Chapter 8: Master of the Dark Sword VI (part 2)

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Ophelia nodded at her Lord’s words, and following her Lord’s gestures, she slowly lay down on the bed.

“… ”

In that state, Ophelia felt strangely embarrassed and slightly brought her hands together toward her chest.

Looking at her, once again feeling that she was really cute, Bahamut slowly began to approach her.

Bahamut cautiously approached Ophelia.

Looking closely at her body lying under the moonlight, he was able to suddenly discover something new.

It was… small scars all over her body.

Looking at the scars he hadn’t seen before, Bahamut was able to understand just how hard her life must have been in the past.

‘Originally, she a woman who would have suffered and died in the future… but now I want to change that…’

While thinking that, Bahamut slowly began to caress Ophelia’s bo*dy.

He gently rubbed her small twin mounds with his hands.

It didn’t give him the same feeling of fullness as Isolda, but it was rather a step above that in terms of elasticity, perhaps because of her trained muscles.


Ophelia groaned as if she was a little excited by Bahamut’s touch.

Looking at her as she trembled like a cat, Bahamut began to smile without even realizing it.

“It is okay? Did I use so much strength?”

“Ah… no. Please continue.. please continue…”

At Ophelia’s pleading words, Bahamut once again caressed her mounds, then slowly kissed the nape of her neck.

He felt the feeling of softness and firmness at the same time.

At the same time, Bahamut’s hand began to move toward Ophelia’s wa*ist and abdo*men.

He felt the warm skin, and the muscles underneath it.

Bahamut felt a little envious for a moment at the solid abs that he could feel from his fingertips.

‘She has quite a bit of muscle, but not to the extent that it ruins her beauty… certainly, a warrior’s body is different..’

Afterwards, Bahamut continued to caress Ophelia’s bo*dy, thinking that he might need to start exercising himself.

“Ah… Lord Bahamut…”

Ophelia called her Lord’s name in a sweet voice.

With continued caressing, it seemed as if her body had become considerably hot, and Bahamut himself was no different.

The liquid from her secret garden began to drip onto the sheet.

In response, Bahamut corrected his posture and carefully grabbed her legs.

“Ophelia… I’m going to put it in.”

“Yes… please…”

With those words, Bahamut slowly began to insert his great spear into Ophelia’s honey pot.


The next moment, Ophelia blocked the screams that burst out due to feeling more pain than she had previously thought.

She was prepared from the moment she saw its gigantic size, but she really didn’t expect that she would receive a shock far beyond that of the men she had dealt with in the past.

“Gwah… are you okay?”

Looking at Ophelia, who was trembling while strongly pulling the blanket, Bahamut asked with worry

He started to worry that his dragon might be too big for her small honey pot.

However, at Bahamut’s words, Ophelia shook her head and spoke with difficulty.

“Ha ha… ha ha.. I.. I’m.. okay.. ha.. but.. just a little… a little slower…”

“Okay… tell me anytime if you’re having a hard time.”

Ophelia nodded with tears on her face at Bahamut’s words.

Seeing that, Bahamut continued to insert his spear into Ophelia’s secret cave while controlling his pace as much as possible.


A pain that seemed to explode from the deep began to engulf Ophelia. But feeling more than happy, she endured it with all her might.

‘It… came in.. inside me.. my Lord is inside me!’

She had thought that it would never happen.

She had thought that she would have to give up, that she wouldn’t be allowed to.

But. Her unreasonable foolishness… her caring Lord was willing to listen!

If so, she too had to repay the favor.

Ophelia began to apply strength to her lower body while thinking about that.

As a result, Bahamut began to feel that the squeeze in the cramped place were getting stronger.

‘It this okay? It should be alright if I move my body like this…’

Concerned about her state, Bahamut grabbed Ophelia’s le*gs and started moving his hi*ps as slowly as possible.

“Ohh! Aww! Aww!!”

Ophelia let out a pained moan and flinched strongly whenever Bahamut moved.

Bahamut knew that as a warrior, she was must’ve been accustomed to pain, but she was still letting out sounds like this. However, even in pain, Ophelia didn’t tell him to stop.

