Chapter 8: Investigation (part 1)

In the Canopus Academy, there was a large library with thousands of books. 

The library was so huge that there was a saying that you could become the best intellectual on the continent just by reading all the books in the library.

‘It’s quite small…’

Of course, that standard only applied to the people of this world. But compared to the modern world, where you could find tens of thousands of books in display even if you go to a local library, it was just a library of a slightly larger size.

‘Well, there must be something here that has information about what I’m looking for.’

The librarian saw me as I entered the library, and looked at me with a proud expression, but he didn’t show any special interest in me.

That was because, besides me, there were several other cadets who were at the library at the moment.

I approached the librarian and got the information about where I could find books about soul stones. Then I walked further inside.

‘Oh, real bookworms!’

As I walked, I found cadets with piled up books in front of them and they were immersed in reading.

I genuinely thought these people were amazing. I mean, I wouldn’t be able to do that if I tried.

After rummaging through the bookshelves, I succeeded in finding the bookshelf the librarian had suggested.

‘Oh, here it is!’

I found a few books related to the soul stone on the bookshelf, and I took them all at once and headed straight to the desk.

I put the books on the desk and opened the topmost book. It’s been a long time since I read a book to find the information I was looking for. On Earth, I just needed to search on the internet.

I didn’t know if that was the reason why, but just looking at the cover made my head feel dizzy. But I overcame that feeling and opened the book. Unfortunately, it was filled with thesis material that was at the level of a graduate student.

‘It’s possible to make a soul stone with the soul of a summon?’ 

‘What a load of bullsh*t!’


In the end, I just skimmed through the book and closed it altogether.

I couldn’t find what I was looking for in the book. But that was fine. Because there were still many books left.

“Umm, you there…”


“If you turn the pages like that, it might damage it…”

“Oh, sorry.”

While I was rummaging through the books, a woman who was reading a book nearby spoke to me first.

I nodded my head to show that I was sorry and began to turn the pages more carefully. 

‘I’m not the slightest bit curious about the light reflectance property of the soul stone! Just tell me where to get it and how to get it!’

After rummaging through the books for a long time, I felt an immense sense of frustration. 

And, perhaps feeling the extent of my frustration, the woman next to me spoke again.

“Uhhm, what… are you looking for?”

“Information about the soul stone.”

“What do you want to know about the soul stone?”

“Do you know something?”

“Uh, to some extent…”

‘Thank god!’ 

I immediately closed the book and walked over to her. 

As I approached her, she let out a light shriek and bent back.

“Soul stone, may I know where to get it?”

“Ah, why do you need soul stones?”

“I just need it for something. Where can I get it?”

“The soul stone is a by-product of the summoning ceremony, so the cadets who finished the summoning ceremony took it. They usually keep it in their family warehouse…”

As she said that, she continued to glance at me. Maybe because I got too close to her.  

I also glanced back at her for a good look.

The moment we made eye contact, she bowed her head. 

But, I was able to see her black eyes through her messy hair.

‘I think I’ve seen her somewhere before.’

Black hair, black eyes, and big brea*sts that wanted to burst out of the academy uniform.

‘And the blue ribbon…’ Only after seeing it did I realize her true identity.


Dinua Erebus.

The final boss of level 4!

She was right in front of me.

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  1. MC again being stupid or is it forced plot by the author? MC didn’t ask his teacher so that MC could meet and seduce the 4th boss? Knowing what a player (unknowing) MC is it isn’t imposible.
    Really, really hard to like MC but the novel is fine.

    Thanks for chapter

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