Chapter 10: Lecture (part 2)


“But what are you going to do about it since it’s the truth? The summoned being you summoned is the most useless one among the 3-stars.”

I wondered who was spreading such misinformation and why they were doing it in the first place. But, I chose to ignore it instead, and didn’t want to argue with the instructor anymore.

However, instructor Oliver kept bothering me. It was as if he wanted to release all the resentment from having lost against me a few days ago.

“Hey, I apologize if I offended you. I just didn’t know you were a little boy with a fragile ego.”

“Instructor Oliver?”


“The content of your class is flawed, so if you want to continue taking about such useless things, can I leave?”

“Oh, so my classes are flawed?”


I only realized my mistake after I said it. I had lost my temper, and ended up challenging the instructor. Maybe it was because I had to suffer quite a lot of mental torment after I got the disease, so it had affected my mentality and self-control.

However, the arrow has already been fired, so I decided to take this opportunity to vent my pent up frustrations.

Upon hearing my comment, Oliver asked with a smile on his face, “Then can you conduct a better class?”

“Oh, sure.”

I immediately got up from my seat and went forward. 

Most cadets would have backed out if they heard that, but no one in this world knew more about summoned beings better than me anyway.

As I left my seat, Oliver’s face began to contort, perhaps thinking that I was challenging his authority as an instructor. 

However, contrary to his thoughts, I casually held out my hand.


“The chalk, please. I need that to conduct the class.”

“Okay, let’s see what you have to say..”

I took the chalk from his hand and opened the textbook that I had never opened until now. But just one glance was enough to make me understand the extent of its trashiness.

When I checked to see who was the one who wrote it, I found Oliver’s name was written on it. I looked at him with disdain but he was still looking at me with a face full of anger.

I turned my head to look at the cadets and immediately closed the textbook.

“Let’s close the textbook first.”


Then I threw the textbook away. The textbook, which flew on a surprisingly perfect tragectory landed into the trash can.

I applauded my skills in my mind and immediately began to ask questions while looking at the cadets.

“Let me tell what real knowledge is.”

“This is advanced information is something that you can’t hear even with money, so listen carefully.”

In order to vent out my frustrations, I decided to go all out!


Intricate drawings and patterns filled the huge blackboard, and the cadets rushed to note them down into their notebooks.

I finished drawing the pictures, asked the cadets.

“Does anyone know what this is?”

“It’s an attribute.” One of the cadets answered.

“Yes, attribute.”

The attributes of the summoned beings are basically classified into twelve types. In addition to the five elements classified as Fire, Water, Wind, Wood, and Earth, there are Light, Dark, Holy, Space, Metal, Poison and Lightning.

Additionally, there were non-attribute summons that had no attributes, so strictly speaking, there were 13 types.

“Anyways, there were a total of 12 officially recognized attributes.”

‘The strange thing is that Holy and Light have different properties.’

There were demons with light attributes, and saints with dark attributes. Therefore, Light and Dark didn’t signify good and evil.

“Okay, so what is the significance of the attributes?” I asked again.

“Significance? It is to know which attributes complemented and opposed each other, is it not?”

“Right. But what if a summon possessed two opposite attributes?”

Therefore, I wanted to use something that possessed both the Fire and Earth attribute as an example. 

Water and Earth had a mutually beneficial relationship. But water and fire were considered opposites.

“Is it possible for two opposing attributes to physically to coexist and complement each other?”

“In that case…”

The cadets kept their mouths shut. 

Of course there was no answer. Because they had never even thought about it.

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3 thoughts on “Chapter 10: Lecture (part 2)”

  1. So author is forcing the “smart” MC plot, by describing how smart MC is but MC behaviour is anything but smart (again it feels like chinese Web novel). MC trigger treshhold is very low. He is so easily angered. And why he goes to explain high level “knowledge” (theoretical and untested) to people who first need to learn basics? Stupid much?
    Both MC and teacher behaviour is erratic. Author doesn’t stick to one vision of Olivier’s character.

    Thanks for chapter

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