Chapter 9: Refining a Lapis Lazuli I (part 1)

Chirp! Chirp! Chirp!

Hearing the birds chirping in his ears, Bahamut opened his eyes feeling deep fatigue.

Bahamut slowly woke up from sleep while bathing in the bright morning sun.

Beside him was the figure of Ophelia, who was sleeping peacefully.

“Umm… Lord… Bahamut… I love you..”

Ophelia was curled up under the covers and talked in her sleep.

Watching that, Bahamut gently caressed her hair.

This was the woman who he first fell in love with him after coming to this world.

At first, it started as a simple investment relationship, but now, she had become a very important person to him. As he looked at her sleeping face a smile slowly began to spread on Bahamut’s lips.

At that moment…


“Oh? Did I wake you up?”

“Ah… Lord… Lord..”

Ophelia woke up from Bahamut’s touch and opened her eyes.

Then, she suddenly started to cover her face with the blanket, as if she felt ashamed when she remembered what happened last night.

“Sorry, was I a little harsh yesterday?”

“Ah…no… not really… I’m good… very much…”

Ophelia spoke with a voice that seems to crawl into Bahamut’s heart.

Then she looked at Bahamut and asked in a low voice.

“Uh… uh… what about you? When did the Lord wake up?”

“Me? I guess I was happy enough. Thanks to Ophelia’s hard work.”

“Ugh… well… ”

Ophelia, feeling even more ashamed from Bahamut’s words, burrowed into the blanket and hid her face.

Seeing her act so cute, Bahamut felt the urge to hug this cat-like woman.

Unfortunately, now was not the time.

“Well… let’s have more fun again next time. Shall we go out? Since we overslept a bit, you and I will have to hurry a little.”

“… ”

At Bahamut’s words, Ophelia poked her head out of the blanket and nodded.


Eastern Trade.

In the current world, it was a business opportunity that could lift up, or destroy a business at the same time. It was the same as Kitcoin, which had both profitability and an enormous risk.

The only difference was that unlike Kitco*in, which could be monitored in real time, Eastern Traders would take time to generate profit— at least half a year.

In other words, there was a strong risk that it couldn’t be reversed once all things were decided.

However, if someone failed, they would be blown away, and if they succeed in bringing in goods, they would hit the jackpot, at least tens to hundreds of times.

However, this investment couldn’t be carried out in a simple way corresponding with just its benefits and risks.

Basically, in order to prepare for the Eastern Trade, one had to prepare enormous ships or organize a large merchant procession with a large number of adventurers.

Unlike modern times, it would take at least half a year to go to the east, so considering the travel expenses consumed along the way and preparations for various accidents, it was impossible to get a high return.

Even the top executives of Beden Merchant Company had to endure extreme stress to proceed with this venture, so it was possible for them to do it, but they were not hasty in their preparation.

Accordingly, each of the top executives developed a method to increase stability and minimize risk even if they had to give up a certain portion of the profit.

That is how, the concept of investment was introduced in this world.

It was basically started by a large merchant company that dominated the eastern commercial sphere.

After they decided on the regulaions and other basic means, they started to recruit investors who would finance and cooperate with the business by posting a notice to the Merchants Association.

It allowed small, medium, and upper tiers organizations, or individuals or nobles who to invest funds and manpower in exchange for a certain share of the profits from the trade, and in that way, many people and forces gathered their strength to form one giant trader.

With a large number of members, its stability was much higher than that of an individual, and furthermore, even if an accident occurred on the way, some benefit could still be obtained. 

In addition, the burden of risk in case of complete failure would be reduced, it was a business venture that had many advantages in many ways.

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