Chapter 10: Lecture (part 3)

What was the probability of such a summon existing even among the rare 3-star summoned beings? 

It was far too low…at least that was the common perception.

Finally, a cadet who had been thinking for a long time opened his mouth to say, “No one has heard of something like that yet.”

“How do you know that?”

“How do I know that? I mean, no one knows about it…”

Perhaps he was embarrassed by his own lack of knowledge, the cadet who spoke those words slowly shut his mouth. 

Fortunately for him, there was now someone in this world who knew the answer.

“The answer is directly related to the attributes.”

“How do you know that!?”

“I study. What have you been doing until now?”

Well, can’t blame them, considering it was something that had not yet been revealed to the world. 

Anyways the cadets were clearly confused. They were probably taking my words as made up nonsense, since even instructor Oliver, who was responsible for teaching them, was looking at me with a distrustful expression.

“Then let me give you an example.”

Saying so, I wrote the name of a certain summoned beast on the blackboard. 

It was a 2-star summoned beast that everyone knew well, the Fire Monkey.

“What is the attribute of a Fire Monkey?”

“It’s fire, anyone can see it.”


Now even the cadets couldn’t easily answer. All the common sense they had known until now had been questioned, so even the obvious fact that the Fire Monkey had the Fire attribute seemed uncertain.

Looking at the cadets, I grinned and asked instructor Oliver, “Instructor, can you answer me? Which attribute is it?”

“What exactly are you trying to prove? On what basis are you…”

“Instructor, your answer?” I pushed for an answer.

“It has the fire attribute.”

“Then what’s its weakness?” I continued to ask.

“It must be the Water attribute.”

“Is that so?”

I wiped away the Fire Monkey’s fire drawn on the blackboard with my hand, and pointed to the picture where only the monkey remained.

“The origin of the Fire Monkey is the Stone Monkey. And Stone Monkeys have an Earth attribute, which has a strong resistance against the Water attribute”

“Lies! Such a relationship between the 1-star Stone Monkey and the 2-star Fire Monkey is absurd!”

“Just because it’s unknown doesn’t mean it’s not true.”

Having said that, I looked at the attendance list and called two of the cadets to the front of the class. Among the two, one had a Fire Monkey and the other had a 2-star Iron Shell Snail.

The two seemed to understand to some extent why I had asked them to come forward.

“Water puts out Fire, and Earth absorbs Water, they compliment each other.”

After speaking out as if explaining to instructor Oliver, I told the two cadets to summon their summoned beasts.

After a moment’s hesitation, the two cadets each summoned their own summons. A monkey with flames roaring all over its body and a gigantic snail with a metallic shell appeared.

“What are you doing? Tell it to shoot.”

“Water Cannon!”


At the summoner’s command, the Iron Shell Snail fired water from its mouth like a cannon. And the water directly hit the Fire Monkey, putting out it’s fire as a result.


Instructor Oliver got up from his seat and shouted. 


The Fire Monkey’s fire was now gone, but Ian continued to wait patiently.

And, after a while…


The fire, which had been extinguished for a moment, blazed even stronger, as if it was using water as its fuel.

Seeing that, I smiled and turned to look at instructor Oliver.

“See this? That textbook doesn’t have a single correct theory, and it is wrong about the relationship between the attributes. You are also wrong to claim that the Holy attribute is the weakest.”

“Alright, that’s the end of the class.” I said so and went back to my seat.

After I sat down, instructor Oliver walked to the front and stared at the blackboard for a long time.

After that, without saying a word, he quietly picked up the text book that I had thrown into the trash can.

“Today’s class will be self-study.” Then he said that and left the classroom.

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  1. MC is so arrogant. It would be good if he made a mistake but author just stokes MC’s ego. Olivier has also weak ego.

    Thanks for chapter

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