Chapter 8: The villainess thinks differently

Azbel family’s diligent maid, Astin, was finishing her work. At the moment, she was in the middle of her last work of the day, washing the windows. It was then that she found an open window. The window belonged to Shael Azbel’s room. So it was easy to tell who opened the window without even looking at it.

“My Lady?”

What Astin saw was Shael, who had hid her face with a cloak. Shel was climbing through the window.

“Uh, uh huh? Why are you doing that?”

“Shh, be quiet!”

Shael, who made Astin quiet, looked around her and said.

“Don’t tell anyone.”

“Yes, yes?”

“If you tell anyone, you’re fired.”

After Shael said such threatening words, she confidently sneaked out of the duke’s mansion. No matter how many guards there was, it was possible for her to sneak out because the mansions size was very large.

Astin was worried. ‘Should I keep it secret as Lady Shael said?’

However, it could put Shael in danger.

Then she decided what she had to do. She went to meet Duke Jespen. Hearing the news, Duke Jespen called Eran, Shael’s fiancée.


A dark night, I was walking with the cold wind blowing on my body. My shivering body proved how cold the wind was.

The reason I had to walk around even in the cold was because of Shael.

[Eran Baslett, my daughter sneaked out again.’]

That’s what Duke Jespen told me. So, the wicked woman went out in the middle of the night without the duke’s knowledge, and without any escort. 

Shael was the blood of the Azbel family, which earned her a lot of resentment. Recently, she was almost poisoned. Thinking about that, I didn’t know what the hell the villainess was thinking when she went out alone. 

Then it was obvious what the duke, who loved his daughter to death, would ask me to do.

[I want you to secretly follow her and protect her.]

Yeah, that was the command. It was a command that made me walk this late at night.

So I was following her and walking behind her. I was following her without even knowing whether it was just a casual walk or whether she had a destination. It was good that she was wearing a cloak that covered her face.

I followed Shael as she left the ordinary road and began to walk along the flowery road. I didn’t understand why she choose to walk through the flower path. Surprisingly, the wicked woman liked pretty flowers!

Come to think of it, there was a question I had asked her before.

[Do you like flowers?]

[Yes, I like it.]

To the question I managed to make up because I had nothing to say, she had answered insincerely. At the time, I thought that answer would be false. Was the villainess’ taste more normal than I thought? It was really surprising!

And… of course, there was no way the villainess would be like that. She was just trampling the pretty flowers as she walked.

‘Why are you stepping on innocent flowers?’

‘Is the reason you like flowers… not because they are pretty, but because they are easy to trample on?’

It was a reason no one could even imagine. As expected, she was a villainess with a different way of thinking.

The wicked woman continued trampling the flowers, and I cast healing magic on the flowers and followed the wicked woman. Then the wicked woman suddenly stopped.


It was because this time, she saw some little birds. Little birds were chirping cutely and walking around.

Shael was quietly watching the little birds.

Did the villainess like cute birds? Will I discover the ordinary taste of the wicked woman this time?

Of course, not this time either.

The wicked woman casually walked through the birds. The birds were frightened by her footsteps and flew away.


Shael continued her walk while appreciating the sound of the bird’s wings.


I couldn’t quite guess what she was doing. She trampled on flowers before, but now she did that to birds as well. It was the image of an infallible wicked woman.

The wicked woman stopped again. What else would she do? However this time there was nothing was in front of her. And, she suddenly looked behind her.

Shael was coming towards me. She had noticed me, so she came up to me and said,

“Why are you following me?”

“It was a coincidence.”

“Ha, I noticed that you were following me earlier.”

“I see.”

The wicked woman was better than I thought.

“Don’t follow me anymore.”

“How could I leave my fiancé alone?”


Shael began to walk again in silence. It was because she knew that there was no way I would give up. However, I couldn’t quietly follow Shael like that.

“Where the hell are you going?”

“It’s a secret.”

