Chapter 9: If the villainess catches your weakness

The wicked woman silently smiled at me.

“Please erase it.”

Of course, there was no way the villainess would erase it that easily. The wicked woman put her hand on the Serpent Orb again. Then my voice was heard again.

[You’re a bit*ch.]

“I’ve never heard anything like this from anyone.”

“Everyone will think about that in their hearts.”

“Ha, are you finished talking?”

Well, it was true. If anyone met the wicked woman, they would chew all sorts of curses in their heart, but never say it out loud.

Anyway, I didn’t expect this to happen. It was a huge crisis. How the hell did she get that stuff? She even said that it comes out only once a year. If so, it must have had an exorbitant price. Does the wicked woman want to defeat me to the extent of spending that much?

Well, it seems so.

“You apologize first, and I’ll erase it after seeing how you do.”

The villainess said while raising the corner of her mouth. She wanted to torment me all the time.

“I will apologize if you erase it.”

“Hah, can’t you grasp the current situation?”

“Wasn’t I just telling the truth?”


Yes. Because it was true that she was indeed a bit*ch. Otherwise, did it make sense to start by arguing with me and then record only my words?

“Wasn’t it you who said ‘Dog-like’ First?”

“Me? Oh, I don’t remember.”

The villainess continues her pretense.

“Did you get dementia after hair loss?”

“I’m speechless, really. Ha…”

The wicked woman carefully placed the Serpent Orb inside her cloak. Then she said as usual.

“You are… really the worst.”

“So are you.”

If it was the usual, I would have responded more… but I stopped here because she found my weakness.

“For now, let’s think about it after looking at how you do today.”


To be honest, I didn’t think the villainess would erase this easily, but… I had no choice and walked after her. 

How many minutes did it take? We finally reached a street full of people. Shael walked on without hesitation as if she was familiar with the road.

Then what I saw was a large building. The place she came to was the auction house. 

‘Could it be that she also bought the Serpent Orb here?’

As if to affirm my thoughts, she went straight into the auction house.

“What are you buying?”

“Something useful.”

The villainess didn’t even know what she was going to buy, she just wanted to casually spend the money.

As I entered the auction house, I saw many people. All I could hear was the loud voice of the auctioneer.

[Welcome to the auction house. The auction will start soon, so please prepare.]

“We have to sit over there.”

What Shael pointed at was the in front of her. Seat number one in the front row. She was a villainess who was greedy for even the seat. I followed her and sat down next to her and looked at her auction listing.

There were many miscellaneous things, from all kinds of luxurious things such as swords, jewels, and treasures to things that were normally hard to find.

I even saw some things I wanted to buy.

The villainess was also eyeing her list.

Did the wicked woman have crazy spending habits? To be honest, I was feeling anxious. By any chance, if this engagement was maintained and I got married to the villainess… I will have to carefully manage my money.

[Now, we will begin our first auction with this huge gem! It is a hybrid sapphire created by mixing several types of gems! Let’s start with 1 million gold!]

With the auctioneer’s signal, many noble ladies pressed buttons to start the auction.

It was definitely a very beautiful gem. If so, would the wicked woman be interested?

Unexpectedly, Shael was not interested in jewelry. A few auctions went by like that. It was then that the villainess showed her interest.

[This time it’s Heavy Pollen! When sprayed, the object temporarily gains weight. You can also secretly spray it on nasty people. Let’s start with 500,000 gold!]

The villainess immediately put her hand on her button. It was a sign that she would buy it.

[No. 57. 700,000 Gold!]

[Ah! Number 1 is 900,000 gold. That’s 900,000 gold!]

This number 1 was Shael. She immediately made a successful bid. Even in successful bids, she spent a ton of money. 

‘Why on earth would you pay that much money to buy something like that?’

I couldn’t understand. No, I think I was able to guess where she would use that.

“Where will you use that?”

“It’s a secret.”

“Do you want to spray that on me secretly?”


The villainess remained silent. It was meant to tease me. Did she come here to buy things to annoy me, like the Serpent Orb that she might have bought here?

[Ah, next is the Powder of Haste! It was created by the fairies themselves for people who only think and do nothing!]

Shael showed interest again.

[Just by spraying it, you can make people temporarily do the things in their head without hesitation. How good is this?] 

[Starting at 700,000 gold!]

Shael who put her hand on the button right away. She was indeed a rich, wicked woman. Then, the winning bidder was determined.

