Chapter 8: Investigation (part 3)

[Dinua’s POV]

Returning to her room, Dinua looked down at her hands. 

She could still feel the warmth from the handshake.

It was something she hadn’t felt in a long time.

“Kukuk~” Dinua giggled as she clenched her hand.

‘A friend…’

She had no friends. 

It wasn’t that she lacked a family, it wasn’t that she didn’t have a strong summon, it also wasn’t that she didn’t have enough grades. The problem was her own meek personality. 

If her family had been a bit poor, there was a possibility that someone would’ve made her their subordinate.

However, she was the daughter of Count Erebus, who was the closest rank to a marquis.

‘Hehehe, a friend…’

Dinua couldn’t send letters to her family due her nature. Moreover, because she didn’t have friends, she couldn’t even speak with anyone in her class. 

And so, Dinua had been spending her days in solitude for over a year.

As a result, she suffered from a significant lack of affection.

‘He is a junior, but also a friend…’

Ian Clark.

The fact that a first year cadet was in the library at that time was something very questionable. It didn’t adhere to common sense that a first year cadet would even come to the library at the beginning of the year.

‘Could it be…

Dinua didn’t believe that he was interested in someone like her. Also, she was the one who spoke to him first. 

In the first place, didn’t he talk to her without even looking at her appearance or asking about her family?

The reason he spoke to her was only an expression of his kindness.

‘Ian Clark.’

The name was deeply engraved in her mind. 

Dinua hugged her pillow and rolled around on the bed, recalling what had happened today.

In her head, she was already imaging a happy life surrounded by their grandchildren.


[Ian’s POV]

I made friends with the woman who was supposed to become a boss, and I headed out of the library to my room. 

As soon as I got to the room, I found a pen and paper.

‘Soul stones can be found from the noble families…’

No matter how small the Clark family was, they probably had a few soul stones in their warehouse. Apparently, the people in this world just left the soul stones in the warehouse, since they didn’t know how to use them.

‘There must be some…’ I hoped as I wrote my name after writing the request to send the soul stone. 

But there was one huge problem.

‘My family, where is it?’

I could write down the names of the sender and the receiver, but I didn’t know the address.

I mean, I couldn’t be blamed for not knowing it. 

From the moment I first opened my eyes, I was already in the academy dormitory, and the memory of my body was not perfect enough to recall everything.

I remembered some bits and pieces of the information about my past, but it didn’t include the address of my home. 

‘Well… let’s just go to the post office and see what happens!’

With that in mind, I took the letter and headed to the post office. 

And… I got into a fight with the post office worker.

“Do you want me to send it to the Clark Estate?”

“So, what is the address?”

“It’s the estate of Baron Clark, don’t you know?”

“A Baron…haaahhh… Cadet, I’m sorry, but please give me the correct address.” 

I got rejected.

I mean it was only natural.

Even if it was me, I would get confused if a baron’s son suddenly asked you to tell him where his estate was.

Especially considering that there must be dozens of barons, counts, marquis, and dukes in the Empire.

As I was looking at the map on the wall to find out where my family was located, someone stabbed me in the shoulder from behind.

“Ian? What are you doing here?”


The protagonist smiled as she looked at me. 

I scratched my cheek and told her the truth.

“Well… so, you don’t know where your estate is?”

“Uh.” I replied with a dejected expression.

“Things like that happen, too! I also didn’t know where I lived until I came out of our territory!”

She insisted, and quickly found the Clark territory on the map.

Although not recorded on the map, she said that she personally knew about Baron Clark.

“That’s great… Noah, how did you know about it?”


“How did you know where Baron Clark’s territory was?”

“Oh, that’s just… by chance…”

And so, I found the location of my family. So lucky!

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