Rather, Ophelia started to move her own waist at some point.

As a result, Bahamut also felt his mood rise more and more and began to move his body with more and more vigor.

“Kuh.. gwah.. are you okay, Ophelia?”

“Mnwah… it’s okay.. ugh!. it’s… it’s! So deep… inside me! The Lord’s spear goes deep!!!”

Ophelia shouted in a voice mixed with pain and joy. As a result, Bahamut also gradually lost control and began to pou*nd more intensely, like a runaway locomotive.

The restraint he had at the beginning had disappeared before he knew it.

All he could feel at the moment was Ophelia’s cave frantically gripping his spear and her screams.

“Ooohhh! Amazing!!!”

Ophelia let out a violent scream and her secret garden gushed out her love juice.

Recognizing that she had reached her cli*max, Bahamut didn’t stop.

No. he couldn’t stop!

The state of Bahamut was in now, could be thought of as a little more restrained compared to the time with Isolda.

He didn’t care that much about her feelings while dealing with Isolda, who had violently rejected him.

But.. he had to be careful while making love to the woman who had gladly accepted him.

Dealing with Ophelia, who was struggling to accept him even at the moment while shedding tears due to the pain beyond her limits.

Bahamut sincerely gave into his emotions.

‘I have to exercise a bit of restraint… ah… but it’s impossible… this… is so good!’

Ophelia’s back muscles were tense.

Holding onto it, Bahamut thrust his great spear in*to Ophelia with all his might.

“Haaagh! Lord… lord… good… good… I am… cu*ming!”

At the same time, Ophelia spewed out her true feelings without realizing it while making seductive sounds.

Accordingly, Bahamut also felt that he was slowly reaching his limit and hugged her body even more tightly.


“Kuh.. me.. me too.. good! Ophelia! You… are mine forever! Only mine! Haaapp!”

“I’m so happy… I’m so happy!! Ophelia forever! Lord’s forever!.. Lord’s…! Ugh! Hauuu!!!”

Ophelia bent her body backwards due to another cli*max.

At the same time, as if something inside of his head exploded, Bahamut’s essence shot into Ophelia’s wo*mb with furious momentum!

At the same time, Ophelia’s love juice poured once again, and the bed on which the two were entangled was soaked wet.

Just like that, the feeling of pleasure that came like a storm, mixed with the waves of happiness, gradually subsided.

Bahamut pulled his spear out of Ophelia’s honey pot, which seemed to be looser than before.

“Haaah! Haaa… ”

Ophelia trembled as she let out her breath, completely exhausted.

Even though she had fought countless life-and-death battles, she had never been so exhausted.

Meanwhile, Bahamut lay down on the bed, feeling formidable fatigue while watching that scene.

‘I lost control…’

Looking at Ophelia convulsing in a state of distraught, Bahamut began to feel a little guilty.

Losing control midway through, he pushed too far, unintentionally shocking her beyond the limit.

However, more than that feeling, the feeling of happiness slowly nestled in Bahamut’s heart.

It was a completely different feeling compared to the feeling of conquest or achievement he felt from his sadis*tic relationship with Isolda.

A calm yet warm feeling of contentment filled his inner being.

‘Is this… union with someone you love… now I understand that those who say that pure love is true aren’t that wrong…’

Just as he was thinking about that, Ophelia’s flushed face entered Bahamut’s eyes.

Her face with her eyes closed, was soaked in sweat and fatigue.

But… nevertheless, a smile was on Ophelia’s lips.

A smile filled with so much deep happiness.

“Sigh… Lord.. ah.. ah.. my.. Lord..”

Ophelia calls him with a warm, loving voice.

Looking at her act like that, Bahamut slowly kissed her on the forehead.

Ophelia then slowly moved her hand and began to caress Bahamut’s cheek.

Receiving her gentle warmth, Bahamut slowly closed his eyes.

She was incomparably strong, incomparably pitiful and beautiful…

He felt a deep affection for the strongest Dark Sword who would protect him, and stay by his side forever.

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