Chapter 11: The villainess regrets (part 2)

Shael couldn’t bully Eran as usual. The reason for that was, she kept thinking about the things that happened yesterday.

‘This person didn’t actually hate me? I can’t believe it.’

Come to think of it, Eran could directly break off their engagement anytime he wanted. After all, he was the son of a duke. However, Eran never tried to break off the engagement. Even when Shael ignored Eran, even when she bullied him.

She couldn’t figure it out. ‘If Eran didn’t hate me, then why on earth would he use that foul language?’

[You are a bi*tch.]

Shael recalled what Eran had said to her in the past.

No one could say that to someone they liked. Of course, it was natural that Shael could, because she, who was a villainess had no interest in liking anyone.

“You look stupid.”

Eran said to Shael as she was lost in her troublesome thoughts. Yeah, no one would say things like that to someone they liked. However, Shael lowered her head again, because she felt as if Eran was saying this to comfort her.

This was utter nonsense! 

‘How could that word sound so soothing to me?’

It was then, a fiery rose bloomed in her fiance’s hand. He seemed to be using his magic for her spectacle. And then, Eran said something as he created small birds of ice in his hands.

“How nice it would’ve been if you had just looked at them like this even then.”

When she heard what he said, another thought popped into her head. Surely, what she did to the little birds would seem strange to him. The birds he liked so much were roaming on the ground, and she just casually passed through them.

‘So what about this?’

‘What the hell did he mean by saying that? If he was under the effect of the drug, it would make him only tell lies, and if that was real…’

It would mean that her fiancé liked her!

Then why on earth did he curse at his own fiancé, and call her a bi*tch?

‘No, why doesn’t he hate me in the first place?’

She couldn’t understand. She obviously thought that he hated her. Because she’s been bullying him for a long time. However, Shael decided to stop thinking about the matter for the time being. 

‘Okay, shouldn’t I just check if the effect of the drug is real?’ So she secretly took out the pills in front of Eran. Then she put more than half of the remaining pill into her mouth.

“What did you just eat?” Eran asked.

What he got in return was just the sound of Shael chewing a pill. 

Shael looked at Eran. Now, she would say that she hated Eran very much. Because the claims about the effect of this pill was definitely fake. However, this action was one that she would regret very much.

“I like you.”


No, it was an action that she would regret for the rest of her life. A twinkle shone in both of her eyes. This meant that the medicinal effect was real! But the important thing now was not the medicinal effect. What grabbed her interest was the reaction of her fiancé in front of her. Eran looked flustered after hearing her words.

“That, this… so…”

He was so flustered that he couldn’t even speak properly. 

‘Oh, I have to make an excuse quickly! Quickly, I must say it was a joke.’

“What did you just say?”

“I really like you.”

Of course, those words of excuse were also altered under the effect of the pills. Now, it was Shael’s turn to be speechless due to being so flustered.

“What the hell are you saying?”

Her fiancé got up and he was slowly approaching her. 

‘What should I do? Yeah, if words don’t work… I can just convey things with actions!’ So she decided to slap her fiancé who was slowly approaching her. After that, she planned to just run away.

‘For now, I just have to stay alone until the effect wears off.’ Shael thought as she moved her hand towards her fiancé.


Of course, that sound was something Shael expected to hear in her mind. It was the sound of her slapping Eran’s cheek. She should’ve heard that sharp sound, but what she heard was something completely different than what she had expected to hear.


She was just patting Eran’s cheek with her hand, like a lover. It was then that she remembered the auctioneer’s words.

[When using it once, you should use it in very small amounts. If you use a lot at once, you will not only say the opposite, but also do the opposite.]

Come to think of it, she swallowed more than half of the remaining pill whole.

‘Oh, I’ve messed up!’

‘Why the hell am I touching Eran’s cheek?’

If even her action were to be reversed, shouldn’t it have been something like moving arm back rather than touching Eran’s cheek? Oh how she resented the auctioneer. 

‘Can’t I just run away?’ Of course, that was impossible. Rather, she moved even closer to Eran.



Eran expresses his confused state through a question. At the moment, the two were looking at each other from an incredibly close distance.

Shael chose to remain silent. Eran was also silent. For a while, there was only silence .

Of course, that silence was broken when Duke Jespen entered.

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    so she likes him too? or we’ll it’s just that she wanted to say she hated him and said the opposite, as in its not her thoughts the pill changes but just her words directly ?

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