Chapter 11: The villainess regrets (part 1)

A day had passed since Shael served me tea. At the moment, I was drinking tea with Shael as usual. However, even today, Shael seemed quite strange. It felt like she had lost her spirit. Of course, what bothered me most was when that will would return. Other than that, I had some other doubts. 

‘Why did this evil woman suddenly lose her spirit? Could it be because I pointed my sword at her?’

However, she did keep insulting me many times after I pointed my her sword at her.

“Why are you so down?” 

“It’s none of your concern.”

After saying that, the villainess lowered her head. Seeing the evil woman who would always try to bully me act like that made me feel quite bad. What I wished for was her villainous wickedness to go away, but not her spirit to go away as well. Then, how can I get my usual wicked girl back? After thinking a bit about that, I immediately spoke to her.

“You look stupid.”


At last, the villainess glared at me as usual. Does this method really work?

But after a while, Shael lowered her head again. So, what method should I use this time?

What came to mind was, magic. There were various types of magic in this world, and of course it also included some fancy magics as well. They were attractive magic that made you feel good just by looking at it. More than anything, I thought that it would be nice if Shael became interested in the magic and would want to learn it. Because she needed her own strength to protect herself. 

Soon a flame rose in my hand.

“What are you doing all of a sudden?”

“Fire magic. Isn’t it pretty?”

“That’s not what I meant!”

Her eyes were still focused on my hand. If you were someone from the Azbel family, which was a family famous for their magic, you would have lived your life watching magic until you got tired of it. But the villainess was different. Because up until now, the villainess had refused to learn magic. However, for some reason, the villainess in the novel does agree to learn magic.

But this was reality, not a novel. The villainess, Shael, was a living and breathing human being. And a lot had also changed because of my intervention. While thinking that, I continued to use my magic. A flower made of flame bloomed in my hand. I made it like that because the villainess liked flowers. Of course, the reason she liked flowers was because they were easy to trample, which was a bit unusual, but… I’m not going to go into that detail.

The flower bloomed in my hand. And, it was probably her favorite kind of flower as well. It was a flower made of flame that looked like a red rose.

“Do you like flowers?”

“Yes, I like it.”

“You also like to trample flowers.”

The wicked woman looked at the flower in dismay.

“Don’t trample this flower.”

“Ha, do you think I’m an idiot?”

“If you see a flower, you will usually just trample on it.”


Shael glared at me. It seemed that my actions had caused her to slightly regain her usual spirit. So this time I had another idea. I thought of something that would help her some more. It was all to rehabilitate this wicked woman even a little.

“How nice would it be if you just looked at it like this even then?”

“Right now… it’s hot, so how can I do that?”

“Even some common flowers have thorns that can hurt you.”

Shael remained silent.

“If you just look at it, wouldn’t you be able to enjoy it longer?”


The flower in my hand withered before she could answer. This time, what I made in my hands were small birds made of ice.

“Do you like cute birds?”

“I like it.”

“So why did you walk through the flock of birds back then?”

“What are you talking about?”

I was talking about the time I was following this wicked woman. I saw the wicked woman trampling on the flowers, then mercilessly walk through the flock of little birds. The villainess stared at the little ice birds in my hand.

“How nice it would’ve been if you had just looked at them like this even then.”


The villainess remained silent. However, seeing that she didn’t snap at me like usual… I judged that it might have worked a little. Now it was time to suggest her to learn magic.

“How about you start learning magic?”

“It’s annoying.”

Of course, it wouldn’t be easy to make the villainess agree to learn what she hated. Because the villainess was very stubborn.

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