Chapter 80: Letter (part 1)

After Shael straightened my tie, I sat down. 

Only then did Shael feel the shame and her face blushed.

‘Why is she behaving like this so suddenly?’

Of course, it felt good that Shael was being so considerate of me, and the food Shael made for me was very delicious. But, I still felt worried. 

In fact, Shael started to act like this right after I met the Mage Tower Lord.

‘Did she follow me?’

I didn’t know, and it wasn’t like my conversation with the Mage Tower Lord was something strange in the first place. 

Also, I had moved really fast, so there was no way Shael could’ve kept up with me.

I tried to think more, but…I had no choice but to erase my thoughts at Shael’s next words.

“I love you…” Shael said with a trembling voice. 

After saying that, she looked at me as if she was waiting for my answer.

It was very sudden, but I also responded, “I love you too.”


Shael took a deep breath to calm herself down. She then fired back her words as if she wanted to compete with me, “…I love you more.” 

After she was done, she looked at me proudly. Then she lowered her head again, averting her gaze.

The atmosphere turned somewhat awkward. 

I wanted to give a reply, but before I could say anything, Shael opened her mouth first, “I love you even more!”


I was stunned at the outburst, not knowing what to say. 

Noticing my reaction, Shael finally realized what she had done, and lowered her head in shame.

And, the awkward atmosphere continued…

Shael turned her head to look at the mountain in the distance with a blushing face, and I appreciated her cute reaction.

In the end, it was Shael who stood up first.

“…let’s go for a walk.”


We were done with all the events of the Blessing Meeting that we were supposed to attend for the day. And I wanted to spend some time together at out accommodation, but if Shael wanted to go out, I had no intention to refuse.

And so, here I was, following Shael, who was walking ahead of me. Then, she suddenly stopped, gave a cute cough, and looked at me.

“What is it?” I asked, but received no answer.

Then, suddenly, I felt a warmth in my hand. 

Shael, who was usually quite shy, had held my hand on her won initiative.

I also respond by doing the same.

Soon after, Shael trembled and hurriedly walked while holding my hand so as not to show her blushing face.

And, we both turned silent.  

Shael, who seemed to have found a suitable conversation topic, opened her mouth to ask, “What is that tree in the middle of the cathedral?”

As she said, there was a huge tree inside the cathedral, its branches stretching towards the ceiling.

It was just like any other ordinary tree, with the only difference being that there were small paper notes hanging from its branches.

I had already seen the tree before, so I explained,

“I heard that the tree came from the seed given by the Holy Lord. There is also a legend that if you write down your wish on a piece of paper and hang it up on its branch, your wish will come true.”

“Do you believe that? It sounds quite childish…”

Contrary to what she said, Shael was giving the tree an interested look. She seemed quite eager to write a wish on a paper and hang it on the tree right away.

“Would you like to try it?”

Shael immediately nodded her head. 

After taking a piece of paper that was placed in front of the tree, I gave it to Shael.

I myself didn’t really want to do it, since I had done it alone when I came to the tree without Shael.

After Shael was done with writing her wish, we approached the huge tree. It was so huge that Shael gasped in surprise.

“Where do I attach it?”

Countless pieces of paper were already attached to its numerous branches. So we would have to find a place to attach it somehow.

“Put it on the highest place.” Shael said as she handed me the paper.

Of course, she wouldn’t be satisfied with just any place, it had to be the highest one!


“…ah, and you can’t peak at my wish.” Shael hurriedly added.

‘It’s annoying, but…’

I still wanted to do it. I, who had done it before, also hung my paper on the highest branch of the tree using my magic.

And so, I received Shael’s paper, and put on the highest branch of the tree.

I was curious about the contents of the paper, but I managed to control myself since Shael was watching me like a hawk.

“Hmm..let’s go.”

After confirming that I had hung the paper, Shael began to hurriedly walked away. 

It was very sudden, but I couldn’t help but smile since she was still holding on to my hand, and asked Shael, 

“What is it?”

“I don’t know.”

The reason Shael was doing this was obvious. It was clear that she had placed an embarrassing wish on the tree.

“What did you wish for?”

“Don’t ask.”

“Actually, I’ve already checked.”


I felt Shael tightening her grip on my hand, so I had no choice but to spit out the truth right away.

“It was a joke!”

After glaring at me once, Shael suddenly reaches out and pointed at something with her hand.

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