[Ah! Number 1 Will win the bid for 2.5 million gold!]

I suddenly started to feel uneasy for some reason. Hopefully that won’t be used on me either.

Another auction started before my anxiety even went away.

[This time it’s the Pill of Lies! If you feed it to someone, they will only tell lies! And, if they only tell lies, won’t you know the truth too?]

This time, the successful bidder was Shael again.

[Finally here! Obedience Tree Sap! Of course, it’s impossible to make a target do something they completely refuse to do… but you can make them do anything else!]

[Number 143, bid 2.5 million gold!]

[Number 1, bid 2.7 million gold!]

[Number 2, bid 3 million gold]

Number 1 Was Shael and number 2 was me.

“What is it, why are you trying to buy it?”

“Shouldn’t I have at least one thing to use against you?”


[Number 1, bids 4 million gold!!]

Shael raised her bid from 3 million gold to 4 million gold. She was, after all, the jewel of the duke’s family. The duke was really giving a lot of money to Shael.

“No more?”


[This is also a successful bid for Number 1!]

My total wealth was about 3.8 million gold. It was lower than the successful bid price that Shael immediately called. I was horribly defeated by the wicked woman in the battle of capital.

After that, Shael bought quite a few things. The villainess… had a lot of money.

After such a long time, she came out to the auction house and wandered the streets. However, something out of the ordinary happened.

“What are you doing?”

“Can’t you understand it when you see it? I am giving you something to eat.”

The villainess was handing me a sandwich. It was an absolutely unbelievable situation.

Even so, I still received the sandwich. ‘Was the villainess getting better little by little?’

Although Shael’s lips curled up… ‘Ah, nothing will happen’ I thought as I ate the sandwich.


Shael was able to bid on several items. She was very happy, and there were many things that would help annoy her fiancé. 

‘Yeah, shouldn’t I try it since I bought it?’

Pondering the words of her auctioneer, Shael took out the Powder of Haste. She then sprayed it on the sandwich she just bought. It was meant to be given to Eran, her fiancé.

‘Oh there’s a note…’

There was a side effect that he might become violent in case of overdose? Shael glanced over it.

Actually, she didn’t take it lightly. In case of overdose… there was also a caution that the effect would be reduced. Sharel’s strategy was like this— after Eran ate the sandwich, she would take out her Serpent Orb. Then she would demand that if he licked her shoes, she would erase the Orb.

That would be an act of complete submission. If it was the normal Eran, he wouldn’t do it, but…

[Just by spraying it, you can make people temporarily do the things in their head without hesitation. How good is this?]

Yes, he would lick her shoes just by thinking. Of course, she wouldn’t erase the Serpent Orb just because he did that. 

Then she went straight into action, and Eran ate the sandwich without question.

Now it was her turn to speak as she took out the Serpent Orb.


Shael grinned and took out the Serpent Orb.

“Why are you taking out that orb?”

“Do you want me to erase it?”

“Yes, are you going to erase it? Didn’t you promise to erase it if I carried your things today?”

It was a promise she made after the auction. Ever since then I have been carrying her luggage. Will the wicked woman keep her promise?

“Ah. I’ve changed my mind. Lick my shoes, and I’ll erase it.”


The villainess was mocking me and waiting for me to act. Of course, I couldn’t do that.

Then, I had one very good idea.

It was a good way to solve all sorts of problems. It was a way to motivate her unwillingness to learn her magic, and also to take away her Serpent Orb.

She was the one who said that she would erase the orb if I carried her luggage today. I wouldn’t even have thought of this idea if she didn’t break her promise. Honestly, I feel a little bit sorry for the villainess. But surprisingly, unlike the usual, it seemed possible because I didn’t feel guilty.

‘Did I learn to be this vicious from the villainess?’

I didn’t know what happened to my mind, but I couldn’t worry much about the wicked woman’s urging.

“I won’t erase it if you don’t do it quickly.”

What answered the wicked woman’s urging was a clear and elegant sound.


A long echoing metallic sound. Considering that it was a sound that could only be heard in the battlefield, this was a somewhat unique situation. As she heard the sound of my sword being pulled out, the wicked woman said in bewilderment.


“Please give me the Serpent Orb now.”


It was the first time I had seen the villainess look so flustered.


I didn’t know who was the wicked anymore… but that wasn’t what mattered now.

Yes, this was the solution that would motivate the villainess to learn magic and take away her Serpent Orb as well.

If the villainess catches your weakness, use brute force.

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