Chapter 97: Nan Lan’s discomfort

Although they didn’t quite understand the meaning of Song Qingshu’s words, the sarcasm in his tone was quite clear.

He patted the table with his palm, and the chopsticks in the bamboo tube were shaken into the air. Song Qingshu waved his sleeves, infused the chopsticks with his internal energy, and they were shot at the bandits like sharp arrows.

After a few screams, the hands of the bandits were pierced by chopsticks one after another. It was unknown if it was due to pain or fear. They all looked at each other in cold sweat and fled in embarrassment.

Tian Guinong’s eyes lit up. Although he was not a first-class expert, his eyesight was not bad. Seeing that Song Qingshu could accurately stab everyone’s palm with his slender bamboo chopsticks, his inner strength and accuracy were truly shocking, and he thought in his heart, ‘This person is probably a level higher than the Miao Renfeng in martial arts.’

“This one is surnamed Tian and named Guinong. I thank you two for helping, cough…” Tian Guinong coughed violently before he could finish his sentence, obviously affected by his internal injuries.

Song Qingshu stretched out his palm and put it in front of Xia Qingqing, “Give me one.”

“What?” Xia Qingqing asked in confusion.

“Poria Cocoa Pill, I don’t have any healing medicine on me.” Song Qingshu laughed. (Goblin: Poria cocos is a type of medicinal mushroom.)

“Hmph, you’re really generous.” Even so, seeing that the man was seriously injured, Xia Qingqing took out a pill.

“Young lady, this is a precious medicine for healing. Can you help me feed it to your companion?” Song Qingshu handed the Poria Cocoa Pill to Nan Lan, and softly said. Xia Qingqing next to him saw him taking her medicine then giving it to the beauty in front of her so diligently. Her lungs almost exploded in anger.

Seeing his handsome face so clearly, and thinking of his gallant figure as he made the enemies run away just now, Nan Lan’s heart skipped a beat, and she quickly bowed and said, “Thank you for saving our lives. I still have yet to know your name.”

When Nan Lan took the medicine, Song Qingshu touched her hand gently, and took the opportunity to brush her slender fingers with his fingertips. He sighed in his heart, “So smooth, Tian Guinong is really blessed.” (Goblin: Yah…as I said before, our protagonist is not a good person.)

Feeling the touch on her hand, Nan Lan was taken aback and turned to look around subconsciously. She saw that Tian Guinong was in a semi-conscious state, and that woman had turned her head to the other side, apparently not seeing the scene just now.

Feeling a little annoyed in her heart, she looked up and saw Song Qingshu’s serious expression. Then she couldn’t help but wonder in her heart, ‘Could it be that the other party just touched it by accident, and she was thinking too much?’

“Madame can call me Song Qingshu, this is my friend Miss Youyou.” Song Qingshu dared not tell them Xia Qingqing’s real name, Tian Guinong was the subordinate of Prince Bao of Shengjin, and in the future, if it reached Emperor Kangxi’s ears, he would face a hell lot of troubles.

“It turned out to be Young Master Song and Young Lady Youyou,” Nan Lan smiled and nodded while helping Tian Guinong take the pill.

“May I know what the madame’s name is?” Song Qingshu came to support Tian Guinong’s back to help him heal.

Nan Lan looked embarrassed and wondered why the other party was so abrupt, but thinking that he was her savior and that he was treating Tian Guinong’s injury, she had to answer, “This one’s surname is Nan, and the given name is Lan.”

“Nan Lan?” Song Qingshu recited it silently, and said with admiration, “The given name is superb, and the surname name is also nice.”

Nan Lan blushed slightly, and spoke a little shyly, “Young Master Song is exaggerating.”

Xia Qingqing, who was on the side, couldn’t take it any longer. Song Qingshu was taking advantage of a husband’s unconscious state to tease his pretty wife. She interjected and asked, “Your husband was injured so badly, may I know by whose hand?”

