off instead?

Anyway, I could tell that Shael was still nervous. Even the apron she had fixed was in a state where the strings were tied in a strange way.

I didn’t point it out. Instead, I got up from my seat to fix Shael’s apron.

“You can’t even wear an apron properly.” I teased, trying to lighten the mood.


As I fixed the laces that were not properly tied, I noticed Shael’s expression change. She seemed to be struggling with her emotions, her eyes reflecting unknown feelings.

Then, she smiled, it was the same smile she showed when she would find something to get back at me. But this time the feeling behind it was decidedly different.

“You too.” Shael said that, and at the same time, she stretched out her hand toward my chest.

I looked down, and noticed an improperly tied tie. It seemed that I was in so much hurry that I didn’t even notice the state of my tie.

Shael continued to fix my tie with her unskillful movements.

Despite being a young noblewoman, she found such a simple tasks challenging.  Yet, her careful gestures moved my heart.

“This should be enough…” Then she confidently muttered, her voice laced with unspoken emotions.

“You are a wonderful wife.”

I didn’t know why I suddenly said that…but, I thought I was right.

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  1. Why tf is Mc making her so anxious for no reason… There’s no explained reason why he can’t explain that chlie is a super powerful badguy, that he is planning on negotiating with

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