Chapter 10: The villainess is confused (part 1)

“You’re the worst!” Said the villainess through her gritted teeth. She was obviously feeling indignant, as she stared at the Serpent Orb I was holding in my hand.

“Hahahaha, that’s right. Thank you.”


The villainess was a bad girl who didn’t know that many curses. Well, I was sure that she didn’t have the experience of cursing many people other than me. No, I was sure that I was the only one. So I guess I could take that as a compliment. It’s a bit of a pity for the villainess thought…

‘But I just can’t help it.’

If this Orb I currently had was shown to Duke Jespen… the engagement would’ve surely been broken. However, she didn’t do that.

Unexpectedly, the villainess didn’t break up our engagement. Of course, it wasn’t because she was being considerate. It was probably because she had no one better to bully other than me. At some point I too had started to bully her, but she still didn’t try to escape by breaking up the engagement.

But what would’ve if she had caught my weakness? The wicked woman would’ve gradually reverted back to her former self. Then she would’ve become a villainess cruel enough to kill me, and then she too would’ve faced her own bad end. So, I guess it really couldn’t be helped? This was the best option after all. However, I really didn’t know how I came to the decision of pointing my sword at the villainess…

“Please give it back!”

“No. I will be confiscating it for the time being.”

“Son of a bi*tch!”

I didn’t plan to retort to her insult, and then I heard her whisper.

‘Bad guy.’

“I can only tell you that it is what it is.”


The wicked woman swallowed her words. But after a while, she grinned. There was only one reason why she would do that. It meant that she had found another way to bully me. I didn’t know how the hell she’d bully me, as the wicked woman continued to grin. She continued to grin even while walking. Was she imagining the future when she was bullying me?

That was how we returned to the Azbel mansion. It was a trip with a fairly favorable harvest. It’s because I could witness her wicked tastes and her spending habits. And then, even though it was already evening, the villainess made a proposal.

“Would you like some tea?”

“What do you mean?”

“Is it wrong for me to have some tea with my fiance?”

The villainess suddenly offered to have some tea. Similar to how she had offered the sandwich from before. I didn’t have a reason to refuse her. So I followed her into her room. She poured us some tea. Just from the fact that the corner of her mouth was raised, I could tell that she had a reason behind doing this.

“Are you planning something?”

“Oh, no.”


“Don’t worry.”

I couldn’t help but worry. Fortunately, she wouldn’t poison me. At most, she would use something she had bought at the auction house. It should be fine… because she didn’t buy anything that would harm me that much. The wicked woman gave me the cup of tea and I began to drink it. The villainess watched me closely as I did.

“What are you looking at?”

“Hmm, nothing.”

As soon as I completely emptied the cup, the wicked woman grinned. She laughed at me and said,

“I hate you so much.”

It was something that was too unfit to say with a smile. Has the villainess finally gone mad?

“What are you saying, all of a sudden?”

“I hate you. Oh, and I want to break off the engagement.”


It was different from the usual. It felt kind of odd. What the hell was this wicked woman up to? First of all, I had to decide on what I had to say as well.

“I don’t like you either.”


“Ah, and I also definitely want to break off the marriage as well.”

Then she villainess went silent. Normally, she would sigh and curse at me, but not this time. She just stared at me without saying a word. It was as if I was the one who had cursed first. This made me seem as if was the bad person. Then, she asked in disbelief.

“What, what…? Say it again!”

“I hate you too.”

“Ah, that…”

This time, the villainess stammered. ‘Why the hell are you acting like this?’

“You, get out.”


“It’s because I don’t want to see you… leave!”

The wicked woman suddenly issues such an order. However, there was no emotion of resentment on her face. It was all so strange, very strange. I did indeed cured at her her many times. If that was the reason, it wouldn’t be strange to give me such an order, since she could be angry.

But not this time. Far from having an angry expression, she had a look of confusion. Same as when I pointed my sword at her. I couldn’t figure out her thoughts at all. So I left a parting comment and left.

“Yes, that’s what I want to say as well. I don’t want to see you either.”


The villainess remained silent this time as well. Was it because today’s incident was so surprising that she went mad? I didn’t know.

Time will be short I left her in her room.

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7 thoughts on “Chapter 10: The villainess is confused (part 1)”

  1. You cannot fool me girl! you just wanted to hear an “i love you” even if it were insincere.
    that’s why she made him drink the thing that makes you lie! I guess she got it at the end anyways xD.
    Thank you for the chapter sr translator, good luck with those exams

    1. I think it’s actually a test to know if he actually likes her I mean he started to treat her badly so she probably thought that he actually doesn’t like her and that was him acting at the start and with that potion she found out he actually likes her

  2. Ugh… This is so plot forced. He literally sat next to her as she bought items that would effect him in specific ways. There’s no way, he wouldn’t think that she might have given him one or more of those things

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