Chapter 81: Reply (part 1)

A moment of silence prevailed. However, Shael’s intense gaze disrupted the peace in the atmosphere.

To appease her, I quickly offered excuses, “I belong to a ducal house, so I often receive random letters targeting my status.”

“I am also of the duke’s blood, but I have never received such a letter before.” Shael retorted.

‘Of course you didn’t!’

Rumors about Shael’s bad personality were well known across the land, and Duke Jespen, her doting father, would have prevented such a letter from ever reaching her. 

Anyways, this was a crisis. Though unintended, the situation threatened to displease Shael.

“Go to your room and do your work.” She instructed, handing me the box of documents. 

And, it seemed that she had already taken away all the letters.

In an attempt to escape Shael’s disapproving gaze, I accepted the box and retreated to my room, sighing. Although I avoided the immediate situation, I was uncertain how to ease Shael’s anger.

‘Why are there so many documents?’

The upcoming Imperial Festival piled up paperwork in the box, a volume that even Duke Ezran would find overwhelming.

As I flipped through the documents, the sound of fluttering papers from across the room indicated Shael was examining all the letter.


Then, I heard the sound of the letters being torn, which repeated for a while until eventually stopping.

Only then could I focus on the documents. Noteworthy among them was information about the Kingdom of Perin next to the Empire, particularly a document about the Baslett family’s villa.

‘I’d like to go there with Shael for a vacation in the future.’

Considering Shael’s inexperience, strengthening our relationship seemed opportune. It was a silver lining in an otherwise challenging situation.

Knock! Knock!

As I envisioned my future trip with Shael, a loud, seemingly angry knock interrupted my thoughts. It was clear who was on the other side.

I calmly walked towards the door, but before I could, Shael opened the door and entered.

Unable to suppress a laugh, I questioned, “Did you want something?”

“Nope.” Shael smiled and handed me a reduced box of letters, “I didn’t touch the important letters, so please read them all.”



Before I could respond, she closed the door with a moderate force that carried a hint of playful anger. I looked at the box Shael gave me, anticipating a challenging day due to the already numerous documents.

Observing the accumulating letters, it became clear the task wouldn’t be completed in a single day. And here I was yearning to spend time with Shael after finishing work promptly.

Setting aside those thoughts, I picked up a letter.

[Anabtieune Vazerasleinaim]

The sender’s name, Vazerasleinaim, was unfamiliar. I had memorized most of the noble family names of importance, but this one was unusually long.

No, why is the name so long in the first place?

Puzzled, I read the letter.

[There is a rumor going around the social sphere. Rumors about Eran Baslett’s dirty character. They say men who cheat are not popular. Rumor has it that Young Lord is a cheater, is that true?]

Insults aimed at me were scattered throughout the poorly formatted letter with no indication of the recipient.

Upon seeing the introduction, I immediately recognized the true sender– Shael.

Even with an attempt to blur the handwriting intentionally, I couldn’t be deceived. The contents revealed Shael as the sender.

After scrutinizing the letter Shael had diligently written, I turned my attention to another letter.

This one was entirely different.

[Anielaine Abrezvelaintrumpet.]

Recognizing the sender, I couldn’t help but laugh. Apparently, Shael has lost her naming sense.

Suppressing laughter, I read the content.

[I am Anielaine, who runs a clothes shop.]

As expected, the letter deviated from proper format, portraying the sender as a clothes shop owner.

[Young Lord, I watched the sweet meeting between Young Lady Shael and Young Lord. It made me want to give my all for the love of the two of you. That’s why, as an excellent wedding dress craftsman, I want to try making a wedding dress for Young Lady Shael. I wrote a letter asking for this.

Would you be kind enough to tell us when your marriage with Young Lady Shael will be held?]

A letter inquiring about marriage, expressing a desire to craft a wedding dress without any prior formal arrangements. Again, it was evident that the true sender was Shael.

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