Chapter 83: The art of provocation

“When the time comes, you can just choose the strongest person from our opponents to compete.” Wei Xiaobao said.

“What!” Duo Long almost jumped up.

“Big brother, don’t worry, listen to me slowly.” Wei Xiaobao explained, “Have you heard that story about horse betting? We will use the inferior horse to fight against the best horse. No brother, I’m not calling you an inferior horse! You just have to surrender, and after that the Great Monk and Brother Song will be able to secure the victory.”

“Brother Wei really has a brilliant plan.” Duo Long’s eyes lit up when he heard it. “Don’t worry, I can still do something even if I lose.”

After making a decision, Wei Xiaobao hurriedly sent a letter to the Mount Tai Sect. On the second day, Song Qingshu, Jiumozhi, and Duo Long went to the site of the meeting alone. Seeing Wei Xiaobao who was beckoning to them at the foot of the mountain, Song Qingshu became somewhat angry, ‘This little ruffian is obviously greedy for life and fears death and dare not go up the mountain. The little shit even said that the chief commander of the army is going to be in the army and give us the glory of battle!’

“The battle is upon us, Master Song must not be impetuous.” Jiumozhi turned his head and glanced at him with a smile, obviously he had guessed what he was thinking.

“Thank you Great Monk for your kind advice.” Song Qingshu blushed and asked quickly, “I am curious to know how Yuan Chengzhi’s martial arts compares with Great Monk?”

“His martial arts skills are very high, but he will lose in a one-on-one fight.” After the last fight, Jiumozhi kept trying to figure out Yuan Chengzhi’s weird Golden Serpent Swordplay, knowing that if he encountered it again, he would definitely not be defeated by him like last time. He didn’t want to bear the shame of fleeing from a fight again.

“I am just intrigued to know which three of them they will send to fight.” Looking at the Mountain in the distance, Song Qingshu said worriedly. He didn’t care much about the safety of the three of them. Everyone here was a great master. Without Wei Xiaobao to drag them down, even if the Mount Tai Sect was shameless enough to attack, he and Jiumozhi could still retreat calmly. Uh, as for Duo Long…that fellow daoist will not die a coward’s death.

“A martial art master of the Qing Dynasty, the Maha Cakra Vajra, Jiumozhi, has come to experience the mountain.” Before reaching the mountain gate, Jiumozhi had already summoned his internal energy and sent his loud voice in that direction.

Song Qingshu’s face turned black, this big-eared monk still loves to show off so much, but why do you have to scream?

All the masters present on the Jade Emperor Peak of Mount Tai were shocked, the internal energy of this Jiumozhi was probably superior to everyone here.

After the three of them went up the mountain, everyone there cast their eyes on them. What they saw was a Monk, a young man, and a group of officers and soldiers. Facing a group of masters, they did not show any timidity at all.

“Qingshu, it really is you.” When Taoist Chongxu saw that young man, he immediately recognized him as Wudang’s banished apprentice Song Qingshu.

Song Qingshu was startled, wondering how anyone could recognize him? Looking back, Chongxu’s appearance and attire gave a faint impression in his mind, “Elder Chongxu?”

“Qingshu, when Daoist spiritual master Zhang banished you from the sect, his true intention was to make you reflect on your own faults. But we didn’t expect you to fall so low and become a running dog of the Qing Dynasty.” Daoist Chongxu’s tone was full of regret.

The people on the scene didn’t expect this change. Many people present at the Shaolin Temple’s Lion-slaying Assembly had heard of it, and they all looked at Song Qingshu.

Jiumozhi also glanced at Song Qingshu and was surprised, thinking in his heart, ‘Song Qingshu is so young, yet his martial arts are so strong, it turns out that he was from the Wudang Sect, no wonder…’

“Song Qingshu owed the Wudang Sect, and it was paid off at the Lion-slaying Assembly. It’s just that the heavens took pity on me, let me have another chance at life. Now Song Qingshu has nothing to do with the Wudang Sect, and you don’t have to show this anger. We have no connection.” Song Qingshu said coldly, but everyone in the scene did not notice the mystery in his words. They didn’t know that he had clearly stated his relationship with the previous Song Qingshu.

