Chapter 81: The Five Sacred Mountains Sword Sects

Wei Xiaobao brought his group of people to Situ Bolei and sneered at him.

“If you want to kill or torture us, then do your worse! The people of my Wangwu Sect are not so soft that they will even frown.” Situ Bolei coldly snorted, turned his head, and stopped looking at him.

“You think that you group of ruffians from the wulin would be able to grab a King’s thigh? Who will believe these lies?” Wei Xiaobao smiled, “But, I am in a good mood today, I am even willing to let you people go…”

Hearing Wei Xiaobao’s words, many people in the Wangwu Sect raised their heads with hopes in their eyes. Originally, if anyone killed officials and created chaos and if they were caught, they would naturally be beheaded. There was absolutely no way to escape. But, now there was a glimmer of hope.

“Well, just now we were gambling here, so you may as well come and gamble with me. Those who win will naturally be able to leave. As for the losers…” Wei Xiaobao sneered, his meaning was obvious.

“What about the person who lost?” Someone from the Wangwu Sect couldn’t resist asking.

“Oh, it’s not a big deal…” Wei Xiaobao said with an indifferent attitude, “You’ll just have to leave your head.”

Wei Xiaobao thought that the lie he created just now would be enough to deceive these fools. But he was afraid it would be a bit of a stretch to deceive Kangxi. So, he decided that a few people must be detained and sent back to the Emperor.  

Everyone in the Wangwu faction felt chills, thinking that half of their brothers would have to be left here this time.

“What’s the gambling method then?” A pretty voice sounded, and Wei Xiaobao looked back and noticed Zeng Rou in the crowd.

“Fu*k, why is there such a beautiful woman! Why didn’t I see her before this?” Wei Xiaobao’s heart swayed, and he was determined to leave a good impression in front of this beautiful girl, so he quickly said with a smile, “I, Wei Xiaobao, am full of pity and cherish every life. There is no need for this little sister to gamble, you can go first.”

Zeng Rou’s face turned red and then white, she shook her head slowly, and whispered: “I don’t want your pity, we…we all are a group, naturally we live and die together.”

At this moment, she was extremely frightened in her heart, but she did not want to escape alone. She raised her head and saw Song Qingshu’s friendly gaze. For some reason, her heart calmed down and her speech became more and more fluid. Everyone in the field could not help but admire her guts.

“Okay, Little Sister, you are very loyal.” Wei Xiaobao said, “Since you live and die together, you don’t have to bet one by one. Little girl, you bet with me. You win, and all the people will get out together. If you lose, all nineteen heads will be cut off all at once. Are you happy with this?”

Zeng Rou looked back at Situ Bolei, and waited for him to decide.

Situ Burei fell into a dilemma and it was hard for him to decide. If all the nineteen people bet against this young official, then some of them are bound to lose. Even if he takes this man’s words as truth and believes him, then only half of the nineteen people were likely to survive. He could try again in the future to get revenge. But if Zeng Rou rolls the dice and wins, all of them could get out of here alive. But, she can also lose, so it would be too dangerous of a gamble.

“Little Junior Sister, you have a good point! We live and die together as a single stream, would I have the face to escape alone if I win? Anyway, my life was already spared once today, so you can bet with him. We live and die together.”  A big man in blue clothes said loudly, and everyone else agreed.

Wei Xiaobao pushed the dice pot in front of her, “Okay, Little Sister, you roll first, and the one with the higher points wins.”

Zeng Rou reached out and grabbed three dice, her eyelashes trembling lightly, she was obviously very nervous, and she shook the dice in her hand and cast them into the bowl.

Everyone from the Wangwu Sect leaned closer to see, and their faces turned pale. It turned out that Zeng Rou had thrown two one points, one two point, and that was all out of ten, she had already lost ninety-nine percent.

The man in blue suddenly exclaimed,  “My head, I will bet by myself. Other people’s throws are not counted.”

Situ Bolei angrily shouted, “How can a man be so greedy for life and fear death?”

The man said, “You’re just my master, and not my father. Why do you want to decide my life and death?”

Someone in the crowd sneered and said, “You didn’t say anything when the little Junior Sister threw it just now. Now that you see her toss four points, you suddenly have lots to speak, hehe.”

Song Qingshu’s heart moved, and he cried out ‘good!’ in his heart.

Wei Xiaobao’s eyes lit up, and he quickly asked, “What’s the name of this good brother?”

The man was overjoyed: “This lowly one’s name is Yuan Yifang.”

“You have no loyalty, why don’t you change your name and call yourself Yuan Fang?” The people from the Wangwu Sect burst into laughter.

“Yuan Fang?” Song Qingshu’s expression turned weird. Yuan Fang, you really can’t catch a break, and you are ridiculed everywhere.

“Who else wants to gamble on his own?” Wei Xiaobao looked around the audience, and several people hesitated, but in the end, they didn’t say anything.

“Since there is none, I will throw it.” Although Wei Xiaobao’s face looked relaxed, his heart was nervous. If he didn’t practice this for a long time, he may not be able to throw three ones in a try. And, that would end up killing this group of people and him being scolded by his master. Also, wasn’t it a pity that this little flower-like girl would also die?

What happened next went according to the plot in the original story. Wei Xiaobao cheated and threw out three ones, then took the opportunity to let go of the Wangwu Sect, and finally tortured Yuan Yifang and escorted him back to capital for Kangxi to decide.

“What the hell, I was so kind, but that little girl didn’t even look at me.” Thinking of Zeng Rou’s silence when she left, and her parting glance at Song Qingshu, Wei Xiaobao felt uncomfortable. He only felt that he had done the most loss-making business in the world, and thought with hate, ‘Sure enough, men love money, and young girls love pretty boys.’

Song Qingshu, on the other hand, was horrified by Zeng Rou’s gaze, and secretly squeezed out a cold sweat, ‘That woman was unreliable at the critical moment and almost ruined everything.’

In order to divert everyone’s attention, Song Qingshu hurriedly asked, “Brother Wei, the matter with the Wangwu Sect has been settled, who is the next unlucky sect?”

Wei Xiaobao took out the sheet with the information and glanced at it, his face turned somewhat sullen, thinking that the words on it knew me, but he didn’t know them, so he quickly handed it to Song Qingshu, “Brother Song, please read it to everyone.”

Song Qingshu took a look and couldn’t help being surprised, “Mount Tai Sect?”

“Master Song, is this Mount Tai Sect very powerful?” Seeing Song Qingshu’s expression from the side, Jiumozhi  suddenly asked curiously.

“Mount Tai Sect’s martial arts is nothing more than the limits of master Yu Zhenzi.” Song Qingshu said.

“Yu Zhenzi?” Duo Long frowned. “The Taoist who is known as the number one master under Prince Bao?”

“This is not a problem. Although Yu Zhenzi used to be part of the Mount Tai Sect, he has bad character and has already been expelled from the Mount Tai Sect.” Song Qingshu deliberately collected information from the wulin during this period of time to prepare himself. He already verified the known plots by comparing them, so he knew it in quite detail, “What I am worried about is the Five Sacred Mountains Sword Sects. Since they claim to be the same faction, now that the Mount Tai Sect is about to suffer, the other four factions will probably not stand idly by.”

“The Five Sacred Mountains Sword Sects?” Wei Xiaobao also heard about it, “But those Mount Hua, (South) Mount Heng, (North) Mount Heng, and Mount Song are not in the territory of my Qing Dynasty, will they also come here to bathe in the muddy water?”

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