Nan Lan was startled, recalling that she had deserted her husband Miao Renfeng, then eloped with Tian Guinong, and was chased down by Miao Renfeng. Tian Guinong was defeated, and now he was almost about to die.

But how could she make that known to others, so Nan Lan could only vaguely say, ” He was injured by a great enemy, but fortunately escaped with his life.”

At this time, Tian Guinong also woke up and felt a warm mass of energy in his belly, and a strong domineering energy coming from his back. He instantly knew that he was rescued by an expert, so he quickly asked the names of Song Qingshu and his companion.

Nan Lan on the side spoke up, “Guinong, when you were unconscious just now, these two benefactors had already told their names. This is Song Qingshu, Young Master Song, and this is Young Lady Youyou.”

“Song Qingshu?” Tian Guinong was stunned, and hesitantly asked, “Is this benefactor the First-class Guard in the Forbidden City?”

Song Qingshu was stunned, wondering how he knew about him, and asked, “Brother Tian knows this Song?”

“Benefactor had swept across several martial arts provinces under the command of the Qing Dynasty a few days ago. In the Battle of Mount Tai, he defeated Daoist Chongxu with one sword strike, and then defeated the Five Sacred Mountain Alliance leader Zuo Lengchan.” Tian Guinong’s expression was a little unnatural, and he thought, ‘Prince Bao doubted the purpose of Emperor Kangxi’s move, and specially sent him to investigate. When he passed by Miao Renfeng’s family, he fell in love with his wife Nan Lan at first sight, which led to today’s situation. What an embarrassment…’

Hearing him talk about the Battle of Mount Tai, Xia Qingqing’s face turned gloomy as if it was about to rain, so Song Qingshu quickly changed the subject, “I heard Madame say just now that Brother Tian was hurt by a great enemy. May I know if this Song can be of any help?”

“There are some things that we need to face by ourselves. Thank you for your kindness.” Tian Guinong subconsciously refused, thinking that since Miao Renfeng had let go of the two that night, with his personality, he would naturally not continue to chase and kill him.

On the one hand, he was in a hurry to return to Shengjing in order to report to Prince Bao. And, after seeing Song Qingshu’s enthusiasm, he was afraid that he would also dare to let him mix in with the secret of breaking into the king’s treasure.

“This Tian will keep today’s grace in mind. If the benefactor comes to Shengjing in the future, this Tian will surely receive you to the best of my ability.” After a short rest, Tian Guinong felt that his injury was much better, and he quickly got up and said goodbye.

“Oh?” Song Qingshu raised his eyebrows, stood up and said in return, “If there is a chance in the future, Song will definitely come to visit Brother Tian and Madame .”

Tian Guinong felt nothing wrong but Nan Lan felt extremely strange in her heart. Connecting with his actions just now, and the way he looked at her when he said “Madame” at the moment, her woman’s intuition made her realize that the other party seemed to have meant something entirely different.

“They are gone, so what are you looking at?” Xia Qingqing on the side said sourly.

“God treats me really well. A great beauty just left, but there is another great beauty here.” Song Qingshu turned around and looked at Xia Qingqing’s pretty face which was red with anger, and said with a smile.

“Hmph, never serious.” Xia Qingqing’s expression finally looked a little better and asked, “When are we going to Mount Hua, I don’t have time to accompany you to visit various sects to take hostages.”

“Since Madame has spoken, I will accompany you to Mount Hua right away.” Song Qingshu pondered. Anyway, Emperor Kangxi didn’t set a time limit for this mission, so it would not be too late to go after he dealt with the matters of Mount Hua.

“It’s very rare for you to say that. But, don’t forget that I didn’t force you to accompany me.” Although Xia Qingqing said this, there was an uncontrollable smile on her lips.

A few days later, the two arrived at Mount Hua, and when they passed a cliff, Xia Qingqing suddenly stopped, hesitated for a moment, then turned to Song Qingshu and said, “Do you like me?”

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