He was not the original Song Qingshu, and he didn’t get the slightest benefit from the Wudang Sect. When he woke up, his meridians were destroyed and he was banished by the Wudang Sect, which led to a series of humiliations. And now, a person from the Wudang sect suddenly appeared, placed themselves on the moral high ground and bagan to blame him. So, Song Qingshu would naturally not give him any face.

“Good, good!” Although Daoist Chongxu had a lot of self-cultivation, even he became very angry. “Then let this senior clear our shame.” After saying that, he was ready to draw his sword and attack.

“Wait, today is the agreed-upon martial arts contest to determine an outcome. Are you sure you are the first master they are sending out?” Song Qingshu asked.

Daoist Chongxu advance couldn’t help but stagnate, and he looked back to his camp. Zuo Lengchan thought, ‘Of those present here, Master Fang Zheng’s Yi Jin Jing (Tendon Changing Method) has reached the highest stage, and he is bound to win. The Golden Serpent King Yuan Chengzhi also has outstanding martial arts skills…wait a moment. As a surprise piece, he should participate at the end, and the remaining candidates must also be cautious. At present, Doist Chongxu and I have the highest martial arts, and there is nothing wrong with sending him up. It’s just that we don’t actually know anything about this young man, his level of strength is not clear…’

Thinking of this, Zuo Lengchan stood up and said, “This is something concerning the internal matters of your Wudang Sect, and should not be counted in this contest of martial arts, if you can escape with your life under Daoist Chongxu’s hand, this Zuo will come to experience your brilliant skills.”

Everyone in the scene scolded him as shameless, even Master Fang Zheng couldn’t help but frown, feeling that it was a bit wrong to bully a young junior like this.

If Song Qingshu refused, and the other party wouldn’t be able to say anything, but being maddened by Daoist Chongxu, he couldn’t help humming coldly, “Well, I’ll be dealing with Daoist Chongxu first, and you should be prepared. I will be sure to teach Master Zou some of my brilliant skills.”

Daoist Chongxu frowned, and couldn’t help but say, “Song Qingshu, you are still too immature, and this poor Daoist doesn’t want to take advantage of this. You can fight with the leader of the faction first, and this poor Daoist will come to ask for advice in the future.”

Jiumozhi also admired the integrity of this man, and was about to persuade Song Qingshu to agree, but the other party directly refused and said, “No, it will only take one move to defeat you. It won’t cost me too much energy, and so Master Zou wouldn’t be able to take advantage of it.”

As soon as this statement came out, everyone at the scene felt that he was extremely arrogant. Daoist Chongxu was a famous master in the wulin, with his mastery of Taiji Swordplay. Defeating him with one move, even Jiumozhi felt that Song Qingshu was blinded by anger.

Daoist Chongxu laughed twice, “Good, good, good! Poor Daoist will then see how your Excellency beats me with one move.”

“You must make the move first, otherwise I might not even have the chance to draw the sword when I make a move.” Song Qingshu stood with one of his hands behind his back, and with the other he made a gesture of ‘bring it on’, with the gait of a grandmaster, “If I can’t defeat you with one move. You can just treat me as if I lost, and I won’t be competing later as well.”

Jiumozhi and Duo Long changed their expressions and were about to stop. Song Qingshu raised his hand and showed a look that made them feel relieved. The two of them had to suppress their doubts and watch the changes.

Daoist Chongxu’s expression hardened, and he wondered if the other party had really learned some majestic skills, so now that he was so confident? Thinking that today was a matter of the Mount Tai Sect’s survival, as long as he wins this match first, and wins the next match for the Mount Tai Sect. After that he could decide what to do about the matter of his own sect.

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