Chapter 80: Letter (part 2)

It was a solution for Shael, who didn’t want to think about the wish anymore.

The cathedral, expansive enough to rival a town in size, housed various structures within, and the one Shael indicated was particularly notable—a magnificent edifice, its purpose remained elusive due to the unique architectural style of the Holy Land.


We went in without saying anything. Perhaps it would be correct to say that I was dragged in, as if were being pulled by an unseen force.

The interior was illuminated by a chandelier hanging from the ceiling, casting light even in the absence of occupants. Rows of Hyaan flowers, symbolizing the Holy Land, adorned the space, accompanied by numerous seats and blue candles, setting an ambient atmosphere.

‘A wedding hall.’

I mused to myself, captivated by its beauty. Thanks to the Blessing Meeting, the hall appeared deserted, allowing us to explore undisturbed.

Upon inspecting the hall, my attention turned to Shael, who still engrossed in her emotions. Without even intending to vocalize my thoughts, I found myself saying, “I like this place.”

“I agree.”

Shael replied, seemingly caught off guard. Her subconscious response mirrored my own, and as realization dawned, she gritted her teeth.

I thought that if I gave her some time, she would calm down, but strangely, as time passed, Shael’s face became more red.

“You didn’t…” She muttered, her voice barely audible.

“What is it?” I inquired, sensing her discomfort as I drew nearer. 

Shael attempted to shield herself by crossing her arms, “The wish.”


“You didn’t read it…” She began, her words trailing off, then she averted her gaze, resembling a delicate creature in her agitation.

‘Why is she suddenly acting like that?’ 

I wanted to ask, but…if I did, it seemed that it would agitate Shael even more, so I decided against it. 

Instead, I continued to hold Shael’s hand, as we ventured onward.

* * *

We returned to our accommodation provided by the Holy Land. 

I wanted to walk more, but it was impossible. I was worried about Shael’s blushing face after seeing the wedding hall. So I wanted to let her get some rest. 

Once Shael settled on the couch, my plan was to prepare dessert for her.

So now was the time for Shael to be very happy. 

As expected, Shael glanced in my direction, expecting dessert. Her eyes looked like they were asking me to bring dessert right away.

Knock! Knock!

However, Shael’s anticipated happiness was interrupted by a knock at the door. 

Leaving Shael to sigh in disappointment, I answered the door.


Before me stood the butler of the Baslett family, bearing a weighty box. 

“Young Lord, I came as you said.” He announced.

Having tasked him before the Blessing Meeting, I acknowledged his efforts and dismissed him. 

Duke Ezran, my father, had been absent from the house to take care of some responsibilities. Therefore, I now had to take care of the administrative side of things in the territory.

Despite wanting an undisturbed time with Shael, her propensity for sleep allowed me to address paperwork while she rested. 

When Shael inquired about the matter, I had explain my nighttime activities.

Meanwhile, the butler was done with unpacking the documents from the box—starting with all sorts of papers, and piles of letters that were sent to the Baslett family.

“Good job. You may leave.” I asked the butler to return, and found Shael rummaging through the box.

“What are you doing?”

“Let me help you.”

“It’s okay, you don’t have to.” I assured, but Shael’s attention was already fixed on a stack of letters. Among them, an unusually ornate letter caught her eye—a missive clearly intended for more personal matters.

Recognizing the nature of the letter, I inwardly sighed. 

Though engaged to Shael, the status of the Baslett family attracted unwanted attention. These letters, presumably from noble ladies seeking a connection, posed a potential threat to our relationship.

“Make an excuse…” Shael said, with cold eyes, her demeanor markedly different from moments ago when she blushed and avoided my gaze.

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