Although she said it was a secret, she was still moving towards a destination. And, I would know eventually, as I was following Shael there. So I asked another question.

“By the way… why did you trample the flower?”

“Be quiet before I trample you too.”

The wicked woman spoke savagely, glaring at me.

“You’ll have to be very careful while doing that.”

The villainess didn’t even listen to me and walked away.

“Why did you do that to the cute birds?”

“What did I do?”

“Didn’t you walk through the birds?”

“This is the Duchy of Azbel.”

Why did that information come out all of a sudden?

“I own the land here, not the birds.”


I see?

“I can’t understand your way of thinking.” 

I spoke and the villainess replied.

“It sounds like a compliment to hear from you.”

Then I said, “Normally, just because there are birds on their land, people don’t bother to walk through them.”


The villainess remained silent. Well, she must have realized that what she said was nonsense. She just needed something to say to me.

“When will you tell me about where you are going?”


The answer to my question was the sudden sound of rain, and the gradual pouring raindrops.

I made a temporary umbrella with ice magic. Then, I went to Shael’s side and covered her too. However, as expected, the villainess complained.

“Stay away.”

“How could I let my fiancé get drenched in the rain?”

Shael refused to be kind. But I would never had to accept things like that. Then I’ll just have to make her want that kindness.

“Your hair isn’t what it used to be.”

“What, what?”

It’s the same thing Shael said to me in the past. I said as I took the ice umbrella away from her.

“It seems that you are suffering from hair loss.”


“Come to think of it, they say that being in the rain is a fatal to your hair.”


Then the villainess secretly clung to me as the she avoided the rain.

“What are you doing?”

“You said so earlier. How could you let your fiancé get wet in the rain?”

“Didn’t you tell me to stay away earlier?”


Of course, I put it back on before she got mad. Only she complained again.

“Can’t you make it bigger?”

“The ice magic is difficult to maintain, so this is the limit.”


That’s not something you should say to the person who put it on you. Anyway, the wicked woman was selfish.

It was then I had an idea.

“Then why don’t you learn magic yourself?”

“It’s annoying.”

“You’re just lazy.”

The villainess Shael didn’t learn magic. Considering that she knew how to use magic a little in this world, that must have been due to my intervention. Moreover, even if she had learned magic in the novel, her level was not that high.

Well, if you use force against a wicked woman with a bad personality, that would have a very adverse effect. But, I still have many things ahead of me to do. So I need to use brute force.

Since I intervened, there was no way she could overcome her ordeal the way she originally did. Making her learn her magic was my first priority. While I was thinking that, she suddenly started a fight.

“You’re a dog..”

“What is it, all of a sudden?”

Shael spoke to me with an expression as if she had a good idea. However, her words were dirty compared to the raised corners of her mouth.


The second dirty word. I didn’t know what the hell was going on… but I couldn’t stand still.

“You’re a bitch”

“Puh, don’t you know anything else to curse with?”

“It’s because I don’t have a dirty mind like you.”

She tolerated words that would normally cause her to react. Weird. Why did the wicked woman’s patience suddenly improve?

“What the hell is that?”

I was a wicked woman who ridiculed me even with such a question.

“Not only your mind, but your mouth is also dirty.”

“Yes, that’s good!”

“Have you gone mad?”

At such a question, she suddenly took out an object hidden under her cloak. It was a marble the size of her fist.


It was marble that oscillated with blue magical energy. It meant that it had magic applied on it.

“What is that?”

She grinned and put her hand on the marble. Then a sound flowed from the marble.

[You’re lazy.]

[You’re a bit*ch]

[Not only your mind, but your mouth is also dirty.]

[Have you gone mad?]

What came out was my voice. The things I said earlier were recorded. And the content was not very good.


“It’s a Serpent Orb that can only be found once a year. You can record your voice whenever you want. It’s impossible to manipulate.”


“So, in other words, you’re finished!”

The villainess laughed as she spoke. 

It was a crisis indeed.

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