Chapter 8: Master of the Dark Sword VI (part 1)

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Bahamut’s room was equipped with a comfortable king-size bed.

At the moment, he was waiting for Ophelia to come. He was sitting calmly on the edge of the place where there was plenty of space even if he stretched out his body and lay down.

Uncharacteristically for him, who had trampled on the wicked villainess until just yesterday, Bahamut seemed a little nervous. And, there were good reasons for that.

‘How should I say it… it’s a very different feeling from playing with Isolda.’

In Isolda’s case, though, it was a matter of fu*king someone he didn’t like using force.

However, this case was completely different.

He’d be making love with a woman who had declared that she loved him.

Bahamut himself didn’t hate Ophelia, but rather had a good feeling, so the difference of even the basic emotions and atmosphere was like heaven and earth.

He felt more like a new groom, waiting for his bride to prepare for him.

It was a situation which fit with the word—- newlyweds. So Bahamut started to worry a little about what to do.

‘I can’t just ignorantly rush like I did with Isolda… that wouldn’t be proper at all.’

At the end of the day, Ophelia was a woman who said that she loved him, and even though she was a villainess in novel, she was originally one of the characters he liked, so Bahamut thought it would be good to maintain a slightly romantic atmosphere.

At that moment…

“Lord… This is Ophelia.”

“Yeah, co…come in.”

After Bahamut granted her permission, Ophelia carefully opened the door and entered.

She had just washed herself and was donning a black gown, then cautiously stood in front of Bahamut.



Ophelia took off the gown that was draped over her shoulder as if it was slipping off.

Right after that, Bahamut was able to see Ophelia’s figure, not wearing a single thread, in front of his eyes.

He had seen her without clothes for a moment in the past, and she still gave him a feeling that she was extremely delicate and fragile. 

However, seeing her skin shimmering in the moonlight, Bahamut was truly able to admire her beauty.

‘Beautiful… that’s the only word that can describe her…’

Although she had a thin body, with small muscles visible here and there. They were more clearly visible due to the moonlight.

And Ophelia, who was looking at him in that state and smiling calmly with a blushing face, looked beyond just lovely, she was mesmerizing!

After that, Ophelia slowly started to approach Bahamut while showcasing her beautiful accents.

Even though he hadn’t put a finger on her yet, just by watching it, Bahamut began to feel his great Spear swell as if it was going to explode at any moment.

“Lord… Lord Bahamut…”

Ophelia slowly lowered herself, while calling her Lord’s name in a sweet voice.

Then, with her own hands, she slowly began to undress her Lord.

He, too, was wearing only a thin gown.

Ophelia skillfully peeled it off and began to slowly kiss her Lord’s face.

Bahamust felt a warm yet sweet sensation under her care.

Feeling the movement of her lips and tongue, which seemed convey her excitement and affection at the same time, Bahamut began to be seized with a deep sense of happiness.

‘It’s a completely different feeling from when I was leading… I can’t say for sure which one is better… but this one tastes just as sweet…’

While thinking that, Bahamut stretched out his hand and pulled Ophelia’s body into a sitting position.

In response, Ophelia also tightly hugged her Lord body with her arms.

The next moment, Bahamut cupped those majestic mounds with his hands

Ophelia’s twin hills felt small, yet soft.

However, Bahamut was able to realize that she, too, was quite ar*used from the fact that her nipp*Ies felt a little hard.

“Are you okay?”

“Yes… I am so… happy… this kind of feeling… is the first time…”

Until now, many men had hugged her, but every time, the only emotions she felt were pain and emptiness.

It was the first time in her life that Ophelia had ever hugged a man feeling as happy as he was now.

“Then, Lord… what will you do next? Or should I continue…”

Ophelia spoke in a calm voice while looking at her Lord’s face.

Seeing that, Bahamut spoke to her with a smile on his lips.

“You… No, Ophelia, go ahead.”

Since she wanted to lead, Bahamut thought it would be good to let her continue.

And at his words, Ophelia nodded cutely and answered.

“Yes, I understand, Lord. Then…”

Ophelia slowly released her hand and descended towards Bahamut’s crotch.

Then her eyes turned to her Lord’s towering spear.

‘It’s huge…’

Even objectively speaking, her Lord’s thing was huge!

Of all the men she had ever dealt with, no one possessed anything as large and strong as this.

‘Can I do it well? This is my first time doing this…’

Slightly burdened by the fact, Ophelia slowly began to do the act she had secretly witnessed yesterday.

Ophelia began to rub her Lord’s spear with her mounds.

Compared to that slave woman, her mounds were meager, and perhaps because of that, the men she had dealt with had never asked for anything like this.

‘Even so…’ Ophelia did her best with her Lord’s permission.

And seeing Ophelia try so hard to please him like that, Bahamut began to feel a tickling feeling as if he was about to laugh a little even without realizing it.

‘She’s cute… she’s really cute… It’s hard to believe that a woman like this will later become the strongest sword…’

While thinking about that, Bahamut unknowingly started stroking Ophelia’s head.

Feeling ashamed at that, Ophelia began to rub her mounds even harder, but she began to realize that she was still lacking.




The next moment, Ophelia put her Lord’s spear into her mouth, just as she rubbed it with her twin mounds.

Due to the size of the spear, it felt like it was filling up to the inside of her throat, but Ophelia did her best to move her tongue.

“Kuu.. Umm..!”

Bahamut flinched slightly at the sudden feeling that hit him more intensely than he had expected.

‘This… is this a fell*tio? Isn’t it more fun than I thought? Ugh!’

Ophelia violently su*cked her Lord’s spear.

Due to her intense will to satisfy her Lord no matter what, she gradually began to move her tongue and mouth militantly.

“Swoop! Chew! Churup!”

Ophelia made seductive sounds, as her dazzlingly wriggling tongue wrapped around her Lord’s spear like a snake.

It was much easier for her to do something she had experience with rather than something she was unfamiliar with.

At that moment…



The next moment, a warm feeling began to fill Ophelia’s mouth.

It was sticky and thick, and it started to rapidly fill her mouth, and at the same time, a fishy smell began to irritate her nose.

“Whoa… ”

Bahamut let out a small sigh filled with pleasure. 

Ophelia paused for a moment and then carefully pulled out her Lord’s spear from her mouth.

Surprisingly, the spear came out in relatively clean condition.

The reason for that was…

“Oop… ooph.. gulp…”


The next moment, Ophelia passed the contents of her mouth down her throat.

Seeing that, Bahamut felt a little embarrassed and spoke to her.

“That… did you just swallow that? It must be fishy…”

“But… it’s a grace given to me by my Lord… how can I waste it…”


Bahamut looked a bit embarrassed at Ophelia’s words.

However, there was still a smile on Ophelia’s lips as she watched Bahamut.

It was a smile from the sense of accomplishment, that she, somehow met her Lord’s expectations.

“Then, are you satisfied with this, Lord?”

Ophelia blushed and shyly asked.

In response, Bahamut began to show a caring expression while looking at her.


“No. Not yet…”


At her Lord’s words, a bewildered look appeared on Ophelia’s face.

She knew that once men released their essence, it would be over, and it had been that way until now.

However… soon Ophelia’s eyes fell on her Lord’s gigantic spear, whose ferocity was still undiminished.


“Well, anyway… it was pretty good just now. Thanks, Ophelia.”


With those words, Bahamut patted her head with a gentle hand.

Ophelia began to feel as though she was about to burst into tears at the sight of her Lord, who was behaving completely different from the time she was assaulted by a dissatisfied customer in the past.


“Then… I will be taking the lead next. Will it be okay?”

“Ah… yes… please…”

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