Chapter 82: The way to win

Mount Tai, Jade Emperor Peak.

The head of the Mount Tai Sect Taoist Tianmen looked at the representatives of the various factions from afar, and he became extremely excited. He couldn’t help but say, “My Mount Tai Sect is in such a disaster, but I can get all the wulin friends to help me, Tianmen is grateful. I express my endless gratitude.”

“Daoist Tianmen is being polite. Our Five Sacred Mountain Sword Sect is the same in spirit. If one is in trouble, and the other four are in trouble as well. It’s not just for lip service.” Mount Song Sect leader Zuo Lengchan stood up and said.

“The words of the leader of the left alliance are quite true. Now the Emperor Kangxi of the Manchu Qing Dynasty is braving the world and setting off a storm in wulin. People in the wulin of my generation will deal with him to the end.” Mount Hua Sect leader Yue Buqun also spoke immediately.

“Amitabha Buddha…” Grand Master Fang Zheng declared, “The Manchu Emperor’s bloodbath in the wulin is really too heavy. Brother Xuanci sent this old monk to help, hoping to resolve the catastrophe in the wulin.”

“Daoist Spiritual Master Zhang of this one’s sect heard that there was a young man in the Qing court this time, who seemed to have the same name as our disciple Song Qingshu. So, he sent this poor Daoist to find out.” It turned out that Wudang had sent Daoist Chongxu.

Zuo Lengchan was silent on the side, thinking in his heart, ‘Shaolin and Wudang are indeed the two giants in the wulin. Master Fang Zheng is only one of the ten great abbots of Shaolin Temple, but his martial arts is already above me. I don’t even know how high abbot Xuanci’s martial arts is? Taoist Chongxu only ranks second among the five masters of Wudang Sect, and his martial arts is not below me. According to the information we have on the direct disciples of Zhang Sanfeng from the Zixiao Palace, I am afraid their martial arts are even better…’

“With the help of Shaolin and Wudang, along with the help of the Five Sacred Mountains Sword Sect, my Mount Tai Sect can be said to have no worries.” The old man Tianmen was feeling relieved. He had been really worried about the extermination of their sect before, worrying that he would become the great sinner of the Mount Tai Sect, and he finally relaxed today. His blood pressure came back down.

“But the other party is coming with thousands of soldiers and horses. It is really unwise for us to fight against them head on.” Yue Buqun quickly realized the key problem.

Taoist Tianmen laughed, “Don’t worry, everyone, this poor Taoist has already asked a great hero for help a few days ago, and the other party promised to help us deal with the Manchu soldiers.”

Master Fang Zheng thought in his heart and said, “Could it be Yuan Chengzhi, the Golden Serpent King who has been in Shandong in recent years?”

“It’s exactly him!” The Taoist Tianmen stroked his beard and smiled, “The Golden Serpent King defeated the Qing army several times. He has always been very prestigious in the wulin in Shandong, and he also promised to come personally to give the Qing army a head-on fight and give them a hard blow.”

“It’s good news.” The leader of the (South) Mount Heng Sect Mo Da also said, “It has long been known that the Golden Serpent King Yuan Chengzhi is not only outstanding in his strategy, but even his martial arts is one of the best in the world. With his help, the Qing forces will probably be defeated this time.”

“That is good. However, there will be countless deaths and injuries in the fighting between the two armies. Can this poor nun suggest using the ways of wulin? We should avoid innocent casualties.” The leader of (North) Mount Heng Sect, Nun Dingjing felt that the death would be too unbearable.

“Yes, we can force them to compete with us using that method.” The members of Mount Tai Sect had discussed this for a long time. The members of the current generation have thought that this time, if the Manchu forces are damaged too much, it will surely usher in even more tragic revenge from Emperor Kangxi. That would be disastrous. It is impossible for the Mount Tai Sect to call Yuan Chengzhi and various factions for help every time, so they unanimously decided to win or lose by the ways of wulin. Although Taoist Tianmen is not happy in his heart, he can’t go against everyone’s opinion.


