Chapter 10: The villainess is confused (part 2)

Shael saw her fiancé pointing his sword at her.

‘Isn’t this pure madness?’

‘Heh, Eran also must have had his hair done!’ She thought. 

Of course, this particular situation was also caused by Shael’s own actions. It was happening because of the effects of the powder she had fed him. However, there was no way that the villainess would regret at her own actions. After Eran took the Serpent Orbs away, she thought. ‘What can I do to punish this da*mn fiancé?’

Again, what came to her mind was one of the items she had bought at the auction. It was the Pill of Lies. 

She carefully thought back to what the auctioneer had said.

— [This time it’s the Pill of Lies! If you feed it to someone, they will only tell lies! And, if they only tell lies, won’t you know the truth too?]

‘Yes, this is it. With this, I can punish my da*mn fiancé.’

— [When using it, you should use it in very small amounts. If you use a lot at once, you will not only say the opposite, but also do the opposite.]

There were no room for errors this time. Thinking of the precautions, she split a tiny bit of the pill and mixed it into the tea. It was just the right amount. If Eran drank this tea, he would have no choice but to tell lies. So, when Eran finished drinking his tea, Shael planned to talk to Eran right away.

‘I hate you so much.’ She wanted to start with this.

Usually, Eran would insult her back. Of course it wouldn’t be like that this time. Because of the effect of the pills, Eran would say that he liked her. And after that, she would reject him and say she wanted to break off their engagement. Then she would ignore Eran.

Shael thought it was obvious what Eran would say next. Because of the dr*ug… he’d say that he didn’t want to break off the engagement. 

In her head she imagined a scenario where she was rejecting her fiancé as he was clinging to her.

‘Ah, it seems that the anger I’ve been feeling so far has lessened just from thinking about it!’ After that, she would make fun of Eran for times to come. ‘No, I will torment Eran for the rest of his life!’ She grinned and handed the tea to Eran.

“Are you planning something?”

“Oh, no.”


Eran was feeling doubtful. As expected from an useless man, he acted clever only at times like this. However, Eran drank her tea right away. That was probably because she confirmed that there was no poison. However, it contained something that was much worse than a deadly poison!. 

‘Poohyot~’ Shael laughed inwardly as she sneered at Eran. She began to look forward to that future. She would never forget what was about to happen from now on. ‘I’ll burn it into my memory!’ She thought, as she said to Eran.

“I hate you so much.”

Shael waited for an answer. ‘Now my fiancé… tell me something amusing!’

“What are you saying, all of a sudden?”

“I hate you. Oh, and I want to break off the engagement.”

This time, it was Eran’s turn to insult her back. But not this time. Eran’s mouth opened.

“I don’t like you either.”

‘Huh?’ Shael doubted her own ears. If that was a lie, then what Eran said to her was…

[I like you.]

‘How is that something realistic?’ Shael couldn’t believe it at all. Then, another word came from Eran mouth.

“Ah, and I also definitely want to break off the marriage as well.”

[I want to continue our engagement.]

At that, she thought for a moment. ‘Yes, this might be because the dr*ug has not yet started to take effect.’ 

So she asked Eran again.

“What, what…? Say it again!”

This time, Eran would surely say that he liked her.

“I hate you too.”

[I like you.]

But why the hell was she still hearing that?

ㅡ […if they only tell lies, won’t you know the truth too?]

It was then that the auctioneer’s words suddenly came to her mind. ‘No, this can’t be true!’

“Ah, that…”

‘I have to ask again…’ However, she couldn’t speak at all. It was because her fiancé was looking at her with quite a strange expression.

“You, get out.”


“It’s because I don’t want to see you… leave!”

She chose to run away. Because she didn’t feel like asking any more questions right away. So she asked Eran to leave the room.

“Yes, that’s what I want to say as well. I don’t want to see you either.”

[I don’t want to say that. Because I want to keep seeing you.]


The villainess, Shael wanted to ignore the words her fiancé had just said. She felt defeated. Yes, her fiance has been acting like that since sometime. Whenever Shael tried to bully him, it was her who would be defeated in the end.

Eran got out of situation like these like a loach. ‘He is the worst fiancé ever.’ Shael thought as she looked at the pills which she still had more than half left. Obviously this dr*ug was fake There was no dr*ug that could make people only tell lies. She could prove that by taking this dr*ug herself as well!


But she couldn’t take the dr*ug. ‘No way, what would I do if the dr*ug turned out to be real?’ The villainess was confused. All of this was happening because of her fiancé. Yeah, because of her dog-like fiancé!

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