Chapter 96: Are you blind?

Xia Qingqing and Song Qingshu smiled at each other and hurriedly left the palace.

“You have my thanks for being prepared for this situation from the start. Otherwise I would be touched by that pervert. Eugh! I feel sick just thinking about it.” After leaving Yanjing City, the two changed back to their original attire, and Xia Qingqing was finally able to speak in her original voice.

“Do you want me to tell the truth or the lie?” Song Qingshu hesitated for a while, then smiled strangely.

“What is the lie, and what is the truth?” Xia Qingqing was puzzled by his words.

“The lie is, it’s all due to my excellence, I expected that pervert would come and make such a move.” Song Qingshu replied.

Xia Qingqing suddenly had an ominous premonition in her heart and asked hesitantly, “What about the truth?”

“The truth?” Song Qingshu looked a little embarrassed, “Actually, I just wanted to find an upright reason to touch you.”

“Song Qingshu, I’m going to murder you!” Xia Qingqing was furious, and suddenly drew out her sword and stabbed at Song Qingshu, but the other party had already escaped.


Even until the two sat down in a small town inn, Xia Qingqing still hadn’t calmed down. So, Song Qingshu hurriedly smiled and said, “I just saw you being unhappy, and deliberately made fun of you. In order to make amends, I will accompany you to Mount Hua first, and then go do my work. Who cares about carrying out Kangxi’s mission?”

Xia Qingqing’s face finally softened, and she said, “Who cares about your company.”

Song Qingshu picked up the teapot on the table and poured her a cup of clear tea, and shyly smiled, “You will have a devoted servant who carries tea and water along the way, it’s not a bad thing…”

Xia Qingqing saw that his voice had suddenly stopped, and when she looked up, she realized that Song Qingshu was staring behind her, and could not help but follow his gaze curiously.

A man and a woman entered the inn. 

The man was tall and imposing, with a baggage on his back. He seemed to be in his mid thirties. The woman, on the other hand, seemed to be in her early twenties. Her skin was brighter than snow, her eyes were picturesque. She was actually a stunning beauty. 

The man held the young woman’s hand, and the two looked intimate, as if they were a newlywed couple. The two came to an empty table, the man pulled over a bench and sat down with the young woman, looking very gentle and considerate. The clothes of the two were very luxurious. The young woman had a golden crested hairpin inlaid with pearl beads on her head. The pearl was almost the size of a little finger, smooth and round, and it seemed very precious.

Seeing Song Qingshu staring at the woman so intently, Xia Qingqing felt quite displeased and snorted coldly.

As if being awakened, Song Qingshu murmured in admiration, “She has a beautiful appearance and a pretty complexion. Not to mention that such beauties are rare in the north, even in the south of the Yangtze River. The green brocade she wore was already very bright in color, but compared to the brilliance of her face, even the brightest brocade paled.”

“Have you said enough?” Xia Qingqing only felt extremely annoyed, and there was a hint of anger in her tone.

“Why…is Madame feeling jealous?” Song Qingshu turned around and said with a smile but not a smile.

Xia Qingqing was about to speak, when she suddenly glanced at the changes in the restaurant, she couldn’t help but spit out, “Men are not good things.”

Song Qingshu raised his head in amazement, and found that a few people at the next table who looked like bandits, got up and leaned towards the pair of men and women.

“We are from the Fierce Tiger Stronghold! Scram if you don’t want to die.” One of them shouted, and many of the diners in the restaurant slipped out.

“I didn’t expect to be so lucky this time. Not only did I meet a fat sheep, but also such a charming little lady, hehe.” The rest of the people looked at the young woman with a smirk.

“Damn!” The man slapped the table and stood up.

Song Qingshu shook his head secretly, this man had suffered serious internal injuries, and it was very likely that he was doomed this time.

A few bandits kicked a bench towards them, and took the opportunity to slash with their sword.

“Be careful Guinong!” Seeing the cold light flashing, the woman was so frightened that her face turned pale.

“Guinong?” Song Qingshu was quite surprised, wondering if it really was the two he was thinking about.

The man who was called Guinong calmly avoided the flying bench, shrank back, and attacked one of the bandits.

The bandit spat out a mouthful of blood and stepped back. Then the man grabbed the wrist of one of them, twisted it slightly, and raised the sword in his hand to block the others.

“This man is very skilled in martial arts, but why do I feel that he is out of breath and a little weak?” Xia Qingqing has also been paying attention to the fight, and asked suspiciously when she noticed it.

As soon as she finished speaking, the man was kicked in the back by a bandit and lost his balance. How could the other bandits miss this opportunity and they raise their swords and slashed at him one after another.

The man rolled on the ground in an embarrassing manner, but he was able to dodge the strikes, but he couldn’t avoid the rest of the punches, and he retreated to the young woman’s side. “I, Tian Guinong, did not die in the hands of the “Golden Faced Buddha”, Miao Renfeng, who was thought to be invincible all over the world, but I would die in the hands of a few lowly bandits?”

The young woman was trembling all over, obviously extremely frightened. She hugged the man tightly, and there was a hint of panic in her voice, “It was me who harmed you.”

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“Lan, if I can get your favor, this life has not been in vain.” The man looked at the young woman with tenderness in his eyes.

“Heh, we have seen a lot of this kind of life and death drama. Don’t worry, we will take good care of your wife after you die. Our brothers will take turns and feed her every day for a month. After that, she will be unable to stop and completely forget about you.” Several bandits burst into laughter after speaking those obscene words.

The man was furious, but at this moment his dantian was empty, and he couldn’t even stand up, so he could only look at everyone in despair.

Thinking of the upcoming humiliation, the young woman turned pale. She took the phoenix hairpin from her head and pressed it against her snow-white neck, her hands trembling.

“You want to commit suicide? We have seen many women who wanted to die at first, but none of them could really do it…Little lady, it’s better to live than to die, and when you die, there is nothing left. If you are alive, we will let you go.” Several bandits were also taken aback by this, and their leader said calmly in a hurry.

The young woman really hesitated, and took the hairpin slightly away from her neck. The bandit leader was quick to knock out the phoenix hairpin from her hand.

“Aahh!” That young woman cried out in surprise.

‘It seems that these two are Tian Guinong and Nan Lan, the wife of Miao Renfeng,’ Song Qingshu couldn’t help sighing because of their behavior, ‘Nan Lan, a woman who is beautiful in appearance, but lacks wisdom. A shallow woman who only knows how to scream when things go wrong… I really might have a chance!’

With a flick of his finger, a few chopsticks were inserted on the opposite table, preventing the bandit leader’s greasy hand from touching the young woman. The other bandits immediately became furious, “Stinky boy, you sure are bold, you dare interfere in our Fierce Tiger Stronghold’s matters!”

“What is this nonsense?” Song Qingshu shrugged and pointed to his surroundings, “Just look around you, after this incident, all the other guests ran away, and we just stayed here at the table. Yet you still can’t tell that we are boss-level characters. Are you is blind?”

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