Chapter 9: Refining a Lapis Lazuli I (part 2)

In fact, in the novel [Fallen Warrior], there were stories about people who made a whopping 100-fold profit from Eastern Trade, so it was worth investing enough to make a lot of money.

And today.

In Bahamut’s hands was the news he had been waiting for all along regarding the Eastern Trade.

“Finally, the announcement is out.”

“Yes, it is, Master.”

At Bahamut’s words, Ashbel also said with a look full of anticipation.

It was one of the businesses that his master has been interested in ever since he came to his senses.

It was an announcement about the recruitment of investors for Eastern Trade by the Uranus Merchant Company, one of the giant merchant companies of the Holy Empire.

In terms of size, it was one of the continent’s largest, even larger than Bahamut’s Beden Merchant Company. Moreover, it had a solid foundation holding more than half of the commercial district of the Holy Empire in the center of the continent.

It was obvious that investors would flock to the trade led by the Uranus Merchant Company, and as it had already hit the jackpot with trade success without a single failure several times in the past, it could be said that not only its reputation but also the objective probability of success was very high.

‘Like Kitcoin, it has a 100% chance of making a profit… so of course, people would gather like clouds, right?’

With that thought in mind, Bahamut slowly began reading the contents of the announcement once again.

Basically, the Uranus Merchant Company’s stake was set at 40%, and investors could buy the remaining 60%.

However, in order to prevent excessive competition, each investor or merchant company could not purchase more than 5% of the shares, no matter what.

In addition to that, Bahamut nodded slowly as he read the details such as the time and place of the auction and other minor regulations, such as— [Even if the trade fails completely, we cannot be held accountable.]

‘Certainly… she seem to have prepared very well. Really well prepared… that woman.’

As he recalled the description of the woman he had read in the novel, a smile slowly began to form on Bahamut’s lips.

“Then, I will prepare someone to send right away. Since the auction will be held in the Holy Empire’s Vienna, we cannot delay…”

“No, there is no need for that.”

“Yes? What… did you not intend to invest here?”

Ashbel was bewildered by his Lord’s unexpected words.

Looking at him, Bahamut spoke in a bright voice.

“I intend to invest, so I will go they myself.”


“Get ready, a few days now, we head to Vienna.”

“Ah.. yes! I understand, Master!”

At Bahamut’s words, Ashbel responded with surprise and a little joy at the same time.


Vienna, the capital of the Holy Empire.

It was a strategically important place bordering the Dragona Empire. 

As one of the commercial centers of the continent, this city was always overflowing with numerous merchants and the goods they brought.

“Silk! Silk from the East! We invite only those who know the price!”

“Buy flowers! Flowers! Not just any flowers! There Tulips are rare items that can only be found in the Tarkic Empire! It’s popular even among nobles, so make sure to get one for your home!”

“Hey lady, why don’t you take a look at this? This is the Mermaid’s Tears, the finest pearl necklace imported from the Dragona Empire. They say it brings good luck, so you should buy one too!”

It was a hub for merchants aiming to sell high-end goods imported from other regions.

As she casually passed between the stalls, Ophelia quickly made her way to where her Lord was waiting.

“I’m back, my Lord.”

“Yeah, good work. Did you get what I had asked for?”

“Yes, merchants from the Dragona Empire were selling them at surprisingly low prices.”

With those words, Ophelia carefully took something out.

A deep smile began to form on Bahamut’s lips as he looked at the ‘thing’ contained in a small bottle.

“What is that… Lord? The sale of equity rights will start in two days, but you’ve been looking for this ever since you came here…”

The Bahamut’s party had arrived ahead of schedule at Vienna.

However, since he came here, Bahamut has been diligently searching for something by dispatching Ophelia and other subordinates.

So Ashbel couldn’t hold back his curiosity and asked a question, and Bahamut looked at him and said with a deep smile on his lips.

“It is the key. A key to opening a treasure chest containing immeasurable riches.”

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