Chapter 10: Lecture (part 1)

The moment I accepted the bet with Stella, a quest window appeared in front of me.

[Sub Quest]

[Take the first place in the midterm exam.]

[Reward: Increase in favorability of wishing rights and Stella Eritz]

[In case of failure: Heirloom (random) disappears, Stella Eritz’s favorability decreases.]

Seeing the ever unreliable system window, I couldn’t help but frown.

‘That reward is the result of my planning, so why are you pretending like you caused it?’

Now that I think about it again, the system quests were clearly a scam and it was a useless function that just displayed the results I had created!

What’s even more funny was that if I won, Stella’s favorability would increase. 

I looked at Stella with an absurd expression.

‘No, she couldn’t be a mas*chist, right?’

Why would her favorability increase if she lost? 

When I stared at her with a strange expression, Stella glared back at me.


“No, nothing.”

I left her behind and went back to my room.

I had an exam, and now I had to study for the first time in ten years.


Fortunately, the story of me and Stella making a bet on the midterm exam didn’t spread.

Usually, her every move would have spread throughout the academy through the mouths of the followers who followed her.

‘That benefits me more, so I won’t complain.’

If Stella did anything that lowered the prestige of the House Eritz because of me, the Eritz family would probably not leave me alone. Because they cared more about their honor than some random accusation of assassinating the son a baron.

‘I need to prepare for the midterm exam…’

There were two weeks left until the exam. 

Since this was a reality, I had to figure out whether the midterm exam was really just the practice as I knew it, or whether it even included written tests.

I also had to get a soul stone to level up Anna in two weeks… there were so many things to do.

‘First… let’s start with attending a class.’

And I’ll also have to ask instructor Oliver about why he didn’t tell me about the exam.

With that in mind, I grabbed my textbook and headed to the classroom.

Instructor Oliver was already conducting the class with great enthusiasm.

Maybe it was because I came to class after a week, I became the center of attention the moment I entered. 

And it wasn’t just the cadets.

“Ian Clark? What are you doing in my class?”

“Isn’t it the duty of a cadet to study?”

“That’s funny. But I have nothing to teach you.”

“Instructor, I didn’t even know there was a midterm exam until yesterday. Isn’t it your responsibility to inform these things to cadets who don’t know these basic facts?”

At my words, Oliver fell into silence. 

After all, it was indeed the instructor’s duty to inform the cadets of such things, and he didn’t. 

If he really had a conscience, he’d have nothing to say.

“Wasn’t it posted on the notice board? You must have a lot of time, so why didn’t you check there?”

“Ah…I didn’t know.”

But he was even more clever than I thought. 

I had nothing to say, so I sat down after saying that I would be more careful next time.

Perhaps because he was interrupted in the middle of his lecture, so Oliver thought about what to say for a moment before proceeding with the class. It was a terrible lecture no matter how many times I listened to it.

“In the case of summons with Holy attributes, they are weak against those with Dark or Demonic attributes…”

The summons with the Holy attribute weak against Darkness or Demonic attributes? 

That’s not even funny anymore! 

The person who wrote that must be either an idiot with a rotten brain, or an agent of the demons who wanted to keep the Holy attribute summons away.

Otherwise, there was no way someone would reach such a stupid conclusion.

It might be because my expression showed my thoughts, so Oliver pointed at me and asked.

“Cadet Ian, what’s the matter again?”


“Heh, didn’t you have a Holy attribute summon? Did you feel offended because they called your summon weak?.”

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  1. MC is a really small person trying to guilt trip Olivier to mask MC laziness and plain stupidity. And again MC is forcing his theoretical and untested knowledge. Yes his angel did beat up the demons including the boss but maybe they were only 1 star demons?
    I do wonder if MC bubble will burst or author is to lazy to try?
    This novel is interaeting in how the MC is so annoying.

    Thanks for chapter

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