Chapter 9: Midterm (part 2)

There were nobles who were not summoners, but there were no summoners who were not nobles.

“By the way, Noah… didn’t you receive a title?”


“All summoners are given titles.”

“Ah, that—they said they would give me on the graduation day.”


“Well… wouldn’t it be annoying if they gave it to me before the graduation ceremony and I got a higher level summon?”

“It could be.”

Yah, that would really be an issue, considering who she was.

“The weather is nice.”

“I know, right?”

Finally, the conversation became about the weather, signifying that we had nothing more to say. 

Noah pondered for a long time to find what to say, and then opened her mouth as if she had finally found a topic.

“By the way, the midterm exam is coming soon.”


“You did not know? There is an exam in two weeks.”

“Midterm exam…?”

I didn’t know…

As I was thinking about whether there was really such a thing or why I don’t remember hearing about it, I suddenly remembered that recently, I hadn’t been to Oliver’s class at all.

And also, I didn’t have a friend in the class who could tell me what the Instructor had said.

I knew about most of the events in the game, but I had totally forgotten about the events that were not very important.

To be honest, I had only skimmed through the two-hour long video summary of the game plot on QTube once or twice. One could say that I had mastered the game, but one couldn’t say that I had mastered the story.

‘I don’t think I remember anything about it.’

As I couldn’t remember, then it probably wasn’t a very important event. 

What kind of summons were there in the game? What kind of aptitudes did they have, and what were their weaknesses? 

I had only memorized information like that, but… as soon as I pretended not to know, Noah started explaining in detail.

“Yes! So, it’s a test of how familiar the cadets are with dealing with other summons.”

“Ah, so it’s like a Pok*mon World Championship?”


“Ah, it’s nothing.”

I remembered only after hearing her words. It was a side quest where you fight with other NPCs using your summons.

‘What was the reward for this?’

Since I remember it, it must be an important event…but, I couldn’t even remember anything about the reward.

Anyways, did I really need to remember it? Especially considering that there was an encyclopedia of knowledge right next to me!

“If you get first place in the exam, what kind of prize will you get?”

“Why would they be giving out prizes when you are first in the exam?” Noah tilted her head in confusion.


So that’s how it was. 

A cadet’s duty was to study, and they wouldn’t give anything just because someone got first place in the midterm exam.

Rice cakes wouldn’t fall from the sky just because you get a first place.


However, although there was no law that rice cakes would fall from the sky, there seemed to be a way for them to grow from the ground.

“Ian Clark!”


Legally authorized to skip classes, I was resting in the grassy garden, and enjoying myself.

In my previous life, I couldn’t even walk around without a mask, but it felt great to have some freedom here.

But someone interrupted my personal happy time.

When I slightly lifted my head to check, a dazzlingly red hair caught my eye.

“What happened? Has the heirloom already arrived?”

“Well, it’s still… I have something to tell you today!”

“Oh, alright. Are you going to confess?”

“Uh, what? A confession? Are you crazy! Hmmm, not that. Ian Clark, let’s make a bet!”


Bewildered, I got up to hear more about the matter.

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2 thoughts on “Chapter 9: Midterm (part 2)”

  1. Brain dead MC strikes again. He has no information about this world but he is just lazy… Too lazy to read books, because he was spoiled by internet. Too lazy to atend classes because he is too stupid to understand that he doesn’t have imagination. Too sure that he knows all to check how his knowoledge maybe not be valid, although the world showed that there are big diffirencess between what he knows and reality. Too lazy to make friends to at least now what is going on in class and school.
    Too lazy author to describe what other rewards MC got from daily check-in. I don’t believe there are gachas without level up materials in daily check-ins but forced plot… Couldn’t author just write that MC got welcome pack that was just over one week? Then author wouldn’t have to write about other rewards.

    Thanks for chapter

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