Chapter 9: Midterm (part 3)

Stella looked at me as I got up and put her arms under her chest as if to emphasize her bre*asts.

I was kind of confused about whether she did it to seduce me or talk about the fight.

Anyways… I took my eyes off her chest and asked her, “What is this about?”

“In the midterm exam, lets see who gets the first place! If you lose, you’ll have to give up on the heirloom I was supposed to give you!”



“Why do I have to do that?”

As a matter of fact, such a bet should be agreed upon only when there was an equal benefit for the both parties. A bet in which only one party had a one-sided advantage was just a scam or a joke.

But Stella, who had no words to refute, began to force the matter.

“Heh, are you running away because you’re scared?”

“Uh, I’m a coward by birth, so I can’t accept such a bet. Now go away.  And come back only when you get the heirloom.”

“Come on, wait!”

As I lay back on the grass, Stella quickly ran over to the garden and stopped next to me. 

As the sun that was warming my body was blocked, I frowned and looked up at her, “What is it now?”

“What will it take to make you bet with me?”

“Can you give me another one of those heirlooms?”

“No. In fact, I don’t know what I am going to do with the current one.”

“Are you going to break your promise?”

“I’m not… anyway, what will it take to make you bet with me!?”

She seemed quite desperate.

Well, the heirloom for a 3-star or 4-star summoned being was very rare and precious, and Stella had used such a thing in a bet without her family’s permission. 

If I were to draw a comparison, it would be like this— the daughter of a wealthy family made a bet with the son of the owner of a small business and now she had to hand over a company.

‘If it were me, I would’ve just ignored it.’

To be honest, that would’ve been easier and more convenient for her to just ignore it, considering that the Eritz family had the ability and power to silence everyone who knew about the bet.

But, Stella’s pride didn’t allow her to do that. 

In a way, she was quite pure.

Understanding that, I decided to accept the bet with her, “Alright.”

“Ah, really? then…”

“Instead, I have two conditions. One for agreeing to this bet, and the other in case I win.”

“What? This time I really can’t promise anything beyond my power.”

“Don’t worry about that. Now, the first one is… yes, if I ask for something later, you have to agree to it.”

“Wha…what if you ask for something strange?”

“You can refuse. Instead, if you refuse, the right to ask itself will still be valid.”

“Okay, what about the other one?”

“If I win this bet, you can’t refuse anything I ask for.”


In other words, I would have the right to ask for anything as long as I win.

The first condition favored her quite a lot, and as for the second condition… there was a possibility that she would reject it if I had said that first, so I had to play a clever trick.

In fact, the first condition was a bait. 

She could refuse my request as long as she won the bet. Even if she continued to refuse for the rest of her life, I would have no right to complain. Because the condition had such a loophole.

But, what if I took the first place in the exam?

“All right, the condition will be meaningless if I win anyway, right? It’s easy.”

Stella smiled and accepted the condition. 

‘Yes, she’s terribly conceited.’

Well, it was normal considering she had a 4-star summon. 

And, no one would believe that I could defeat her with my 3-star summon.

‘She must be thinking that.’

I mean, it wasn’t wrong to think that way. Because it was common knowledge that the summons of this world couldn’t grow. 

However, that common sense would be broken soon enough!

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