Wei Xiaobao and his party arrived near Mount Tai. As soon as they set up camp, soldiers came to report that they had received a letter from the Mount Tai Sect.

“Oh!” Wei Xiaobao suddenly lifted his spirits. On the way here, all sects and factions were passively beaten down. It was the first time someone dared to propose a face-to-face confrontation, so he immediately became interested, “What is written in the letter? ?”

“The other party asked us to use the rules of the wulin to determine the victory and defeat, and we will have three matches. If the Mount Tai Sect wins, our Qing Dynasty can no longer come to make things difficult for them. If we win, the Mount Tai Sect will naturally accept the Emperor’s decree.” After taking a look at the letter, he explained.

“Hey, this group of ruffians are good at making up wishful thoughts.” Wei Xiaobao smiled, “Are we vegetarians? I have thousands of soldiers and horses under my hand. Why should we compete with them to determine victory or defeat?”

“Reporting!” At this time, another scout reported back while sweating profusely, “Sir, I found the Golden Serpent Camp army thirty miles away.”

“What?” The generals of the Qing army looked at each other, thinking that this was supposed to be just a relaxing trip, but they didn’t know they would  hit the iron plate all at once.

“How many of them are there? How fast are they moving? Did they find you?” Duo Long was still calm, and he asked immediately.

“Replying to the Commander!” The scout replied, “The other party has about three or four thousand soldiers. But I don’t know why, they chose to camp there, and they deliberately sent me a message across the river, saying that as long as we agree to the proposed method. We can avoid meeting each other.”

“It’s no wonder that the group of Taoists and Priests dared to invite us to compete. It turns out that the Golden Serpent Camp was behind them.” Song Qingshu was puzzled, “But why didn’t the Golden Serpent Camp attack us?”

They discussed this matter for half a day and still didn’t understand. How could they know that Yuan Chengzhi also had his own difficulties? Although he fought and achieved several big victories in the past few years, his direct forces had also lost a lot. Now the Qing Dynasty was getting stronger and stronger. Many of his subordinates from the outside factions were beginning to become restless.

As Yuan Chengzhi’s direct forces of the Golden Serpent Camp became the minority, he had gradually become unable to suppress some unruly people. That was why he was not willing to fight the Qing army.

“Great Monk, Brother Song, are you certain you can win in a contest of martial arts?” Although Wei Xiaobao talked and laughed happily, he was terribly scared. He didn’t want anything to do with fighting or any of that bullshit, but it must be his fate to get tangled in a fight. So he turned his mind towards the martial arts contest.

“Poor monk can win a fight.” Jiumozhi smiled faintly, with unspeakable arrogance in his tone.

“Big Brother Song, how about you?” Wei Xiaobao was overjoyed and turned to ask.

“Except Yuan Chengzhi, I should have no problem with everyone else.” Song Qingshu thought about it carefully. Yuan Chengzhi’s martial arts should be better than his, and he estimated that among the remaining people, Zuo Lengchan had the highest martial arts among the masters of the Five Sacred Mountain Sword Sects. As long as he was guarded against his cold energy, coupled with his knowledge of the Five Sacred Mountain Sword Art, he had an innate advantage, and it was not a big problem to defeat him.

“Haha, it seems that in this gambling appointment our victory is certain.” Wei Xiaobao was happy in his heart and suddenly asked, “As for our third participant…”

Seeing everyone in the scene looking at him, Duo Long suddenly dropped his chin, and tremblingly pointed at himself and asked, “Me?”

“Brother Duo, you, as the commander of the imperial guards, must be first-class in martial arts. Among the remaining people on our side, you have the highest level of martial arts. Who could it be except you?” Wei Xiaobao smiled.

Duo Long’s expression turned bitter, and he knew that he would naturally have no problem dealing with ordinary thieves, but for this group of martial arts maniacs, he was probably not an opponent.

Seeing his sad expression, Wei Xiaobao naturally guessed what he was thinking, and quickly pulled him aside, “Brother, I will teach you a way to ensure that you are not in danger.”

“Brother Wei really is righteous, what is the method?” Duo Long’s eyes lit up.

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