Chapter 92: The Kingdom Project XXVIII (part 2)

“Uh… how… what should I do?… This… now I…” Iscal stammered, overwhelmed by the chaos that erupted around him. He couldn’t gather his thoughts or decide what orders to give. 

This indecisiveness quickly accelerated the downfall of the Sakiel forces.


“What… what!”

“The bridge collapsed!”

“No! They destroyed the bridge!”

Sakiels stared at the broken bridge with urgent expressions. 

Beyond the chasm lay 40,000 stranded allies, helpless and confused. 

On the other side, cut off from the troops inside the castle, less than 30,000 Sakiels remained. Despair began to settle on their faces as they realized their dire situation.

At that moment, the Black Legion, which had been quietly holding its formation, began to show signs of movement.

“The enemy’s end is near! Raise your arms, Hangurian warriors! Wipe out the enemies in front of you without leaving a single one behind!”


With those words, the Black Legion’s formation changed again. 

Instead of the previous defensive stance with shields planted in the ground, the Black Legion advanced, pulling their massive shields from the earth and marching forward. 

Simultaneously, their bombardment resumed with renewed intensity.


“Those again!”

“Move away! Stay close or you will all die!”

A deadly shower of shells, arrows, and magic rained down. 

To escape the flames of death coming from all directions, the Sakiels had no choice but to charge towards the Black Legion. However, this only hastened their demise.


“What…what is it?”

“The Knights are moving again!”

As they neared the camp, the cavalry charged like a storm. 

Unlike Sakiel’s cavalry, which had suffered heavy losses, the Black Legion’s knights, their eyes hidden behind their helms, moved in perfect unison with their masters. They swept across the battlefield like reapers, leaving a trail of death.


“Crowd together!”

“Sa… save…meehee…khhh!”

With every advance, the knights decimated the Sakiels. 

Infantry, shielded by spearmen, marched from the front. Cavalry cut through the sides, and a relentless barrage of long-distance attacks hammered them from behind. 

The Sakiels were trapped, reminiscent of two colossal monsters crushing them without mercy.

“This… this… this is the Black Legion…”

“Impossible…we can never win this…”

Realizing the true power of their enemy, the Sakiels lost their will to fight. More than half of their allies were already dead. Those across the river were paralyzed by fear, unable to even consider reconnecting the bridge. 

In the end, they had only one choice left.

“Ha… Surrender! I will surrender!”

“We made a mistake! Please… please spare my life!”

The Sakiels, having lost all hope, threw down their weapons and prostrated themselves, begging for mercy. 

Gerard, the commander-in-chief, watched them as his adjutants awaited his orders.

“What should I do?” one asked.

“Take those who have abandoned their weapons as prisoners.” Gerard commanded.

“All right. I will convey the order.”

Despite his inclination to show no mercy to those who dared to invade Hangury, Gerard conceded to take prisoners. His decision was influenced by a need to respect the will of the strategist behind this victory.

‘It’s unfortunate, but this victory wasn’t achieved by our own efforts. As far as this war goes, we need to respect his will as much as possible.’ Gerard thought, feeling a pang of regret.

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