Chapter 8: Investigation (part 2)

Dinua Erebus.

A traitor to mankind who manipulated monsters in a costume that was so lewd that she came to be called “Eroboss” by the players.

The Demon Summoner and Corps Commander, Dinua Erebus.

‘Did she already betray humanity?’

There was not much information about her past in the game. It just said that she used to be a cadet at the Canopus Academy, then at some point she betrayed humanity and joined the demons.

It was unknown when she betrayed us.

‘Well, there is a way to find out.’

Then I realized something, and carefully pointed to her ribbon.

“Senior… did you buy that ribbon yourself?”

Dinua raised her hand to tough the ribbon.

“Ah, yes… yes.”

“It’s really pretty, and why are you speaking so formally? Please speak with ease.”

“Is that so…?”

Even so, she was still uncomfortable while talking to me. Anyways, I took the chance to spy on the back of her hand. There was a white pattern painted on it.

The summoning ceremony was like a miracle from the gods, so if someone joined the side of the demons, the pattern on their hand would be dyed black.

Fortunately, it looked like she hadn’t betrayed us yet.

“What are you doing here at this hour?”

“Oh, I like to read books… yes. I was reading a book…”

“Aren’t you attending classes?”

“Oh, I have no class today…”

Unlike the busy first years, the second years seemed to have more time in their hands. So she was reading a book by herself here.

‘…by herself?’

Then I remembered that she was reading a book by herself. 

The Erebos family should be a very affluent family, so why was she reading a book alone without any acquaintances?

‘Haah, there are a few reasons for a person to become twisted.’

Academic problems, friendships, and family affairs.

If a person handled these three things with care, they would be fine in the long run.

I looked at Dinua’s face and carefully asked , “Senior… do you have any friends?”


Dinua stiffened at my question. 

Well, it would be absurd to hear something like that from a junior she met for the first time. She might even get angry.

But she didn’t.

“No… making a friend is…”

“Oh, it’s alright. You don’t need to answer that…”

“…too hard.”

Too hard, that was the best answer she could give. She didn’t even get angry or yell at a rude junior. 

She was a good girl.

It was very hard to believe that such a person would betray humanity and join the side of the demons. I could probably prevent that as long as I didn’t let her experience whatever that broke her heart.

‘And now I’m going around saving damsels in distress.’

I started to worry. Should I be friends with her, or not.

Since many things had changed already, it probably wouldn’t matter if a boss suddenly disappeared.

And above all…

‘She’s pretty.’

Dinua was really very pretty. Especially her figure, which could only be described by the word, explosive. To the extent that there were many players who decided that they would betray humanity as well after seeing her.

Therefore, I reached out to her. 

Dinua flinched and looked at my hand, then slowly made eye contact with me.


“My name is Ian Clark. And senior?”

“Dinua Erebus… but why are you suddenly telling me your name?”

Whether she wanted or not, I forcefully grabbed her hand for a handshake.

Dinua became completely stiff from the sudden contact with a man.

“It’s a pity that you don’t have friends, so I’ll be your friend.”

“Uh…huh. Okay, so this…” Dinua looked at our hand.

After that, I shool our hands for a while more, then let her go.

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  1. MC is a player. Now he did with full intent. But if Dinua don’t bettay the humanity she won’t dress so sexy. Pity then.

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